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The reasons and importance of calling your partner a pet name cannot be over emphasized. A lot of partner feels comfortable calling your partner pet names helps to foster healthy relationships and reduce tension and brings about togetherness. As funny as it sounds, what we call our partners actually matter. Whatever gives you a sense of attachment or love for the person is okay but in doing so, we have to be careful of names that could amount to disrespect.

I suggest you find a cute name for your partner, even if it will still be his/her name, you can modify it in a way it will be romantic or you can use that name of his/her that is not known generally. It strengthens your relationship, make you guys feel much more connected and seem like you share a secret joke nobody knows about.

It also sounds cute. I personally don’t really like when I hear lovers or spouse call their partners with their first names everyone else do call them too. Mind you, you don’t have to call them all those ‘cliche’ names.I’m only saying coin your special name for boo. You might not feel comfortable calling names like “baby” “honey” “sugar” etc but you should coin a name for him/her. It is more romantic and makes you guys feel closer to one another. Here are five reasons why I feel you should get a pet name for your partner.

1. It shows affection: When you call your partner with a sappy, love pet names. It shows that you deeply love him and want to be connected to all aspects of him and his life.

2. It gives a sense of belonging to your partner: Your partner feels more closer to you when you sort of call him/her a pet name rather than the usual name everyone else calls him/her.

3. It reassures your partner: When you call your partner a sweet name, it reassures him/her that everything is okay, even when things are not looking like it, the names resonates deeper into his/her subconscious and provides a kind of reassurance to the relationship.

4. It tells that you have something unique going: It is a psychological belief that gradually sinks into your subconscious. It makes your partner feel great and that you both do have something unique going on.

Are you ready now to take your relationship to the next level, Think through it add more spark to your friendship. Give that romantic name!

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