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Interesting And Random Questions To Ask A Girl You Just Met

random questions to ask a girl you just met

You meet a girl physical or online. Before you begin to ask her those online dating questions. You will want to get to know her a bit, and so you need the best random questions to ask a girl you just met!

Ordinarily, you would expect that the same questions posed to you should also be the questions you ask her right? What if she does not want to take the initiative, and ask questions? It means the onus therefore lies on you to break the ice. YES!

I have met with a lot of girls who told me they get turned off by guys who lack the proper communication skills to keep a convo up! While some guys make the mistakes of being straight to the point when look for random questions to ask a girl you just met, a number of guys will just begin to ask flirty questions! Before you can even decide to ask flirty or freaky questions to a girl. You need to read up my post on freaky questions to ask a girl.

While a lot of guys have been left frustrated and embarrassed after speaking to a girl for the first time, I would say that a lot of the reactions you get from ladies are usually stemmed from the type of random questions that you ask. Sincerely guys, knowing the right random questions to ask a girl you just met will save you from the insults and embarrassment you get from meeting a girl and taking the friendship to the next level.

See!  Part of the random questions to ask a girl you just met you include fun questions. From time immemorial, ladies have be known to love fun guys. Guys that can string up fun conversations and make them laugh. You want to have an idea of random questions to ask a girl you just met? Add fun and interesting questions and I bet you, you will get a second, third and fourth date with her!

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I am sure these messages may give your creative styles of asking random questions as well.

I have out together an amazing collection of fun, interesting and random questions to ask a girl you just met!

Fun and random questions to ask a girl you just met

1. What is the funniest Nigerian movie you have ever seen?
2. What is the one thing you will never do to a guy on a first date?
3 What is your favorite junk food?
4 Do you do home made meals or you prefer to eat out?
5 What is that one craving you wanted when you were a kid but you never laid your hands on?
6 What is the most amazing thing someone has ever done for you?
7 Let’s say they ask you to bring a member of your family back from the dead? Who would it be?
8 If you were asked to lock up someone in YABA LEFT. Who would it be?
9 If you were given the opportunity for time travel and was told to travel to the past. Where would you want to go, and what would you want to change about your past?
10 If you were told to go back to JSS1 for 10 million dollars, will you?
11 What would you refuse to do for 50 million dollars?
12 If you were home on a rainy Saturday morning. What movie will you love to watch?
13 If you were asked to tell a fast food restaurant you dislike their food, which would you pick?
14 What is that one thing you can never share with another?
15 How do you sleep at night? face up or down?
16 What annoys you the most in a guy
17 What annoys you the most in church
18 What annoys you the most in a fast food restaurant
19 What is your favorite TV station
20 What is your worst local TV station
21 What is the best and most inspiring local movie you have ever seen
22 What do you do to relax your nerves
23 Which household chore do you loathe the most
24 What will you be never caught doing?
25 What part of the world do you wish to travel to if you were given the opportunity right now?
26 What is your most favourite novel
27 What is your most boring novel
28 What is your most creepy novel
29 Where would you want to go back to for an holiday yet again!
30 What is your best hotel in Lagos
31 Do you like french kissing?
32 What is your most favourite kid cartoon
33 What is your scariest movie scene as a kid
34 What makes you more confident as a lady
35 What is the greatest pain you have ever felt?
36 What was your favourite game when you were in basic school
37 What was your favorite game when you were in high school?
38 Who is the celebrity that you have always wished to meet
39 What is your most favourite TV-sitcom as a kid?
40 Who was your favorite Nigerian movie actor as a kid
42 Who was your favorite Hollywood movie actor as a kid
43 Who was your role model growing up
44 What language would you love to learn
45 What profession have you always admired even if you did not really have a flair for it
46 What do you think about homosexuals and bisexuals
47 What do you understand a s friendship
48 How will you define family?
49 What is the creepiest thing you have done as a lady
50 What was your favourite getaway location as a kid?

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