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5 Ways to Punish A Girl Who Came On A Date With Friends

ways to punish a girl who came on a date with friends

Ways to punish a girl who came on a date with friends- There is no big deal coming on a date with your friend, isn’t it? That was what I told my friend who told me about a time when he asked a babe out on a first date and she came with company.

He was complaining, I know. But I told him to stop, what if she did not show up for the date? If she brought her friend then it means maybe there is the need to feel more safe sitting at the other side of the table with him.

I told him, he should have engaged the babe and her friend and have fun while at it. While I yabbed him to say, it wasn’t a big deal, he should have handled the date well, he dropped the bombshell.

Dee, She came with 5 friends!!

Mouth opened wide, I responded

5 wha…..!!????

Truth is a some girls are deliberately wicked, haba…A guy asks you out on a date and you feel the best way to get on with it was to bring your whole family on the date as well?

You guys were too hungry and then decided to bring a min footie team for a 5-aside? I told my friend it was pure wickedness on the part of the girl and her crew.

I therefore asked him what he did eventually, he then tearfully told me he had to pay for all their meals, which was close to N40,000. Meanwhile he only just budgeted N10,000 for the date.

What life?

I was livid! Why did he have to spend such an amount of money? He wanted to impress the girl and her friends? He was boxed into a tight corner? Why did he not reach out to me earlier, so I can quickly advise him on what to do. I was so pained that I had no choice than to drop this.

The truth is any girl that brings her multitude of friends with her on a date does not really value the date. It means that you are not important to her. She just only wants to chop your money and scram.

Don’t believe it when she comes with the rich boys don’t complain about the numbers of girls on a date. A rich boy will not care about spending, bla bla bla. Date are meant to be sacred; an opportunity for self discovery, a chance to get to know yourselves. If your girl brings many friends on a date, then, she has to be punished!

Yes, read my lips, punished!

I am sure there are a lot of you guys that will face this situation soon. A lot of Naija girls won’t tell you they will be coming with their team of hungry friends. So, be prepared.

Hf you are lucky enough to be in the know, when you are about to have the date, the decision is yours to take. however if you are just slammed in the face with your girl and her friends at a date, then you need to consider these 5 ways to punish them.

1. Buy one Meat pie and share it between the 7 of you

Yes now, you can even collect a bottled water and share between their glasses as well. Since she has decided to bring her friends. She has lost all respect that you have for her.

Don’t be a dick…STUPID and start acting all lovey dovey. They are already using your head to play ping pong…It is time to use theirs as well.

When you are done sharing the bread of the LORD, take a picture of their embarrassed, stupid faces and post on social media. They got a piece of their own meal. Then, you are a sharp guy!

2. Buy all they want, even with takeaway and then just get up and leave

This sounds cliche right? But trust me, there is no better way to disgrace the girl and her friends. They came to eat, well, they also came to pay as well.

In most restaurants, eating is on a pay as you go basis right? So this may be a little difficult to achieve, but since the girls are about 6, you can ask them to place their order.

They should feel free and take what they want. You now stand up with the intention to use the toilet. Better still you can act like you just received a call and you are trying to get a better reception, then you DISAPPEAR! Exit immediately.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

3. Buy Water for them all and enjoy your date

What is the best way to make them look stoopid than to get them water. This is no longer a date but a conference. At conferences, heavy meals are not served, but water. This will put their heads in order and will make them realize this isn’t a food tasting session or a party. It is a ‘freaking date’.

4. Buy only your food and eat while they watch

This is crazy, yea? But it can be done. When they come right in, be as daring as you can. Get up, to buy your food. Take it to your table and begin to chat with their embarrased selves.

It takes a man who is confident in himself to pull this off, so if you aint confident guy, don’t even try. But if you really want to shame them, you can try this out.

Two things will happen; It is either they are too embarrassed to leave that they will converse with you or they will raise their head ‘in shame’ and use the door.

Either ways, you have achieved your objective. Your money is in your pocket! You are a winner!

5. Abort! Abort!! Abort!!!

If you can’t deal on any of the above. As soon as you see them around the corner. Switch off your phone and find the next available door out. Just look for a way to scram.

You can decide to call her later in the night (if you want to) and give a very reasonable excuse for not making the date ( this is if you still want a date with her).

It is better to spend your hard earned money on yourself than on some random girl who does not value how special a date is.

That’s my advice for you guys that will find yourselves in this situation soon. As a Lagos boy, I won’t carry last! NEVER!!

If there are other ways to make punish girls for coming on a date with their ‘football team’ friends, please add in the comment section below.

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  • Reply
    October 31, 2017 at 7:08 am

    Insightful…. I had a date with a crush. And she insisted her friend was close by, so she requested if I could allow her join us.

    That was how we became 3. It was still okay tho cos we were all happy along the way.

  • Reply
    July 5, 2018 at 9:06 am

    wickedness lol

    but this is a great a way to punish them. am a girl, and i am against this kind of attitude because i know how hard it is to get money

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