What Would Make A Woman Submit to You – I used to watch this series titled “THE 100”, there is a warrior woman in it whom no male has ever defeated in a dwell or in the battle called “Hindra”. She was dark, bold, tall, tough and ruthless. Then there was a scene where her daughter was shown.

“Hindra has a child?!”

I exclaimed.

So a man has actually put this woman’s back to the ground once?

3 most notorious duties that nature confreres on the shoulders of a man towards a woman are:

Duty To Protect.

Duty To Profess.

Duty To Provide.

These 3 P’s are expected of every man who says that he wants to be with a woman, be called her husband and her Lord. You see, no matter how tough as iron a woman is, there is always this one man in her life that she is soft to when she is around him. If she roars like a lion in her office, she comes home to a man on whose laps she lays her head to sleep. If she is a military general there is a man to whom she wouldn’t give a command but a smile too. There is always this guy in every woman’s life who can crack through her walls and gates.

Straight to the point?

You can’t make a woman submissive by asking for it. Women are very calculative and multi-tasking humans. She doesn’t think like you, women have the ability to be support systems for a man because just when you think you have it all figured out, your girlfriend or wife might actually be 7 steps ahead of you.

You think you stopped her from working, don’t die from shock if you find out that she has a little business, has made some huge savings and you didn’t know for years.

When a king has to remind his subjects that he is king when he has to yell…

“I am your king!”.

It is only because he is unsecured about his position over them or He knows they have no iota of respect for him. It takes a lot to have the respect of a woman, of a good woman. You don’t have to tell her or remind her that you are her man. She is seeing all you do, she places your commitment to the relationship, marriage, the kids and your intimacy towards her on a scale.

A woman will naturally bow to a man that flexes his muscles OVER her and the kids as a dad and hubby should not shout AT her and the kids because he is Lord. When you do it OVER her, it is on her behalf, when you do it AT her, you intimidate her. It will shock many of you to know that your woman only fears you, she doesn’t respect you one inch.

If you want a woman to bow, whether she is your sister, girlfriend or wife, you have to FIRST love her like Christ loves the church. Yes, no cross no glory. Jesus Himself had to die to be called the Son of God after pleading so hard to have the responsibility to pass over Him. He prayed so hard in fear that He began to sweat blood.

Do you know how deep that love is?

He loves her so much that He died for her. The Bible adds that greater love has no man than this that he giveth his life for his brother.

I don’t mean that you have to die literally to get to this point, but God has deposited an intuition of measurement in the heart of every woman that helps her place the run-around of her man on a scale.

When you stand for her and with her, she will naturally and willingly submit her crown at your feet.

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El Ifelola is a Law Student, Writer, Researcher, Life & Social Relationships Coach & a lover of God. Reading, Ifelola loves researching, talking to, enlightening & motivating people. He stands for self-identity & strength & Godliness.


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  1. anonymous

    I dont agree completely. I love my girlfriend to the word itself. But she left, saying i was “immature”, and that she carry date her levelmate.

  2. tundex

    u re talking of foreign women. the only one thing Nigeria women need to follow is duty to provide money

  3. Thank God

    Women stop melting
    when Men stop Loving
    The 3Ps is all about Love
    I really do appreciate you Ife for this constructive expositions..
    I pray for more insight


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