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5 Things to do After a Rape Incident

things to do after a rape incident
5 Things to do After a Rape Incident: Maureen Alikor is the convener and founder of Demystify Abuse Campaign, an outreach with a vision to put an end to rape, sexual abuse and every form of stigmatization against victims. A survivor herself, she loves to share her story hoping it inspires more people to own their story and chase their dreams in spite of their experience.

We do not pray to be rape victims, but what choice do we have if we fall victims? This is a statement that requires deep thoughts, right? Maureen shared 5 things to do after a rape incident on the blog. Read and learn!

As siblings, parents, and friends, most times we are not prepared or furnished with proper information on steps a rape victim should take after the painful experience

1. A hospital visit is COMPULSORY

It is important that a victim’s first point of call is the hospital.

2. Submit to GET TESTED

A couple of tests would have to be carried out.  Test for STI’s.

Test for HIV. This is done to ascertain the HIV status of the victim prior to the rape.

3. Always ensure you are given ARV at the hospital

ARV is antiretroviral drugs. It is a drug that ensures you do not contract HIV from the rapist. 

Treatment must begin 72 hours within the time of the rape. 

There are 28-30 doses. One tablet daily. 

Try not to miss a dose, eat well 2 hours before you take the drug. Sleep immediately.

P.S. Further instruction will be given at the hospital where the drug is administered.

4. Report the incident to authorities and organizations that are concerned with related matters

There are organizations that are available to assist, fight and take the legal process for the prosecution of rapists.

I’d compile a list of organizations you can reach out to in the case of rape in another post.

5. As a victim, be encouraged, you are not a damaged being

things to do after a rape incident

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