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I had this feeling that something wasn’t right but whatever it was, I couldn’t figure it out and I wasn’t going to allow it to cripple my excitement. My fiancé was very excited when I informed him about the job; we hanged out later that day to celebrate it. The mixed feeling I had lingered.

Certainly, I had gotten a job after two years of job hunting, was I going to let it slip away for some uncertain feelings? Of course not. I resumed work the following week with an enthusiasm that lighted up the workroom. My office was a tiny one with a medium sized table and a chair just before Mr. Marks. In a staff meeting that day Mr. Mark introduced me to everyone as his new personal secretary.


That meant I would be working directly under him. He didn’t mention anything about being personal secretary to me. It was too late to back out and even if I wanted to what more options do I have. I was greeted with beaming smiles and warm handshakes that made me feel welcomed.

Later that day Mr. Mark came to my office to deliver some documents to me some of which I had to sign and return to him. I was really getting along with my job and I was hoping for promotion any time sooner. Late one evening, some weeks after I had settled in my job, Mr. Mark called me. I was already home so I answered quickly wondering if there was an office emergency. I had closed from work earlier that day and was getting prepared to rest for the night and since we saw at work and he didn’t mention anything about calling me later, I assumed that some of high-priority must have happened which couldn’t wait till the next day. I answered the phone expecting urgency but the calmness in his voice clued me in that nothing grave had ensued. He simply asked how I was finding my new job and expressed how impressed he was with my work. He sounded very informal, “thank you sir”, I responded politely. “You have to stop using this ‘sir’ on me “he exclaimed.

How could I? Wasn’t he my boss? After a few minutes into the conversation, I felt more comfortable talking to him. He inquired about my education, background, parents, relationship and other irrelevant details. He told me he was married for about ten years with a kid but he described his marriage as a living hell. We both called it a night after a few more minutes of aimless chattering.

At work, Mr. Mark began giving me unnecessary attention. Each time we saw he greeted with such warmth that melted my heart. He had a smile that formed from the corner of his cheeks and lighted his face, then the way he locked that eyes, it all sends signal to my senses.

One afternoon Mr. Mark asked if we could have lunch together. Of course we could. Having just one lunch with my boss isn’t much of a big deal or was it? I was soon going to find out. We talked about life, work, and of course he whined all afternoon about his wife. He explained how she had been his high school sweetheart that stole his heart and they ended up getting married. One year into the marriage things started to take another shape and had since gone from bad to worse over the years. Right now their marriage is in a very critical state, he doesn’t know what to do any more.

What could I say? I just stared and listened pitifully all through the afternoon………..

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