Prayer to start the work week – Staring the work week already? Here are the prayers you need to start your work week. Do not be scared of the week. God is with you already.

Prayer to start the work week

Morning prayer before work

Dear Lord, You know all of me belongs to you. I give you all of me today, please take away the weary part of me and give me strength. Please help me with the inspiration I need to be better and stronger for my work. Guide me through the week. Help me to find new ways to attack the stress and pressure that comes with my daily activities. Let my mind be focused and clear on the goals I need to meet and things that I need to deliver. Bless me with the wisdom to climb over all difficulties. Amen.

Prayer of thanksgiving for a new week

Dear God, thank you for making me alive today. For my family, friends, colleagues and the work I am going to now, I say thanks. Please help me to stay smart, focused and intelligent to deal with the daily work. Please help me to constantly remind myself that whenever I run into troubles, you are always there to listen to me.  Help me to have a great week oh God. Amen.

A prayer to deal with the week stress

Dear God, this stress will be too much this week but I am trusting you for strength to deal with the stress. Help me lay my fears and burden on you. Give me the grace to surmount all challenges and sustain me at all times. Help me to stay honest and righteous oh Lord. Amen.

Prayer of proclamation

I proclaim that this week will be a great week for me and my family. No evil shall befall anyone of us. Amen.







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