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5 New Fun Things To Do At Owerri This Christmas

Fun Things To Do At Owerri This Christmas

5 New Fun Things To Do At Owerri This Christmas: Christmas at Owerri can be tough, especially for the Lagos based families who want to keep up with the active lifestyle. This year’s Christmas will be different as this amazing 447,000 square-feet hangout spot called “The Hive” is set give visitors fun-filled and fulfilling experiences.

There are a number of restaurants in Owerri, but this one has gone to great lengths to prove it’s the best. Are you looking for the best places to hang out with children in Owerri? Want some Pizza with Ice Cream in Owerri? Or just a place to propose to the love of your life – welcome to the ideal location.

Fun Things To Do At Owerri This Christmas

On the lookout for ways to enjoy Christmas? Well, if you want something unique and spectacular this time, we’ve rounded up a list of surprisingly helpful activities you can engage in at The Hive.

Attend An “Eat All You Can” Buffet in Owerri

How much can you eat? What quantity of food can you finish? Are you sure you can ever eat as much as you thought? Let’s examine that this Christmas with our eat all you can package. Have you ever craved the type of luxury and ambiance that come with Lagos’ upscale hotels’ buffet? You can get same in Owerri now! There are amazing and juicy deals for adults and children. So book your deals now as limited seats are available. It’s happening live on Christmas Day. If you miss it, you missed a big deal!

Give your children a special treat at the Christmas Eve party

Fun Things To Do At Owerri This Christmas

You want your children to have a memorable Christmas, and we know that. That is why The Hive is built with a special children arena. The cherry on the icing top is that there’s something special for everyone. Scheduled to hold on Christmas Eve, the event features an evening with Santa, bouncy castles, cool music and face paintings. Your children will end the year with so much fun. Don’t you just love that?

Attend a comedy night

What about an event on boxing day? Take a chill pill, we have a plan for that too.  Enjoy an unforgettable evening of drinks, food and comedy. Who wouldn’t be in for so much fun? That’s definitely not going to be YOU, No way!

Visit a premium ice cream and pizza spot in Owerri

Some people say its hype! But, we all love pizza. Smile if you do. Pizza with Ice Cream in Owerri is nothing short of great. The Hive has a Pizza and Ice Cream spot where you can give yourself, your lover, and your family a treat. Have you started considering this as a way to spend Christmas? If no, what are you waiting for?

Get ready for the new year party in Owerri

Now, Christmas celebration is over, but there’s still something left – The new year celebration. What’s up your sleeves? Well, that’s covered too. The Hive New Year Party promises you a treat with cool music and good food. You wouldn’t want to miss this for anything.

Now that you know we are prepared for the season. Are you prepared as well? Visit The Hive at Plot 106, Okigwe Orji Road, Orji Owerri.


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