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Good Afternoon Messages for Girlfriend or Boyfriend

good afternoon messages for girlfriend

Here are all the collection of good afternoon messages for girlfriend, good afternoon messages for boyfriend, good afternoon messages to my love, good afternoon SMS for girlfriend, good afternoon messages for him, good afternoon love quotes, sweet good afternoon messages for girlfriend, cute good afternoon messages for girlfriend, romantic good afternoon messages for girlfriend, amazing good afternoon messages for girlfriend, good afternoon quotes to a loved one, funny good afternoon quotes, good afternoon quotes friends, good afternoon messages with images that you need to make a very good afternoon.

What are you up to at the moment?

Busy or less? You need to find a way to show your girlfriend or boyfriend that he/ she is in your thoughts and that you miss him/ her a lot. I believe so much in sending good afternoon messages and if you find yourself reading this post, that means you believe in sending good afternoon messages as well.

A reader complained to me last week that she usually does not get good afternoon text messages from her boyfriend. She feels that in as much as she gets good morning love messages and good night love messages, her name should also endeavour to send her good afternoon messages, to check up on her and see how she is faring.

I had to calm her down really so that she would not sound unappreciative of the efforts the boyfriend is putting to make their love life interesting. Truth is, a lot of guys are not really cool with the traditional way of sending good afternoon messages for girlfriend, so, if you are lucky enough to get a boyfriend that send you text messages, morning and night then be appreciative and not find yourself complaining.

To the guys, this does not mean you should not do everything possible to make your love life exciting and trust me, putting a lot of efforts on little relationship pullers like sending good afternoon messages for girlfriend sure goes a long way in making your relationship more robust and interesting.

Have you seen my collection of amazing messages? You will love them!

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Let us start with our first collection of sweet good afternoon messages for girlfriend. You will love it!

Sweet good afternoon messages for girlfriend

1 I was just a little less busy right and thought I should pop in and say Hello. What will you be doing for lunch? I could come to meet you so we can head out to lunch together. Good afternoon baby. I love you

2 I just saw a lady came by to the store, quickly I peeped out to look at her because she looked just like you, alas it was not you but someone else. Good afternoon dear, how is your day going?

3 Mornings are usually for mornings, the bright sunshine makes us feel so hot in preparation for the work of the day. The sunshine also intensifies in the afternoon to make us all sweaty and hot. In the middle of all this, plus the bustle of the work, I want to say hi and wish you a good afternoon at work. Have a blessed day!

4 Are you feeling warm or hot? Tired or heavy? Take a break darling. It’s the afternoon after all. Good afternoon dear, have a wonderful day ahead.

5 I wish I was with you right now to provide the necessary moral and psychological support for your project. But I am sure you have got it handled right because you are that smart. Good afternoon dear, have a glorious day ahead.

6 You deserve where you are today. Not just because you are a lady but because you are very smart and intelligent. DO not be bullied your male colleagues. You have definitely got things handled and you will always come out tops because I trust your skills and I admire your work ethic. Good afternoon baby, have a great day!

7 Afternoons are usually when the workload is heaviest. If you feel tired or fagged out, just take a chill pill and do something more resting than having to focus solely on the work. Good afternoon darling. The day is yours for the taking!

8 I know you recently just got transferred and you are having a torrid time adjusting to your new workplace. Hey dear, you just trust in God, he has got everything covered for you. Keep giving your best, in skill and technicality and God will handle the rest. Stay safe.

9 A lot of politics would be played along with your carrier and you will feel like being treated unfairly because you are a lady. But put in your best baby and leave the rest to God. He will surprise you beyond all imaginations. Good afternoon baby. Have a great day!

10 I know there will be a lot of pressure at work, I am aware that you try to give your best at everything you do. The day is another opportunity for you to work better than the last day. try your best and give it your all. Just remember that I will be at home waiting for you to wrap my arms around you and massage your beautiful legs. Good afternoon darling, have a great day at work.

11 The afternoon is here again, and it will soon be time to give the day a close and head home. Have you achieved on your deliverables for the day? Now is the time to put in your last effort and ensure that you achieve your set out objectives. May God be with you today, have a sweet good afternoon my love.

12 To you my lady, I wish you a very good afternoon and I hope that your work is going on just well. Just try to do your best today and remember that you will soon be back home to rest after a hard day’s work. Good afternoon baby. Enjoy the rest of the day!

13 I am sure that your morning was absolutely productive. If you realize that you are lacking behind on productivity, do not be worried, the afternoon is here for you to play catch up and I am sure you have the tenacity to achieve that. Good afternoon girlfriend. Have a productive day ahead.

14 Do you feel drowsy and tired? Then just try to take a nap, for 15-30 minutes before you get back to it. This will allow you to recover your energy and give you desired strength with a fueled appetite to continue working till the close of business. Have a sweet good afternoon baby girl.

15 There is no time of the day that I don’t think about you and how our love has been. I was in the middle of work right now and I just thought of you again today. How is your afternoon going sweetie! Have a really good afternoon. Just checking up on your dear!

Great Good afternoon messages for her

16. Meeting you in life has changed my ways and now I will always be your guard anywhere you are. I will not forget you for the kind of love you show to me. I need you and will always do for the blessing showered on me since the first day I set my eyes on you.

17. Good afternoon to my lovely angel, you are the kindest heart that has ever reached me. You are like a princess and it is the reason why you should accept what I told you about me. I will never tell you any lie because you are so respected and glowing. I will always love you for the rest of my life. You are like a great angel, the most respected love of my life.

18. I thought you will be here to keep me warm tonight I never knew you are gonna be far away from me. You have made my day already and it is the reason why I am here to put smile on your face. You are more than just a special person. Your love in my heart grows Every now and then. I will not forget you today and ever.

19. There are two times I want to be with you, today and forever. I want to be where my hands will be easy to reach you. I want to be in a place where my eyes will be in contact with you all the time. You are special, and I am the luckiest guy to have you for himself. You are the greatest lover among millions of girls I have ever met in my life. I love you and will like to say good afternoon.

20. I am highly grateful for your concern about me. You have always been a reason why I smile. I don’t know why things are like this, but thank God I have you around. Good afternoon sweet love, I am so much interested in you because you have changed my heart from being too sad to being the happiest. I will never replace you with anyone in my life as long as the person is a lady. You have your special place in my heart and for that reason, I will not forget you until the end of time. Good afternoon.

21. Afternoon is hot but a person that is determined to achieve great things in life is hotter. May you find rest this afternoon. Whatever will spoil your mood will not get close to you forever. I wish you the best of luck on this great day. I love you farther than you think, you are the kind of wife I have been searching for. You are the most amazing person in my life. I love you. You belong to me.

22. If I can give you my heart to hold, I will do so because I am very sure that it will be safe. I wish you know why I was courageous to risk death the other day? It was because I really love you. I can never deny this as the truth in it can manifest itself. You are now the most gorgeous love of my life. I miss you beyond the aim of love itself. If I can climb the highest mountain to show you how you have won my heart, you will be shocked. I love you truly.

23. You have been taking good care of me since the day I was broke, this shows you are the kind of woman a person should have with him. Your ability to put someone else’s before until it is solved really baffles me. I love you like an excellent angel and you are my life angel. I love you. Your thoughts beat in my heart every day. I love you.

24. Life has taught me a lot of lessons but when I met you, I realized I can’t see world in one direction. Since then, I began to give critical thinking to whatever happens in my life. You are my love, happiness and the one I cherish for the good attitude that will make you happy all your life. You are the most loving person and I will always give you the kind of attention you need. There is no one like you in my world, I need you to know this. Having found you in my life, everything I have been thinking too hard about became story of the past.

25. More of your love in my life, I am yours forever and ever. As you relax this afternoon, please just know that someone somewhere is missing you. I want to hear that you are strong and hearty. Your lovely heart is all what I need to be happy too. Don’t worry, I will give you all the attention needed. I miss you beyond what you know about me. Your love lingers in my heart like a trench full of honey. You are my baby, the one I feel like to spend the rest of my life with, I don’t know why you have changed everything about me in just few days you came into my life. Good afternoon.

26. Before you complain if any pain in your body, remember that there could still be hope in all we are doing. Your eyes are full of light, live and blue moon. There one thing of mine that you posses which is my heart. Please take good care of my heart for me. Never you share it with anyone else. Make me smile for inviting I find the kind life I have always wanted to live I love you and it is just the truth.

27. Good afternoon, how is work? I just want to be sure that you are fine. If I am a bit chanced will come and see you I know how sweet you are you are the most gorgeous girl in a million girls. Your presence in my life is more like a miracle than a gift from God. I miss you, this is true love oh no manifestation because I realized that I find it difficult to sleep for the first time. I have been praying for a woman I will be able to say thank you Lord for giving her to me. I have been begging God for a good wife whom when I look at, will be happy in return. That special kind of woman I will not be able to take my heart away from. She is the only woman I can be proud as far as I am concerned.

28. Thanks to the lady with chocolate lips, I love the taste of your lips and I will never shy to tell you this. I love to express my feelings as supposed because through it will I find the exact comfort I need. I am in love with a woman, a woman that turns my head anytime I set my eyes on. You are lovely looking angel, you are the best and the most gorgeous woman in this world. I enjoy everything about you and there is no doubt at all. I miss you so much because you have made everything easy for me since the day you accepted my proposal, it is now as if you made brought luck to my life because, since the day I set my eyes on you, things have been better for me. I love you.

29. Whatever it takes, whatever it means to make you realize that your love is very important to me, that exactly what o will do. If I can climb the highest heights on earth to express the depth of my love for you Sometimes, when I close my eyes, I see you smiling at me, this gets me confused, and I try to figure out what really matters. In the end, I get to understand that you are the dream have been having since some years back. I love you to the core, you are the love of my life, and I am happy for you. You will always be my heartfelt angel forever.

30. If you know how I am feeling about you, your heart will have been filled with much love and Passion that will give you strong reason to remain with me forever. Don’t forget that I want to spend the rest of my life with you. You are the closest person to me, there is only one thing I need from you. If you can take care of yourself for me, I will be happy for this great offer. You know you are the most beloved person I can count on. You are the best for me, the pearl of my life. Good afternoon

31. What really makes happy the most are those white teeth that are displayed whenever you smile. They add to your already excess beauty. You may want to know why I have been thinking hard on how to make you happy. You are for me alone. There is none that will share you with me. You are the true love of my life. I will make you feel special even in the presence of a million crowds. You deserve love, passion and good treatment. I have chosen to respect you for being a woman. Embrace my offer, for I am looking forward to make you the happiest wife in life. Ask me of everything you need and I will do if I am capable. I will try all my best to ensure that nothing of harm touches you from me.

32. The other day, I thought I will reach out to you. I never knew that day will be the last for the year. I have been waiting for you in patience. I have been thinking of the possibility to meet you any moment from now because you have made everything loving to me. You taught me how to be happy with everyone around me. You taught me to be patient that anything is achievable if I can put more time on it. This is the reason why I have been with you since the day I was born, I want to be the gladdest person in this world, you belong to me and for this reason, I will never forget you. You are the precious companion my heart has been beating for.

33. Look into my eyes and tell me you love me. This is my African angel, she is so cute, charming and lovely. She is the mamma’s pet, her cheeks are so chubby that I can resist looking at them. They are the cutest cheeks ever petted in life. I love the softness of your cheeks, they are the softest cake ever touched. Your blue eyes are irresistible. Sometimes, once I see you, I feel like to shout wow. I will not give up on you, until I finally reach to the deepest part of your heart.

34. How I wish you know that your presence in my life is one of the channels that give me strength in life. When saw you coming the other day, I was a bit happy because you have made it easy for me to smile. Your jovial nature, your loving impact, and that motherhood attitude that beautifies your personality is one of the most cutest things ever seen in this world. I am in love with a lady whose thoughts I cannot erase from my heart.

35. If what will make me die is to love you, I don’t care. I have always wanted to die for you. I want to sacrifice my life for the one I love. Since I was small, I have decided to sacrifice my life for the ones that are close to my heart. I want them to know that without them, there will be nothing to call good life. I miss you, I love you and pray that you feel great in you. Let me tell you something about me, o have this strong reason why I can never replace you with anyone in life. You have engulfed my heart with endless love. Do you know you are that kind of wife a man will pray to spend the rest of his life with. I can see you taking good care of my kids. You are the best for me.

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