Let us begin the day with some wonderful prayer texts to share with family and friends. Shall we?

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Prayer Texts for good life

1. All you are searching for shall reach you in ease, your life will never remain the same and you shall be protected all your life from any kind of danger.

2. Lord shall bless you with abundant blessing, He shall bless you with whatever you want and nothing in this life will hinder you.

3. You are the most blessed person I have ever met in this world and the lord will never go pass through you without blessing you. Amen.

4. May your life be uplifted with a glory that makes everything easy for you. You will never regret coming to this world. I love you so much.

5. Whenever I look into your eyes, I see a love that never ends. You shall be blessed with everything you need in your life.

6. I wish you all the best in this blessed world, you shall find the portion of your prosperity in anything you are doing.

7. I beseech the Lord to bless you with an abundant success that will last with you forever. You shall not find it difficult to do whatever you want to achieve.

8. I love you with all my heart, you are the most handsome man that deserves the post. I pray that you own it soon.

9. May your eyes see great things that will shape your life into greatness; may you be celebrated by both friends and enemies. I wish you all the best.

10. Anywhere your fortune is, may the Lord make it achievable for you; may He make it easy for you to excel in your endeavor.

11. The way you smile always makes me happy, may you be happy all your life. I beseech the Lord to protect you all your life.

12. You shall be granted all your heart desires. You shall be blessed in a way you least expected and the most beneficent God shall show mercy upon you and bless you with your heart desires.

13. Whatever it is that you need shall continue to be easy for you to get. The Lord will always be by your side forever. I wish you a home full of love.

14. May the blessing of the Lord circulate your home to bring joy to you. You shall smile and thank God for everything about your life.

15. Lord, bring your mercy upon my friend and shower him with all that he pursues for a bright future. I wish you all the best.

16. We shall always be happy in our life by the grace of God that does not have an end, we shall be celebrated in anything we are doing.

17. Lord, give us this day as our daily bread and provide for us the strength to face the challenges of this life.

18. Lord, do not leave us on our own, break all our wings of pride towards you and replace them with humbleness.

19. I pray that the Lord purify your heart and accept your worship. You shall be selected among the chosen ones of God.

20. Unfortunate situation shall not befall you. You shall be protected from back to back and your business will always profit you.

Prayer texts messages to my love Good morning

21. Good morning my love, may the Lord be with you every day of your life. I wish you long life and prosperity.

22. May the sunshine bring success to your doorstep and make you smile at the end of the day; good morning and have a nice day.

23. Have a nice day, it is my pleasure to have someone as special as you are to say good morning to. It is my happiness to always hear from you.

24. I am glad you made it to this moment; may you continue to wake up sound all your stay in this world.

25. Success shall reign in your home forever from this early hour of the day till eternity. You will have no reason to cry.

26. I am glad you are part of my life and anytime I wake up and see you smile at me, I am relieved of my stress. Just as you always make me happy may the Lord Almighty shower your life with things that will make you happy always.

27. May your star never perish and as you go out this morning, nothing shall hinder you from getting your heart desires fulfilled for you.

28. You shall smile at the end and no matter how stressful your day went by, your reward will be bigger than a mountain of gold.

29. The Lord will protect you with abundant love and make your heart experience complete peace. You shall dwell in a realm of success forever.

30. This life and hereafter shall favor you and my prayer for you shall be answered by the grace of the highest. You will not be put to shame in any dream you pursue.

31. I ask the Lord to purify your heart this morning and guide you to the ways of your success. You shall always be blessed as you desire.

32. Whatever you touch today shall cause you to sing to the glory of the Lord, you shall bow in awe of the Love the Lord shall show you today.

33. The Lord that made it easy for your colleague shall come to your own rescue too. Any sign of frustration in your life shall be called an end.

34. Every evil that is about to befall you shall never in any way reach you. The Lord shall in every single manner of life uplift you against your enemies.

35. By the will of God every soul is protected, may you be protected all your life; your wealth and children shall benefit you.

36. As you are concern about the wellbeing of humanity, may the Lord consider your case this year and shoot you up like a bullet.

37. Shall I pray for you? You will excel in life as rocket penetrates the sky to its destination. Everything shall be easy for you now and forever.

38. There is no doubt that my wish for you is to encounter good things in your life; may the blessing that is roaming around this morning reach your doorstep.

39. I am sending you endless comfort that you will live to celebrate; I pray that your daily life shall shine in success.

40. Love and prosperity shall follow you, grace and success shall hunt you up and you will not regret coming to this world for once. Good morning.

Prayer texts for Inspiration

Check out these short morning prayer messages too.

41. May the Lord, the God the most active come close to you and bless you and your entire family. May He grant you the key to the home of success now and forever.

42. As I wake up this morning, I praise the Lord and beseech His mercy upon you. I pray that your entire dream shall be realistic as soon as possible.

43. You get my back and I will always support you with prayers. May you find the peace that you have been.

44. I thank God for your life as it is today; I pray that He grant you your heart desires and make you happy every day of your life.

45. May you find peace where there is no peace, rest of mind where there is no rest, joy where this sorrow, food where there is hunger.

46. I pray that your love blesses you with whatever you wish to have this morning. May His mercy never ends in your work and life.

47. May you see no evil all your life, may your endeavors come with ease. I wish you all the best in this world.

48. Your love in the heart of mankind shall not in any way decrease; they all shall celebrate you even when your enemies refused to accept.

49. May the Lord endorse you, shower your home with abundant blessing and good fortune from the youngest to the oldest among you.

50. As the protection of the Lord never finishes, may His bliss upon you continue to affect your life in a positive way.

51. You will live to be admired by everyone you come across; promotion for a better future shall not hard you at all.

52. Lord protect my friend, grant him love and let him be loved anywhere he finds himself. Give me success.

53. Let success be easy for him as it is easy for a child to sleep. Let his work be blessed with your divine ordainment.

54. May the overflow of prosperity be yours, may the river of love and success continue to flow you in your for the rest of your life.

55. Lord, protect my dear family and make us strong in your way. Give us the free will to enjoy this world and hereafter.

56. The Lord shall be pleased with you and make you a center of honor, your living, and your death shall be blessed.

57. May the Lord immortalize your name before you die, may the Lord give you the strength to liberate this world as you planned.

58. Any evil fashioned against shall go back to the sender; any yahoo boy that is planning his mission to your way shall not prosper.

59. Your good mission in this world will be accomplished for you, God. You will have no cause to be sad for any reason.

60. The love of the Lord shall penetrate your home and give you all the best in this world, things shall be easy for you.

Prayer texts of blessings uncountable

61. I ask the Lord to make your home a blessed place to live, a nice bosom to share and a lovely galaxy to sing the praises of the Lord.

62. Blessed is the name of the Lord, marvelous, strong and bigger than anything associated with Him, may His infinite mercy reign in your life forever.

63. The very day I set my eyes on you nothing else came to my heart than the desire to pray for you all your life; may your dream come to pass as you wish.

64. Your day shall be blessed with multiple breakthroughs and your vision shall not suffer any obstacle until you finally reach it.

65. Lord shall love you endlessly and give you that very request you asked in secret. May you be filled with love.

66. I pray that everything you need will be given to you in all ramification of life. Your luck that has been hanging in the air shall rain on you soon.

67. O Lord, the blessed one the most wonderful and the best that every knee shall bow for every tongue must confess.

68. God of mercy, the most trustworthy and the one that protects every single soul come and bless my mother and give her the privilege to be honored by all.

69. As my father runs for this election, Lord Stay behind him like a rock and guard him against his enemies.

70. Let your love flow in my life; let your glory reign in my life. Grant me the kind of success that the world will be amazed about.

71. The precious one that never forgets human should please protect me in all ramification of life; give me my heart desire as soon as possible.

72. May your love be felt in our home, may your grace never be denied from our life, show us your face and bless us.

73. God, give us a wonderful moment that we shall not forget in life; bless us with strength to worship you.

74. Your name shall be glorified forever; your holiness shall reign in our life. Lord, give us the honor to be celebrated all over the world.

75. May the name of the Lord is honored forever, May His mercy shine all over our endeavors in life.

76. We stand here before you seeking your face in your entire ramification. Let us be blessed with what we need.

77. God, give us all we need. Make us feel the impact of your love in our life. Bless us with endless love.

78. Lord, let your Will be done in our lives; you are the most marvelous, the most merciful, the alpha and the omega.

79. No one can say No when you say Yes, no one can stop you from honoring any of your servants when it is due time. Lord, honor me and my household.

80. Bless me and give me the energy to do the best in lofe; love me and draw me close to you until I finally become the best among the rest.

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