Your lover just started his/ her first working day, why not wish him/ her a happy first day of work. Whether you want to send, all the best on your first day at work, good luck on your first day of work, good luck on your first day at work, or you are looking for what to say on first day of new job, or wanting to send first day of new job wishes, then you should be thankful for seeing this post.

It is that time to wish your lover a happy first day at work, and after doing the customary calls and vocal wishes, you should send a text message that will remain on his/ her phone forever. First day at work are significant days of milestones in one’s life and you need to know that whatever happens on a first day at work might make or mar the thoughts of an employee throughout his/ her stay in a company.

Also first days at work are usually filled with anxiety and a lot of anxious moments. This can be due to probably meeting with new people, trying to mix with the new environment and of course getting used to work in a particular work setting. It will therefore be necessary that you play the ‘Welcome card’ for your lover by sending inspirational and motivational messages to him/ her upon resumption at work.

What do you think? Makes sense right to wish your lover a happy first day at work right? Let’s get to it then.

20+ Happy first day at work messages for your love

1 You can never be clear on the path you will take in life until you start working hard for what you believe in. You can never ascertain what exactly you are worth in this life by living on your terms. You need to go out there, mix with people and let everyone draw strength from your skills and abilities. You have started work today and I cannot but wish you  a happy first day at work. Success is yours in all ramifications. Go and have a field day.

2 Getting this job was not only a function of destiny. You also worked hard and scaled numerous hurdles to get here. You have moved forward in the next phase of your life and you deserve every bit of what you’ve got. I wish you a happy first day of work. May God be with you in all your ways.

3 You have been an hardworking person right from time. When you work hard and find grace and favour from God. All that you ask will always come to you. You have never slacked in your pursuit of fulfillment and you got this job based on your work ethic. I am sure you are going to amaze your employers with your strength, skill and intelligence. Congratulations on this amazing job and have a happy first day at work. The future is yours for the taking. I love you.

4 I have always learned that for one to move forward in this life. We need to celebrate and acknowledge endings that are special and fantastic new beginnings. Cheers to the end of your last work and congratulations on this new one. It is beginning of greater things to come, trust me. Happy first day of work today.

5 I can imagine you punching away your new laptop at your new cubicle, in a beautiful open office with amazing people. Congratulations on your new job and happy first day of work today. I will check up on you later darling. have fun at it.

6 You know what the tonic of success is, seeing a new job as an opportunity foe exploring and self-development. You should not see this as boring but see this as an exciting opportunity to gain more experience in your field. Happy a happy first day at work today. Cheers darling.

7 Working at your dream job brings you happiness and fulfillment. And this is what differentiates you from others who just work to receive salary. You always input value wherever you go and this has added more value to your work life. I know you are not in this new office to just work to get paid, but to learn as much as adding value on the job. Congratulations darling. have a happy first day at work.

8 You have taken life by the jugular, squeezed till nothing remains again. You have taken advantage of your brilliance and skill to make sure you get the best from life. You have gotten a very good job because you dared to be different. I congratulate you on your resumption today. Have a great and happy first day of work. My prayers are with you darling.

9 There is no guarantee for any future occurrence, but what is key is you learn from where you have failed and deal with circumstances as they come. What happened in the past has happened. Mistakes are made to allow us learn and be better. Here is another great opportunity for you to shine again. Congratulations on this one and I pray it stays with you longer. Have a happy first day of work. Exhale and you will be fine.

10 When life pushed you to be better on all fronts, it leads you to having a better job with a fat salary. Who doesn’t crave for a fat salary in this life? I celebrate another amazing beginning with you today. Have a happy first day of work.

11 Do not ever allow chances to put you in a difficult situation. Be firm when you make tough and difficult decisions. Say NO to excuses and learn from mistakes on the job. Be quick to deliver, and be timely with less mistakes when you go about your work. Remember that, no matter how technical the job is, there is an inner motivation that makes you shine on whatever you do. Let that come to fore and you will be happy doing what you want to do. Have a happy first day of work. may God be with you!

12 Life breeds new challenges as much as it gives new opportunities. This is the time for you to face new challenges and new opportunities. Let go of the past because there is simply no time to slack right now. The future awaits you and the best of it is what you are going to get. I wish you congratulations today and hope you have a happy first day of work.

13 A new job brings the opportunity to let your creativity drive you. I know you are smart and creative, so you won’t have any issues dealing. That I am sure of, and so I wish you the best today as you commence your new job. Happy first day of work.

14 This new job brings the opportunity to redeem yourself of the mistakes you have made in the past, and give new opportunities to chart a new path and direction in all your endeavours. Now is the time to really let your star shine. Have a happy first day of work today. God’s blessings.

15 Nothing will ever come between you and your future. Nothing will come between you and your destiny. Nothing will ever stop you from making it in life. You were born to be successful and so will it be. Nothing will stop you from being the focal point of contact in this new place. Your new company has a valuable asset in you. It is your time to shine. Go ahead and break barriers and be at the top of your game. I am super proud of you.

16 This is the first day of work. As you open the door to step into the new office, you are not just entering into the new office but also opening a door of new possibilities and success. Your future is right ahead of you filled with so much greatness. Congratulations and have a happy first day of work.

17 With all my words of proclamation, I pray that you new job will lead you to greaters heights and new opportunities. have a great first day of work.

18 I wish you good luck on your first day of work. May God bless, be with you and support you in all that you do today and forever. The future is yours for your taking and the sky is just your starting point. God’s grace.

19 30 billion in your account right? That is what your new job will bring to you and for you. Who says wishes don’t come true. Congratulations darling. Have an amazing day ahead.

20 You are the perfect employee for such a perfect position because the perfection in your new job fits you perfectly. have a great first working day today my love. God be with you.

21 You are indeed special and that is why you have this special job for your taking. I wish you the best today. Have a happy first day of work.

22 Rise and shine for your light has come. The new day breeds your first working day. A day that you will mesmerize all your colleague with your skill, creativity and intelligence. Have a happy first day of work today. God will bless your ways.

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