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50 Great Friendship Messages for a New Friend

friendship messages

Friendship messages to those I care about

Those who care about us send good wishes to us. Some will send us messages through voice mail; some prefer to send it through text message. As we are always interested in making you guys enjoy your relationship through our text messages, we then make these quotes available for you on our website. You can explore as many as possible to send to your loved ones.

144. You care about me, I care about you and together we will always care about us for the rest of our life. You are a good friend and I am also your best friend. Let maintain this condition.

145. A friend like you is worth more than a billion dollars and whoever think you are not worth it should pray for sickness for himself.

146. We are friends, who are supposed to always be together. This is the main reason why I want you to be my best friend for the rest of my life.

147. If not for the fact that you are in my life, I wonder how this life will look for me. Thank God for the gift of a good friend.

148. Anyone who has you as friend has found a good treasure. You are so special that everything about you only gives me joy in my heart.

149. You are a darling, a grace in my life and wish you could understand that you have my heart with you as one of the best people in my life.

150. Everything in this world have an ending but I don’t want our friendship to end at all until death does us apart. I wish you a sweet weekend.

151. Great friend are always happy, so I am wishing you a sweet and precious day. May your day be affected with love and passion; I love you guys with all my heart.

152. I it is my pleasure to say a big thank you to my entire friends, I wish each one of you the most outstanding moments in this world.

153. Thank you all for everything you have done in my life, may your happiness never have a point of termination. Have one of the most gracious outings this weekend.

154. I wish you the best you can ever think about because you are my best friend. Thank you for been there when I was weak. I appreciate your effort.

155. May you find peace in your heart, may your happiness never be converted into trouble for you. Your destiny will be purified for you forever.

156. Thank you for the friendship love you show to me; you are the best person that I have ever seen in my life; may your door of success be opened for you anytime soon.

157. I have a good friend; this is a great joy in my life. I wish you the most impressive moments in this world. Have your way to greatness this week.

158. You are my happiness, and as such you should always have it in your mind that you are always in my heart always. I love you.

159. Friends like you are like the water of earth you bring joy and growth to anyone that accept your action in their life.

160. No matter what, I will always be there for you when you need me most. I will be yours forever because you are the best of every other friend in my life.

161. Without you, I have not seen a friend yet. I will always be here for you because you are simply the most important person in this world as a friend.

162. Best of friends, that’s how we are and that’s how we will always remain forever. I love you so much and this is my stand. Thank you.

163. Your heart is as wide as the widest ocean. I have always tried to pick a quarrel with you just to test the debt of your heart but never did I find that chance. I love you.

164. You are special, and as such we need to celebrate you more than you expected. Friends like you are like diamond, very hard to get.

165. Here we are today as a result of the tolerance we have for each other. We become so close because we find ourselves accepting each other.

166. We have been together in this hustle for long. We know how it roles, so our big lady is plus one today, join us to celebrate her new age.

167. Thank God for this special day of our life; you are the best friend in this world for me for I have seen your wishes in my life for me.

168. You think I am not happy having you as a friend? You have been the best friend in my life. Thank you for the courtesy you show to me. I wish you all the best.

169. We may have quarrel or fight several times, it does not change the way I see you because I know every relationship has to come with one or two misunderstanding. I love you.

170. Thank God that I have you as my best friend. Many things you achieved for me in this world which rendered me speechless because I still wonder if there is a person existing as you.

171. If you can come around so we can have some great time together in the football speech I will have been the happiest guy on earth today.

172. I have many friends, but you are the best of them. I love you so much that I don’t want anyone to come in between us. Have a great day.

173. Do you know why I cannot stop been your friend? You were with me when I was in serious agony. You never let me fail when I needed victory.

174. You have always been the champion who never leaves my side when I needed you most, so we are best of friends my greatest friend ever.

175. You taught me much wisdom in life one of which is the act of patience when others show attitudes towards me. Thank you for been a good mentor.

176. Wishing my good friend a precious time that will earn him lots of fortunes. I pray that your business grow beyond your anticipation.

177. There are many people in this world for us, those who are there to see us happy and those that are there just to pick offense in us, as for you are my number one well wisher.

178. I want to make sure that I send you a precious message this Sunday to serve as the gift I have for you to spend the weekend with.

179. Hello girlfriend, how you doing? Are you going to show up for today’s outing? I have fully prepared to enjoy myself with other friends on the basketball court today.

180. Whatever it is that you are doing, always remember that your thoughts never leave your heart. I respect you so much.

181. You are a good friend, a nice person that everyone should have as a friend only if they know. I wish you the most beautiful things on earth.

182. A friend like you is rare to find, you are special and the way I feel about you is more than you can think. I heart you so much.

183. Wishing you the most important person I have ever seen before. You are the loveliest of all my friend. May the Lord protect you wherever you may be.

184. Many rains have fallen, many storms has come and gone but your kindness towards me never change even a second. Thank God I have you as a friend.

185. Let’s go out and have some fun maybe this will keep you off the stress of the work days.

186. Better sleep than to not have you around. You are my source of fun. Your funny attitudes will sell more than a night of a thousand laughs.

187. I just want to say have a wonderful day ahead. You are simply the most interesting person in my life; may you find endless peace in your heart.

188. Thank you for the peace you brought into my life since the day God sent you to me. I will actually miss you.

189. You and I are one. No one can separate us because our friendship is divine. We will always work together to have the best of funs.

190. Thank God for everything you have done in my life as a friend. It is more impressive to be with you than to go out to eat some chocolates.

191. You are a creamy friend, if you allow me to apply you on my bread, I will rub your entire body on it and then eat you along.

192. Good friends are always happy with each other. They feel the atmosphere in the same way and make things happen together.

193. I have always told everyone about you that you are one special friend I cannot do without. No matter how sad I am, once you are around I smile and laugh.

194. I used to refer to you as a painkiller. It is true, because your charisma tells it all. I wish you all the best now and forever.

195. Having a cool friend like you is a great achievement. Been there for me when I need you most is one outstanding action I won’t forget in my life.

196. Every good relationship is built with love and caring; I care for you and I cherish you so much. Have one of the loveliest times ever.

197. I wish to be with you right away so that the pitch will recognize the best foot ever. You are simply the best friend ever in my life.

198. I can spend the rest of my life with a good friend who is really interest in my progress. You are one of such and I wish you the best.

199. I am so lucky to have you as a comrade in my life; I wish you all the best in this world. You are the best friend in my life.

200. I am so concern about your job, so don’t worry for I will try all my best to make sure that you secure it as soon as possible.

201. Your friendship is so valuable to me. I hope you have one of the best moments in life; may your days be filled with endless joy.

202. Thank you for the entire sacrifice you took to make me happy. Thank you for the excellent characters you possess as a sign of the true love you have for me as your friend.

203. A heart with sincerity is hard to find this day; this is what baffles me most whenever I see you. Is there an angel on earth? That’s what I ask on my mind.

Friendship message to those I care about — Goodnight messages for best friend

204. Best of friends are always special especially in the night; they become shining stars smiling at each other. Goodnight my good friend.

205. Good to hear from my awesome friend. This night, I will be sending you lots of hugs, comfort, and sweet dreams. Goodnight.

206. Goodnight to the most precious friend in the world. I wish you all the best in this precious moment; have a peaceful night my dear friend.

207. Nights are meant for each other as supporters as well-wishers. This night, I am wishing you a gracious night with lots of peaceful dreams.

208. Thank God is night again, though I will miss your face and the funny jokes you crack in the morning. Just know that and prepare better jokes tomorrow.

209. Have a great night, never sleep on the side of your neck. Pray before you sleep, don’t forget to on the security light. Have a nice sleep.

210. I wish you an awesome night with lots of chocolate to remind you of the moments we spent together today. Goodnight friend.

211. I wish you maximum protection this night. May the Lord protect you against all evils and make you shine better than the sunset.

212 Have one of the most interesting times in this world. I beseech the Lord to bless you with a night full of joy and passion.

213. It is a great feeling to have your night rest in a peaceful environment. No mosquitoes, no bedbugs or whatever. I wish you an unspeakable night.

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