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200 Best Condolence Messages in 2020

best condolence messages

Whether you are sending the best condolence messages, short condolence messages, condolences messages for loss of father, condolences messages for loss of mother, condolences images, rest in peace message, condolences cards, condolences quotes to your lover because of the loss of a loved one, you need to understand that writing condolence messages is not an easy job to do!

First of all!

Your lover is automatically a part of you. Your lover’s family as well at some point in your relationship (depending on how far you have come and how serious the relationship is) becomes a part of you as well. You therefore need to show your concern by passing sympathy messages to your lover, his/ her family to show how much you really share their sadness and therefore you are sending the condolence message as appropriate.

You need to make sure that your message content makes complete sense so as not to trigger insensitivity on your part. Trust me, writing the best condolence messages can be very hard and difficult, especially if you share a deeper connection with your lover and his/ her family.


You need to try as much as possible to be present at either the wake keep or burial ceremony of the loved one. As much as possible, you can try to be a pillar of support for your lover, since that would needed from you at that moment in time. Remember that it is not a must for you to be present at that burial ceremony. However there is no harm in trying to be there.

Has your lover lost someone in recent times and you are on the lookout for the write words to send to him/ her? Then my collection of best condolence messages should serve as a guide, give you the ideas that you need, or you can just go ahead and use copy of these best condolence messages that serve the exact purpose of the message you intent to pass to your lover and the family!

Example of best condolence messages for your use

1 I was shocked when I heard about the passing of your (name). I pray that God grants you the fortitude to bear the loss. I am sure the support and love of your family will be with you at this very delicate and sad moment. May God be with you dear!

2 I was so sad to heard about the death of your (name). I hope God grants you the strength you need to move on at this very crucial time. May his/ her soul rest in perfect peace. (Amen)

3 For you my love, please accept my most sincere condolences for the untimely loss of one of your family. I pray that God guides you and be with you at this very crucial moment. My deepest condolences dear. May God be with you!

4 One of my promises to you is to be here at your sweetest and darkest times. I was shocked to hear about this death and I am here to provide the necessary support you will need at this time, till when the sun begins to shine for you and your family again.

5 Remember that there is life and death. Remember that there is life after death. Have this in mind and know that your (mention name) has home to rest with God. My deepest condolences dear.

6 I know that there are no amount of words that can take away the pain and sadness that you feel right now. But in my hearts of hearts, I want to tell you that I am praying for strength for you at this time. My condolences to you and your family!

7 I know that no amount of cries and messages will take away the pain you feel right now. But always know that I am here to provide the shoulder that you can cry on and always listen to you whenever you have anything to say. My condolences dear.

8 I am truly sorry for what you are going through right now. I know no amount of words can heal the wounds that death has created. What death does is that it leaves a vacuum whenever it strikes, and then we all start groping for who to fill that vacuum. It is a very sad situation my love. Please be aware that I am always here to be of help whenever you need me. My condolences to you and your family at this very sad time.

9 I wish you all the peace and tranquility at this very difficult time dear. May God be with you!

10 I know how painful it feels to lose someone. Please dear do not hurt yourself due to this. God is the one that gives and takes. When the time, there is nothing anyone can do about it. Remember that I will be thinking about you and I have your name mentioned in all my prayers. My deepest condolences.

11 I am so sorry to hear about your loss dear. Since the incident happened, I have not been myself. Please know that you and your family are in my hearts at this very sad time. My deepest condolences on the resting of your (mention name of the loved one that died)

12 My deepest and most profound sympathies to you and your family at this very crucial time. I can’t just fathom how you will be feeling right now, butI want you to know I will always be here with you every step of the way. You can call and talk to me anytime you want to. My deepest condolences dear.

13 It is (mention name) time to go. If not god would not have allowed him/ her to leave us just like that. Dear, remember that God is our create and he is that one God that knows when it is time to get called up to him. Do not be sad, he knows all that has happened. My deepest sympathy dear.

14 I am really privileged to have a been a part of (mention name)’s life when he/ she was alive. he/ She was really an amazing person that I learned a lot from in the past years. Remember that it is time for him.her to go and that was the reason for the passing. May God grant you the fortitude to bear the loss. My deepest condolences.

15 We can never be prepared for a loss. It comes just like the wind, so swift that it catches us unawares. However, I am sure that he is with God right now and resting in his arms. May his/her soul rest in perfect peace.

16 Always know that losing someone close to us on earth is painful, but be glad knowing that he/ she is an angel with God in heaven! He/she is up with God and watching over you and your family. My deepest condolences for your loss

17 I am deeply distraught by the loss of your Uncle. I am surely going to miss him because he is such an amazing man who loved everyone just as he loved God. My deepest condolences

18 People that leave us on this earth never truly leave us. They live on earth through the memories we make of them in our hearts. They are alive in us and live through us. My deepest condolences dear. God be with you!

19 Prayers and fond recollections area unit what we’ve to recollect our dearly departed. might the love of family and friends comfort you throughout these troublesome days, our/my most devout condolences.

20 I am truly sorry to get to know about the death (name of the deceased). My deepest condolences and will our prayers ease your and hasten the trip of his/her soul to Heaven to join the lord. May God be with you and your family in this trying times

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