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100 New Month Prayer Quotes To Send

new month prayer quotes

New month prayer quotes to send to family and friends – Happy new month prayer quotes should not be far from you when the new month approaches. Apart from the fact that we are gradually entering into the new month of November, you should use a number of happy new month prayer quotes and new month wishes to welcome family and friends into the new month.

Are you on the lookout for the best collection of new month prayer quotes to share with people you love? This is just the right page for you. Happy new month.

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Happy new month prayer quotes for you

1. It always feel great to welcome the new month. Not that we are ready to get over the events of the last month, but because we are anticipating a new month with new opportunities. As we have started this new month together, may lines fall into amazing places for you. May you encounter the richness in the grace of God. Happy new month to you.

2. In this new month, prosperity will be yours. In this new month success will be yours. In this new month you will never lack. In this new month you will always receive more than you have asked for. In this new month, the joy of God will be your strength. Have a great new month filled with mindless possibilities. God is with you already. Happy new month to you.

3. New years, new months brings us to the awareness that change is the constant thing in life. The significance of change is what we can see and notice in the daily, monthly and yearly transitioning. You have been positioned to be great in this new month and greatness will be yours. So long you believe in the King of Kings, everything about you is sorted. Happy new month you. Keep shining.


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