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50 Great Friendship Messages for a New Friend

friendship messages

Got a new friend? Share these great friendship messages to show that you are very much into the new friendship. You should know by now that friends appreciate thoughtful messages. Messages that come from deep within the heart.

Sometimes, our friends become our love partners, especially when they are the opposite sex. You never can truly underestimate the value of friendship until you put your all into it. Friendship can lead to trust, companionship and even love. You are aware of this by the way!

Check through these amazing great friendship messages I have for you, relive the memory and share as much as you love to those friends or that one friend that you really care about.

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20 Good Friendship messages for a new friend

Who would want to send friendship messages if they are not good? That’s why you need to check out these good friendship messages lined up for you. Thank me later!

1. You are my great friend, you mean the world to me. For this, I will try as much as possible to bring value to the table. I would not want to lose you for anything in the world, because I now realize how truly special and important you are. Thank you for being my best new friend.

2. I will never underestimate the power of friendship. I will never underestimate your power in my life. I will never give up on you and our friendship because you are one great person that God has sent my way. Thanks for being my friend.

3. You cannot keep your friendly feelings within yourself. You will always want to share it out with people. You can’t also just share your friendly feelings that just anybody, there is the need to search carefully for that great friend to share unique friendship with. You are that great friend and I will continue to appreciate our friendship forever. I appreciate you a lot.

4. A good friend remembers you even when you forget him/or her. You have done this many times in the course of our new found friendship and I will appreciate you for this. I pray that God opens mighty doors for you this season and you will remain happy anywhere you find yourself.

5. Whenever I miss you, I just stare at the last picture we took together and those friendly feelings come rushing down to me again. You are a true and great friend and you deserve the best of my friendship. I appreciate you a lot. Thanks for being my new friend.

6. My prayer to God is to keep our friendship together forever. I pray to him to also help me protect you so that forever will be an everyday worthy mention in our lives. I respect you and value our friendship. You are a great friend.

7. You are like mornings because you are my friend. I know that you can’t stay with me every minute of the day, but I am sure you will provide the required moral support anywhere you are to keep me through the day.

8. We have bonded in such an amazing way. I thought it was going to take long for our eternal bond to be released by God but he sure released it on time. You are so wonderful and special and you are the best new thing that has happened to me. I love you, friend.

9. God has given us the opportunity to use 86,400 seconds per day. I want to use this second right now to thank you for being such a wonderful friend. I pray we never have any cause to stop this friendship. Amen.

10. God has sent you into my life for a reason. That I don’t know yet, but the way we have settled with each other and become one as if we had known each other for a long time is amazing. God has something in mind by bringing you to me, and that is this friendship that we have right now.

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11. Thank you for being my friend. I can say this every minute of the day to show you how much I love to be your friend. Thanks for saving me from the bane of loneliness.

12. If we fight anytime soon, I pray that it will not degenerate to the point that we won’t be able to make up and get back together. I love you too much to lose you my friend. Thanks for being such an amazing and special friend.

13. I feel so proud of myself because I put myself up to meet someone as amazing as you. You are a great person and I am truly lucky to come in touch with someone so unique and different as you. Thanks for giving my life a meaning. Thanks for helping me through life phases.

14. The best kind of friend is the one you can sit and share lots of secrets with. You are my best kind of friend because I am able to tell you so many things and you are ready to accept me for who I am. You are a friend with a difference. Thank you for coming into my life.

15. Meeting you was ordained by God. People will say it was a coincidence but I will say it was our written destiny to meet the way we met. We have been together like brothers and you have shown me true blood in friendship. I will continue to value you every single day.

16. When I needed a good friend, you came into my life and became a great friend. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend. Thank you for everything.

17. I pray that I will never have any reason to do anything that will make you regret this friendship. I love you always.

18. Our friendship gave me life, joy and hope that I will not die lonely. Thank you for everything.

19. Our friendship is the definition of destiny! We were destined to be friends because God had already signed the friendship agreement.

20. Thank you for making me whole. Thank you for being the best thing to ever happen to me this year!

21. The foundation and main essence of friendship are to be there for each other when you trip and fall while best friends are there to laugh and make a jest of you.

22. Nothing beats the feeling of having someone who truly appreciates you in the smallest of deeds, has your back in times of trouble, tries to console you when you are down, be there for you no matter the situation. They are simply people who are happy for having you in their lives.

23. When you find out a friend is in trouble or simply having a hard time, asking is not the best thing to do as it might annoy them, look for the best possible ways to cheer them up and walk them through the issue because that’s what friends do.

25. At every junction of my life, you have always been right by my side, dear friend, thank you for all the love and support. Your friendship is what lights my world.

25. The older we grow, the more the reality about friends set in that it is not really about how many you have but the fraction of the many that are willing to stand up for you.

26. No matter how far back you have to dig, friends who you have had memories with are always friends. Deep down your heart, there is always a piece of your profound friendship inside your heart.

27. Friendship is not always about finding the right person that you get along with in the first instance, it is about creating the right relation. The care, in the beginning, does not count that much, what counts is, how much you care till the end.

28. The people that are always there for you are your true friends, the ones that show up when they only need something from you are your fake friends.

29. Real friends never part, they just do not leave each other. They sometimes give a silent stare reaching out to your heart that they are right around the corner when you need them.

30. A true friend never gets pissed when you simply forgot, he understands the need to wait when you are not ready, he stays around even when you want him to leave you alone and he opens the door wide for you before you finish knocking.

Great Friendship messages for the one person you care about

31. Friends can be likened to mornings, you are not guaranteed of having them all day long but you can rest assured they will be there when you wake up the next day, the next week, the next month, the next year, the next decade, the next century and forever.

32. A true friend is the only friend who listens to your same old boring story and drama over and over again without ever asking you to shut your mouth.

33. True bonding is never measured by the time spent together neither is it measured by the number of favors done and returned but by the chills you get down your spine when you realize you deeply care for each other.

34. I just want to use a few seconds out of the cherished 86,400 that nature has endowed us with to thank you for presenting me the gift of knowing a friend like you.

35. The unseen bridge between you and I is friendship in its entirety. When you are lonely and sad, cross it and I will be there waiting on the other side forever. If you are afraid, I will do the crossing just to be with you.

36. Friends in an alternate universe are like shoes, some are just too big, others just too tight and some fit perfectly. Shoes also help in your walk through life, thanks for being my perfect fit.

37. Good friends help in the search of important things you have lost, they help with your smile, raise your hope and give you courage.

38. Our friendship made has turned me into a better man, I need you like a flower needs sunshine to flourish. Thank you for everything.

39. Losing stuff and finding them back days later has always been my thing, but there is that one thing I can not afford to lose as it is unlikely I will get it back, and that is YOU. Will you please be my friend forever in this life and the next.

40. I got to understand crystal clear what friendship is the day you held my hands in yours. Thank you for being the friend that wipes away my silent tears and helping me drive away from my unseen fears. Thanks for not trying to change me and accepting me for who I am despite my imperfections.

41. The goal of friendship is not to have a certain number of friends, the goal, however, is to have friends you can be certain of at all times.

42. The contrast when it comes to emotion is the mystery between love and like. You do not need a reason to love someone because love itself is magical but you do need one to like someone. You do not develop strong mutual feelings because you want to, you do because you are destined to.

43. Friendship is a promise made in the depth of hearts, unchangeable by time and unbreakable by distance.

44. Friendship is never a subject taught in the four walls of a classroom but you have not really passed through school if you are yet to know the true meaning of friendship.

45. The gift of friendship is indeed a very rare one. Best friends are like your shadow and life tape recorder as they are the ones with whom we share our every emotion, innermost feelings and every other thought that crosses our mind. Thank you for being a friend that understands my silence as well as my words, one who lifts me up and never lets me down. I am indeed lucky to have found a friend like you.

46. In this world where sheer uncertainty is the order of the day, only one thing is certain, you will always and forever be my friend. Beyond the times, the distance and what words can describe, we will always be there for each other.

47. Friendship is a gift that all the money in this world can not buy. If people are not rooted for you, nothing can make them change their minds. If they do change it for pressure and financial gains, it is only temporary. True friendship is a gift only the fortunate are honored to have. I am such a lucky person to have been your friend.

48. I know deep within me that I am a strong person but every once in a while, I do need someone to hold my hands, squeeze it and tell it to my face that everything will definitely be alright.

49. Being friends with you brought out the best in me, it made me jovial and do all the crazy things I would not want people I am capable of, all of these only happen when I am around you, thank you from breathing life into the childish me.

50. The first wireless ever invented is not the telephone, it has been FRIENDSHIP all these while because it directly connects one heart to the other regardless of distance.

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51. Friendship is inexplicably interesting when it is newly forged but way sweeter than honey when it is true, but, guess what, the feeling is comparable to none when it is you.

52. The best place to find your lost hope when it seems life has beaten you down is in the friendships you have forged over the years. A friend is a person you go to when you are stuck, stranded and you have no one else to go to, he will always be there with open arms waiting to receive you. A friend is a truly precious gem and I am happy to have found my rare gem in you.

53. Time might have no tangible plans in stock for me, my faith may fail me and break into shambles but I will always be grateful for coming across you in my life’s sojourn.

54. Life with its many chapters is like a novel whose several chapters you read and forget. In my life’s story, there is only a chapter which I will take to the grave with me and that chapter is the phase where you and I became friends.

55. The collection of hearts is not what true friendship is all about, true friendship is all about the careful selection of hearts simply because only a few friends are true and that includes you, as a matter of fact, you are number one on my priority list.

56. A genie star dropped from the heavens just yesternight, it gave me a choice of choosing between a million dollars and having a good lifelong friend, I chose to have the million dollars transferred to my account because I already have you, a friend that will be there for a lifetime.

57. Thank you for your presence in my life, there is an unexplainable comfort in knowing that you care. The inspiration that you radiate, the unending kindness and love that you display affectionately.

58. A new circle of friends can be arranged in just a single night, but, old friends are simply the best because they are like old footwears that fit our feet just right.

59. The friendship values you have imbibed in me has kept our relationship going and waxing stronger and having you from the haters camp over to the friends camp has brightened up my life more than a halogen bulb can light up a dark room. Thank you for being there for me.

60. Friendship, according to old-time friends is far from having an agreement, it is all about understanding and the willingness to make a compromise that will suit both parties. It translates to forgiving and not forgetting so that you can look back and laugh over it years later, it means the memories you hold dearly and close to your heart even though you have not been in touch for ages.

61. You were a total stranger to me, someone I never expected I will get along with because I see you as crazy but here we are, you have made me seen what friendship is all about through your eyes and you have touched my heart better than anyone can. Thank you for being my best friend.

62. I am probably yet to know how you think, reason, picture things, how you act and keep things in place, but, these things are not enough to keep me away from you because the sole reason I am here is to get to know you better so that we can get along well enough.

63. I am praying an end never comes to our relationship just like two straight lines, even if there will be an end to it I want the end to come in the age when you can spot an apple fruit on an orange tree on the 35th of December.

64. Food is the best fit for an empty stomach, knowledge is what an empty brain needs, a family is what an empty house needs, all an empty heart needs is love. Thank you for filling in as a friend in my empty life.

65. God’s mind is a mystery but I decided there is a reason everyone in my life right now is there and not leaving anytime soon. Whatever God’s plan was when he brought your path and mine together does not give me much of a concern, I am grateful enough for just making our paths cross.

66. I am not the kind of person cut out for regrets about things I did wrong and the ones I had a shot at and I did not shoot my shot, my happiness will always lie in the fact that somewhere along my mistake making spree I ended up being friends with you.

67. We may at some point in the future separate, go our different ways in search of greener pastures or other reasons that might take us apart. Things that might trigger our interest can be different, our belief might also be different but, as long as we remain friends, we will get along and be brothers forever.

68. Been a friend with you is a great joy in the heart. It gives me calmness and I am happy for having you in my life.

69. Since the day I became your friend, have learned a lot. You are indeed a very good friend and I will always thank God for meeting you in life.

70. You are very lovely, funning and at the same time wonderful. I really miss you my dear friend. You are special.

Friendship messages for you to send now

We are supposed to extend the love of friendship with each other because it is very important to do so. It keeps the friendship stronger and more fundamental. If you look at most successful people, you will realize that in one way or the other maintain a good relationship with the other people around them. This is exactly what we are expected to do in a friendship relation; caring, loving, sympathizing, helping, reach out to each other and then guarding each other’s lives and properties. Today, we are writing on friendship messages, so we urge that you pick the multiple choices and then send to your good friends.

71. A special friend like you is worth been loved with all my heart because I realized how much you can sacrifice lots of things for me.

72. You are indeed my good friend, thank you for ever been the best of friends ever. I will always appreciate you for everything in this world.

73. You are a loving person and things have been so special between you and me; thank you for your good heart.

74. You are the most beloved person I have ever come across in life; starting from your righteous down to the caring heart you possess.

75. A friend like you is rare and this is the reason why I will always love you for the rest of my life. I really miss you.

76. You came into my life and then change everything; you influence me with a good attitude and then I am elevated. Thank you for being a good friend.

77. I will never be able to replace you with anyone in my heart because, since the day I met you, I have not seen a friend better than you.

78. You are cool, special and interesting. Anytime I am around you, my heart is calm because I know that day will be interesting.

79. Wishing you a precious time. I know you will be stressed up now but still need to reach out to you. What a good friend.

80. Wishing you the most beautiful things in the world, a special friend like you does not exist anywhere on this earth.

Friendship messages you should think about

81. I have searched almost everywhere on this earth to see a face like yours but couldn’t find any. Thank God for having you in my life.

82. Just a few days I knew about you, everything has become easy for me; I am now happy with my life than ever. Thank you for everything in my life.

83. A special person like you is very rare to see in this world. I wish you the most precious moment in this world.

84. I will always love you as a friend for the rest of my life; I will never forget you because you are really a good fellow.

85. Wishing you the brightest moment as my friend. Every single time we spent together is a love thing to talk about.

86. You are a great mind and I love it whenever I see you around me; I love the way we read together.

87. I may not make it to your place today but still I have your matter in my heart; I pray for you every second of my life.

Friendship messages – missing a friend

88. I am missing one of the most important person in my life, I will always do because a moment with you is worth a million dollars.

89. You are a great person and for this reason, I become so lonely, dull and sad because you are far away from me. I miss you.

90. I miss this dude, especially from my heart; I really will miss you beyond your expectations. Thank you for being there.

91. Have this wonderful period as a benefit of the love we share with each other; although I have been having a dull moment since the day you left.

92. Have this gracious time wherever you may be; and remember that somewhere, somehow around the world, someone is missing you.

93. Why won’t I miss an awesome friend like you? You are special and the kind of love I have for you is special because you are my good friend.

94. May your happiness continue to grow beyond your expectation, may you find peace of mind wherever you are around the world; I really miss you my good friend.

95. It is my pleasure to send this wonderful message to you because your thoughts never cease to roam in my heart. I miss you my blessed friend.

96. With you, I feel like the world is an amusement park. It is a special feeling to have a precious friend like you. Thank you for always hanging in there for me.

97. I just want to make sure that everything is well with you. Long time. I love the fact that you are my friend and I miss you so much.

98. Until we meet again, we shall live together as best of friends. We shall not sad again because then we will not have a course to separate us again.

99. Anytime I remember those time we spent together, I realize that I have really missed a genius. I miss your words of wisdom.

100. Have one of the loveliest times ever; I just want to be with you for the rest of my life as a precious friend.

101. Even now that you are far away from me, I miss you more and more. I miss your great songs and the way we praise God together.

102. Wishing you a special time in this golden moment of your life; I just want you to know that I really miss you.

103. Thank you for the love you share with me; I have never seen a friend as simple as you are. I will always tell this to everyone I come across in life.

104. Have one of the most precious journeys ever, I really miss you and I will never lie about this fact, you are really a wonderful friend.

105. I thought I could cope until you finally left for the course of your study; now I am always dull because a wonderful friend like you is no more around me.

106. I wish I can just find a way to get back to you as soon as possible; I would have done so without any hesitation. I miss you.

107. I wish you all the best and want to let you know that you have really made me sad by your absence. Please come back soon.

Friendship messages to thank a friend

108. I want to thank you for everything you have done in my life; I want to thank you forever been there for me when I need you most.

109. You are special, I love you beyond the sky and I will always do because you are such an interesting person. Thank you.

110. I was weak and then suddenly, you came into my world and changed everything. I will always respect for the rest of my life. Thank you.

107. Thank you for the other day, if not for your effort, only God can tell where I will find myself today. You are an awesome friend.

108. I just want my friend to know that he is special and I will always let you know this, because you really are worth it.

109. May your days be crowned with success and prosperity; I just want to thank you for your help in my life.

110. With around me, I was able to achieve many things I never believe I could achieve. Thank you so much my precious friend.

111. I will always wish you all the best now and forever. I will always keep thanking you for the wonderful things you did in my life.

112. The first day I met you, I had a wrong impression about you and then came to realize that first impression does not really matter, what matters most is closeness.

113. You are indeed, a special friend and that’s the reason why I will always be happy that I have someone like you in this world. Thank you my best friend.

114. It is rare to find someone to do something special in a man’s life the way you did for me. In deeds, you are a friend indeed.

115. A friend in need is a friend in deeds. Thank you so much, I really appreciate you for the assistance you rendered to my daughter.

116. You are a precious friend, and any who has you in his life should thank God because you are a blessed gift to humanity.

117. You have always been a wonderful friend in my life; thank you for everything. I can’t pay you back your good deeds.

118. I am so speechless because I never believe that a lovely friend like you still exists on earth. In fact, you are special on this earth.

119. I will always thank you, and this is because you are special and I love you beyond the sky as a friend. Thank you.

120. Every single moment I remember you, I am so pleased in my heart and wish I can always have you as a friend in any world I find myself. Thank you.

121. I will always wish you the best in life because a friend like you to me is not longer possible. Thank you for everything.

122. I will always appreciate you my blessed friend. You may not know why I will always thank you but just note this.

123. We are friends today; I pray that we continue till death does us apart. I just want to thank you for been there for me always.

Friendship messages congratulations

124. Congratulations my dear friend, I just want to extend my friendship gratitude towards you. I wish you all the best.

125. I pray that the Lord protect you beyond your expectation, I ask the Lord to uplift you better than you think; congratulations on your wedding day.

126. We have always been good friends; I pray that this continues till eternity. I just want to say a big congrats to you.

127. Thank you for the achievement, I really love that about you and less I forget, congratulations on your naming ceremony.

128. Wishing you the most beneficial things in the world. I love everything about you and I will like to say congrats on your graduation.

129. You have come this far in the world, thank God for everything; I will always be happy whenever I see you because you are indeed a great friend. Congratulations.

130. Wishing you all the best as you finally made it to the end of the course. I wish you a blessed life ahead. Congrats.

131. I just want to say an awesome congrats to my beloved friend, wishing him the most beneficial moment in the world.

132. You are good and it is my pleasure to meet you in this lifetime; as you are married today, I wish you all the fruits of marriage.

133 Wishing you the most beautiful things in the world. I love you and will always do for the rest of my life because you are a good friend. Congratulations on your course.

Friendship Messages on birthday

134. Happy birthday to the most beautiful friend the eyes have ever seen, I wish you all the best now and forever.

135. As you celebrate a new chapter of your life, may you find peace and harmony in your home, now and forever.

136. Wishing you the most interesting birthday in the world, I hope you have reserved my cake? I just want to say happy birthday.

137. May you find it easy to excel now and every other time in your life; as you celebrate a new age so shall you be promoted to be celebrated.

138. This year, you shall receive double promotion; childbirth and promotion in livelihood capacity; congratulations on your birthday.

139. I have a friend which I can’t share with anyone and you are the friend. Thank you for been there for me. I love you.

140. You are one of the best people I have ever come across in this world; in fact you are the most outstanding one of them in caring and character.

141. I just want to say, happy birthday to a special friend, may your happiness never have limits. Thank you my beloved friend.

142. You are plus one today, I pray that today marks the beginning of your endless success now and forever. Happy birthday.

143. I am fantastically pleased to wish you a flamboyant happy birthday today marking a special moment in your life.

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