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Kids Prayers – Bed Time Prayers for the Children

kids prayers

Kids prayers. Children should not be left out of praying. It is not the duty of the older ones alone. We need to train them to pray right from their young age. You will find in here collections of children’s morning prayers, children’s prayers for school, children’s bedtime prayers, morning prayer for my child, children’s prayers of thanks, short prayers for children, children’s mealtime prayers, catholic children’s prayers that you may need to share with children in your house.

I always know from experience that children love to pray. When you teach them to pray at a very young age, they grow to love praying and that helps them to establish a relationship with God. Remember God said in the bible ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom belongs to them.

The simple kids prayers that I have here will help the children learn and understand rhythmical prayers from a very tender age and as they grow, they will begin to get comfortable with biblical teachings and grow with God.

Kids Bedtime prayer for every day

1 He makes me sleep and thereafter wakes me up
He provides my parents with good food so that they can feed me
He said I should call on him when I am afraid
Because I am his friend, I am a winner
Even when everything seem tough and scary
I believe he has got me
He protects and guides my family
In the morning, and noon
And now as we are about to go to bed
He will send his angels to protect, me, dad and mom
Please Lord, show us your kindness
And allow us wake up hale and hearty tomorrow

2 He dies on the cross for me
So he can set me free from the danger of darkness
He brought the morning so we can work hard
The afternoon so we can make money to feed the family
And the night so that everyone can go to bed to rest
I commit my family to your hands tonight
Please don’t let the bed bugs bite us.

3 Jesus is always there when I rise
Because you are great and very wise
Please Lord hear my heart prayers when I send
Be with my family and friends
Stay with us till the end
So that we can continue to strive and never relent

4 Help me God to see
All the great things you have sent to me
Jesus give me the power to hear
Your voice as you come so near
Help me oh Lord to go
Even when my leg drags and my feet run slow
God please help me to stay true
And my heart should be filled with power to do
Help me to stay caring and kind
From the morning even till the night
Protect me all through the day
In everything I do or try to say

Kids prayers to say in the morning

Here are the prayer for the morning for children that you need to teach them:

Oh lord, my friends and father
I will rather be with you than be with another
It is time to go to bed
and put my dozing body to rest
I pray that before I go to sleep
Do not make me fall into a weird dream so deep
God please provide for my father
And bless with support my mother
Bless my sister and brother
And if need be give us another
As I am about to lay my head to sleep
I want to thank you for my soul redeemed
Now that I want to see another day
Give me the grace to run around and play
Dear Lord, it is time to close my eyes
Let me be alive to wake up and rise
And when I wake up in the morning
Let my parents be ready with my honey

Kids prayers for mealtimes

As I sit on this table today
And I open my mouth to you to pray
First I appreciate you for the food
And how happy we are for the mood
We thank you for the gift of grace
To sit close to the table without relay
We thank you for countless blessings
And the gifts of food and life lessons
Thank you Jesus for everything
And not just giving us anything
We are grateful for the bountiful food on our table
And I know we will down them all, we are able
Give us the grace to eat well and rest well
And help us to see the food for tomorrow yet again.

Children’s morning prayer

Lord thank you for waking me up this morning
Thank you for giving me the gift of life
By taking this moment to close my eyes and pray
But first accept my gift of praise
Thank you for being so kind and loving
I thank you for the rain and the sun
And for your protection and love all through the night
Even when we are afraid of what is to come
Your gentle loving keeps all of us warm
Dear Lord my friend
I am ready to learn more from you as you teach me
I am ready to take your lessons as you direct
I am young but I am ready to learn big things
I need you to hold me tight so that I will never fall
Guide and protect every member of my family
Give us the grace to follow your commands
And leave us with lessons to help us understand you more

Kids’ prayers of protection

1 I won’t ever have any reason to worry
I won’t ever have any reason to doubt
I won’t ever have any reason to despair
Because you Lord are the one and only protector
Who will protect me from anything close to worry that I harbour
Instead of me to hurry and run away
I will just stay here to open my mouth and pray
Because my prayer is all you need
To extend your arms of protection to me
And anytime I feel confused about anything
You are always there to guide me with grace

2 Thank you Lord for sending guardian angel to me
He has always been with me and protected me from the danger of the day and night
Dear Lord, please do not let the angel leave me yet
As I feel his presence around me even not yet
Let him continue to light my path and guard me
And also protect me from the evils of this world
Thank you for your protection all the time
I love you everyday of my life

3 Thank you for the new morning
Thank you for the bright morning star
Thank you for the beautiful day that is upon us
Thank you for everything you have given to us
Good morning my father, my friend
Thank you for waking me up yet again

4 Before I run away to start my daily play with my friends
Let me quickly kneel before you and pray
That you will protect me and guide me as I play with friends
Please also protect my friends and their families as well
So we could have the opportunity to come together and always

If you’ve got any additions to these kids prayers, please feel free to add them below. Let us flood these post with kids prayers so that the children can learn how to pray.


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