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Who says University love don’t last and do not culminate into marital bliss. Who even said that it is all about infatuation and youthful exuberance. Most people believe that marriage is a decision that ought to be handled by oneself without the support of an overseeing being – God. This amazing story of Sam and Jokotola will inspire you beyond doubts. An amazing love story of 6 years and 6 months commenced from a course tutorial in the early days of the University to eventually culminate to a wedding proposal, and all roads will lead to a wedding ceremony on the 30th September and 1st October 2016. Splufic!

In D’banj’s voice ‘Don’tget it twisted, Love is indeed a beautiful thing.

Was it worth the wait? You would be blown away!

An immensely excited Sam started by saying:

I met her in FUTA, she was in for her Pre-degree program and I was in my freshman year. I was one of the leaders in the campus fellowship we belonged to in back then.

As a fresh student on campus, a lady friend was helping her to get to the fellowship secretariat for the free tutorial we run, it was in that process we met and she was introduced to me by that lady friend.

He continued:

I just had this instant connection with her, as a christian, I didn’t really give it much of a thought in the line of relationship, I just felt it could be that I have a major role to play in her life while on campus.

‘Tola who fell in love with a man that was all over her stated explicitly

I just liked the fact that he was willing to help. Although I won’t deny the fact that I liked his personalty.

Hmmmn…..Love is such a beautiful thing!

The love story of Sam and Jokotola wasn’t a situation of love at first meet and Sam affirmed this in his words:

I won’t call it love at first sight, but over time it grew, especially when I prayed about it and I had peace in my heart.

Beautiful ‘Tola was hit heads on by Sam’s amazing mentor-ship skills and smart dress sense:

The thing is, he became a mentor, a dear friend and that point I couldn’t resist the likeness that had grown. I prayed about him and I had peace in my heart about him. I won’t say it was love at first sight, but to be very sincere, from that first time in Sept 2006, we knew there was something.

Jokotola is a fine girl like that, and Sam was quick to confirm this fact:

Yay, Jokotola is one fine girl, I remember after her Pre-degree program and I was up assisting her in the whole registration process, at that time I was in my sophomore year. I just couldn’t keep my eyes off her; her sincerity, simplicity and character all put together made a blend of attraction.


That blend of life…LOL!!

‘Tola loved everything Sam and a man of God with that kind of effect on a pretty lady won’t stay so long before the lovey dovey sets. It was all set like the scenes of a movie:

I liked his dedication to God, his commitment to people, and his passion to see me be the best I can be. Sam’s dress sense melts my heart. His fashion sense, deodorants, most importantly his sincerity and confidence about his future.

Ordinarily you would expect a jump at saying ‘YES’ when a question like,  will you be the woman of my life pops up. However, ‘Tola was ready to give Sam a run for his money in the dating game, and she spared no blushes in making this happen:

Okay, so, he asked me out in 2010, after the semester’s exams and I couldn’t believe it, I was so excited even though I already saw it coming. I waited three weeks before giving him ‘the’ answer.

I answered yes, because I had prayed about him, and I already knew about what the nature of our relationship was going to end up as from things I got in my spirit. He was the man for me, I love him and I was so excited about his advances.

Whether it started as a jolly ride or nah, it would be bumpy at some point or the other and this was confirmed by the love birds:

Definitely, plenty…. we had loads of issues, misunderstandings and the likes. We have a resolve in our relationship, It doesn’t matter the issue, it doesn’t matter the fight, break up is not an option. We dated for six years excluding the friendship years. We understand God brought us together, but we must learn to accept our differences and know how to effectively handle ourselves right.

Infact, there were times that we didn’t talk to each others for days, but then, we still had to end the fight.

Sam and Tola were all for the excitement as it was evident in their enthusiastic banters:

Tola in her highly ecstatic mood:

To be sincere, Sam’s heart for God excites me, he’s a man of broad knowledge, intelligent. He taught me almost everything I know today asides from the ones I learnt in school and at my parents. He mentors me, he is handsome, and  I just love all these qualities.


Sam was all for the qualities as well, and he spared all rod to spoil Tola:

The same qualities that got me hooked to her still gets me excited about her. Love for God, Character, simplicity and beauty.

Being a young man with full potentials and a future set on marble, Sam was however careful not to allow the adrenaline rush choose the time to propose:

I knew it was the right time that moment when I felt convinced beyond every reasonable and unreasonable doubts that she is the one. I wanted to take her home to my parents and I wanted to meet her parents, it was just time to take it much more serious.

A visibly exhilarated Jokotola said YES because

…..of the peace and the release I have in my heart, I had taken out time to pray and talked to my pastors, we all have the conviction that he’s the one.

Sam and ‘Tola finally had this to say to all intending, prospective and engaged love birds:

Love is a DECISION to ALWAYS standby, protect, provide (give), defend and to show affection towards each others regardless of the reality or circumstances on ground.

DON’T JUST GO INTO A RELATIONSHIP BECAUSE THE GUY IS RICH OR THE GIRL IS FINE pray about the person first, know him/her to an extent (run background search).

For those already in, stick to yourselves, no matter the hurdle.

It’s not yet “for better for worse”, but then, if you are not willing to make it work why then did you get in in the first place?
GET YOUR MOTIVE RIGHT, your motives creates your realities.

I am inspired already and it was worth the wait! What about you? Happy married Life Sam and ‘Tola. God bless your home!

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