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50 Happy Labour Day Messages and Wishes to Loved Ones

happy labour day messages

I will never miss the labour day celebration. Happy labour day people. Where and how are you celebrating the labour day? You need happy labour day messages to share with family, friends and colleagues? Then you are just on the right post!

This is the time rise and shine for all the workers everywhere in the world. From the labour day USA, to labour day Germany, labour day Nigeria, send your happy labour day messages and wishes to people that you love. Workers are the heroes of every nation and the base through which all nations thrive economically. Treat your workers right and expect economic bouyancy, treat them wrong, and you know what the case is?

Your guess is as good as mine.

Just the way the rain blessed the crops in the soil, so are the workers to ever country. We all have to admire, celebrate and felicitate with workers of our countries with the happy labour day messages, SMS, texts and wishes.

As much as you celebrate every worker out there, you are also celebrating yourself because you are also a worker contributing to the economy of the nation. I have created 50 happy labour day messages for you to wish all your worker friends a happy labour day.

What are you doing now? You want to check it out? I be you would!

25 happy labour day messages to your friends

You will love these collection of happy labour day messages, trust me.

1 The labour day is just not to celebrate all workers but it is to renew the spirit of creativity and to propel all workers to do more than they can do to push the nation forward. I wish you a happy labour day today.

2 Labour day is the day where all the dignity of labour and the natural law of human creativity is celebrated. Happy labour day to you and everyone around you.

3 A worker is seen as someone who creates and as such he/ she remain valuable to a country. You are indeed a valuable asset. Happy labour day.

4 True freedom and liberty is what you get when you work really hard. Work hard to ball hard. Happy labour day to you.

5 Today we celebrate all workers all over the world, we celebrate you because without you nations will never be existing, we celebrate you because without you nations will not be able to grow. Happy labour day.

6 Mount the banner that celebrate all workers. Lift your hands of toil to the sky and dance in celebration. For it is your day, and you deserve all the praises that you get. Happy labour day to you and yours.

7 You deserve all the crowns of excellence that you get today, because you are knights of all nations. Happy labour day to you! We love you.

8 The journey of labour is fraught with a lot of pains. Only the one that is filled with hardwork is celebrated. You are celebrated today because you have worked so hard throughout the year. Happy labour day to you.

9 An able bodies man who does nothing will forever be a slave to idleness. Labour births dignity in all men. You are man filled with dignity. Happy labour day to you.

10 I salute you on this special day of yours. I congratulate you for helping us in building this great nation. Happy labour day to you today.

11 There is dignity in labour and we all need to respect that. Happy labour day.

12 Stand up for every worker who has made our country great again. Happy labour day to us all.

13 May the sun in this beautiful and new labour day add all the brightness to your life and your future. Happy labour day to you.

14 Welcome dear labour day. We are happy and glad to have you here. We celebrate you just as we celebrate our workers. Welcome labour day.

15 The greatest way to make sure you enjoy your day is when you realize that you have worked so hard and so deserve a full day rest on a day dedicated to you and for you. Happy labour day to you and your family.

16 Thank God on this labour day for the blessings that you have bestowed on us. We pray that you give us the strength to continue to work as hard as we want to. We pray that you grant everyone seeking for employment and that you protct everyone who work day in day out. Thank you lord and happy labour day to everyone.

17 Happy labour day, you truly deserve a restful day.

18 Remember to always put God in charge whenever you step out to work so that he can help you through the work filled day. Happy labour day.

19 Wishing you a special labour day which as as special as you are to me.

20 May you have a beautiful labour day. You are that one person who works hard everyday and you make a great effort in putting bread on the table. You deserve to be celebrated today. Have a happy labour day.

21 I dedicate today to all the workers; formal or informal who have worked hard through the year and are still alive to witness another labour day. I pray that God will continue to give you the dedication and zeal to better your lot as you work hard in this nation. Happy labour day.

22 Congratulations on this beautiful labour day my good friend. You are just that one person who works hard daily to cater for the welfare of your family. have a wonderful labour day.

23 Labour day is a day set aside to celebrate every man and woman who has toiled all year round. I pray that you have a great day ahead. Happy labour day.

24 I am sending my congratulations to you my friend on this amazing day. It is a day fully deserved and so we need to celebrate as one. Happy labour day.

25 On this special day, I am sending my warm greetings to you, as you work hard everyday with a lot of passion and dedication. Have a nice day and happy labour day to you.

20 happy labour day wishes

26 I hope that all your hard work is recognized on this labour day and your boss make you feel valued and special. Happy labour day to you. Have fun!

27 For all the efforts you have put in your work to make everything better, I wish you a happy labour day. May God be with you.

28 I appreciate the shift you have put in over the past years. Happy labour day.

29 I appreciate all your hard work in the last one year. Have a great holiday. Happy labour day to you!

30 I appreciate your dedication and commitment to your work in the last one year. Happy labour day.

31 You are a very productive worker and for this I appreciate you on this special day. happy labour day to you.

32 On this labour day, I am taking my time wish all our workers a great day ahead, You are very important to our country. I hope you have an amazing day ahead. Happy labour day.

33 Be proud of your work/ vocation. Appreciate what you do even if no one appreciate you. Happy labour day my friend.

34 I pray that when the time comes, you will enjoy the fruits of your labour. Happy labour day dear. Have fun with it.

35 This is one annual event that is as important as any other events in our lives. Happy labour day.

36 It is time to relax with family and friends. Happy labour day.

37 I know how hard you work all through the year and I pray this holiday provides the perfect opportunity for you to relax with family and friends. Happy labour day.

38 I am sending my best regards for the beautiful shift you have out in to get to where you are today.  Have a blissful and enjoyable labour day.

39 Just as summer leaves us, you truly deserve to relax and enjoy the day off. Have a great labour day.

40 From one deak to another, from one engagement to another, the shift you have put in is what drives our nation’s economy. I appreciate you today, happy labour day.

41 Relax and have fun. Walk around and enjoy as much as you can. It’s your day so you have to live it. Happy labor day.

42 The amazing holiday known as the labor day is here. Have a happy labor day and enjoy yourself.

43 Let us come together to celebrate the labour day. We sure deserve this special day don’t we?  We have toiled so hard and deserve to rest. Happy labour day to us all.

44 I dedicate today to you for all your hardwork. Happy labour day.

45 Success arrives on the door of those who strive and work pretty hard. I am indeed grateful and lucky to have a hardworking worker as a friend. I love your passion and commitment to your work and this is shown in how successful you are right now. Happy labour day dear, enjoy the day.

Happy Labor Day to my colleagues

46. Hello friends, I really miss you guys, I miss our discussions, arguments, skills we share together and every other wonderful thing we have in common.

47. You guys are the best colleagues in the world; there is none that can be better than you in terms of a job well done.

48. I have learned a lot from you since the day I started working with you people. I love you all for the impact on my life.

49. Happy Labor Day to my amiable colleagues, you are the most interesting people around this world.

50. Enjoy your holiday with your family, they really need you, you are the special colleagues that I am proud of.

51. Wishing every one of you a belated celebration of this holiday, congratulations on finding another time to spend with your family.

52. If you guys are not in this world, who will feed us, you are in all aspect of life making it livable for everyone. Happy Labor Day.

53. Work is a great benefit for the well being of any nation, laborers are the key men of any economy, and you guys are just too fantastic.

54. If there are any other colleagues better than you in this life, they must be angels of God. I wish you all the best that this holiday can bring.

55. Happy Labor Day, if you have colleagues that are ready to sacrifice everything just to make you happy, you are the luckiest.

56. Colleagues are those who share common labor in other to reach a common goal in life. Have a wonderful Labor Day.

57. The best way to make people happy to me is to associate them with wonderful people. Give them comfort by giving them, awesome colleagues. Happy Labor Day.

58. Happy Labor Day to my wonderful co-workers, your impact is worth celebrating and I am sure I will miss you people on these few days.

59. I just have to be happy whether I like it or not but I must confess that I am so used to you people that I don’t even a second to separate us. Happy Labor Day.

60. The growth of an organization is as the result of the collective effort of each individual in the organization. Happy Labor Day.

61. If we work together with understand and tolerance, love for each other, believe in me, our country will be better someday. Happy Labor Day.

62. Your impact in an organization really matters; it can handle a particular aspect that can grow the organization for the benefit of everyone.

63. Our working together is a wonderful thing that should be celebrated with love and passion for the job we do together.

64. There is no work without a team, there is no joy without a starter, we are living together as a family, working together as a colleague and it is the secret of our success.

65. Everyone is at home but I miss you all. I can’t wait for the holiday to end so that I can see the face of the amazing people in the world again.

Happy Labor Day to my friends

66. Wishing all my friends a day with lots of fun. You know what? A day spent with the family worth more than the 30 days of hustle for money. Our family needs us to Labor Day has just granted you the chance.

67. Our friends, our strength, we are created for each other. We are for each other’s well being. Today is Labor Day, let us show love to each other and celebrate it with our family.

68. One of the important virtues in this world is to remember your friends always. Let them know that they are special to you. Wish them happy Labor Day to remind them of the love you have for them.

69. Friends are our wings, we need them to fly higher in life, they are the reason why we are always happy because they are there to wipe away our sorrows and tell us to work on our weakness.

70. Happy Labor Day to my wonderful friends, they are cuter than you can describe, their impact in my life is fantastic and I love them all.

71. I wish myself and colleagues one of the most interesting holidays celebrated yearly, wishing them all the best.

72. You are special, you are precious, I love you all because you are the best I can always lean upon when my wings are broken and cannot fly again.

73. Wishing my wonderful friends all the best. When you need to move up in life, just associate yourself with my friends I am sure you will reach your goals. Happy Labor Day.

74. Thank God you are not jobless; you are set of wonderful people. Great friends with great ideas, I love you all. Have a wonderful Labor Day.

75. What is friendship if not to make each other happy? What is friendship; if not to let each other benefit from what is good? I have seen my friends and they also have accepted me. Happy Labor Day.

76. I am over excited today because I have the opportunity to reach my friends, and love them better than they are. Happy Labor Day to all my wonderful friends.

77. No one can be more precious than you people in my life, you are the treasures that are rare, you are the lovely people this world has ever produced. Happy Labor Day my wonderful friends. I wish you all the best.

78. Thank you for your support as friends, I notice your entire love in our life, you are the best among the best. Your association brings love and passion to the world.

79. I just want to be happy all my life and it is the reason why I decided to associate myself with you people. Sometimes if you want to learn sincerity, you need to walk with men of integrity. Happy Labor Day.

80. I just want to say happy Labor Day to wonderful people in this world, you guys are specially made for the benefit of this world, and your superb nature baffles me. Happy Labor Day to the best friends ever.

81. If you need a friend, look inwardly, you will see the best qualities ever, grab him and find a solution to your need. Happy Labor Day.

82. Since the day I met you, I have not witnessed a day without love, laughter, and happiness. This is the reason why I want to appreciate you with my messages on this holiday.

83. Good morning dearest friends, I wish you double progress on this Labor Day, your holiday and free relaxation with family.

84. You are wonderful, pearl, my happiness and the most beautiful people in terms of character and support for humanity. Happy Labor day to great men of honor.

85. I wish you a belated Labor Day, keep smiling until people ask of the reason behind your joy. Yes, I was not wrong when I selected you guys as my friends.

Happy Labor Day to my younger brother

86. Happy holiday brother, I miss you so much. Remember those days I carry you on my back to the stadium, so respect me for that.

87. I smile whenever I remember the day my kid brother finally got his first job, I love you so much, have a wonderful day ahead.

88. I wish my amiable brother happy Labor Day, may your job benefit you, may you fly at the end of your jobs every year.

89. I ask the Lord to bless you with abundant joy, success, prosperity and complete happiness as you enjoy your holiday.

90. Wishing you the best on this wonderful day of your life, it is worth celebrating because you are part of the best I have ever seen.

91. Have a wonderful day ahead, may your new home favor you and less I forget, today is Labor Day, may the holiday brings more smile to your home.

92. Congratulations on this wonderful day, it is my pleasure to have you in this world, you are my best friend and an affable younger brother.

93. Laborers are the best people in the world because they bring food to our table. The government cannot do without you.

94. Put a smile on your face and enjoy this feast with your new wife. You are my lovely brother, my pet and the best.

95. I prefer you to every other brother in this world, whether young or old, poor or rich, you are just the best I have. Happy Labor Day.

96. I know you are now a man, but still, you will always remain my kid brother. See your big head. Just greet your wife and children for me. Happy Labor Day.

97. You are a prince worthy of being loved and adored. You mean much to this family and we cannot deny this amazing fact. Happy Labor Day.

98. I just want to wish you all the best in this world; you are a fantastic, nice, beautiful gift to the family. We love you all and wish you a happy Labor Day.

99. Since the day you were I had this personal belief that you will be happy all your life, when you stood up to fulfill my dream for you, I was happier. Happy Labor Day.

100. Everyone understands your effort in this world. You are a blessing that cannot be taken for granted. I love you.

101. I just want to see you happy forever. You are always on my mind, in my prayers. May the Lord protect you this day and cause you to enjoy this holiday.

102. Wishing you a blessed Labor Day, may you find it easy to enjoy all your moments with your immediate family.

103. Happy Labor Day, I love you all. You are my best gift ever because you are my immediate younger brother.

104. Great people are like wonders shall never end. Do you understand what I mean? They are like you, the best of friends I have.

105. Some people don’t believe in befriending their younger brothers, they prefer to boss around with them, as for you, I will always remain your friend forever. Happy Labor Day.

Happy Labor Day to my Sister

106. My dear sister, how are you? How have you been coping in your new home? We really miss you and also felt for you the other day you were crying. Happy Labor Day.

107. I know you love me with all your heart as your sister, even if you don’t tell me, your actions have proven it already. How is the feast?

108. On this holiday, I am wishing you all the best, may you live long to enjoy this wonderful day of your life.

109. Good morning to my valued sister. Your absence at home is really touching but still, we have to summon the courage to stay stronger until you are back again. Happy Labor Day.

110. May this Labor Day favor you wherever you are, may your heart experience the most wonderful joy ever.

111. I pray for your prosperity, as you are free today, may the Lord grant you more freedom to focus more on your life and success.

112. Success shall be your portion all your life, you will not in any way beg for the favor from people before you can eat. Happy Labor Day.

113. I am wishing my dear sister all her heart desires on this day, may you live to witness your dreams come true.

114. Every single day of your life will profit you; this holiday will begin your laughter and happiness. Happy Labor Day.

115. Flowers are beautiful, a good life is fantastic, may the Lord grant you both and make you lead a better life than ever. Happy Labor Day to my darling.

116. You are the best sister I can boast about because you always keep to your words and deliver your job better than your colleagues. Happy Labor Day.

117. Now that you are on holiday, enjoy with our kid sister, play with them and correct them leniently when they are wrong.

118. Wishing you the best on our day, the laborers are too much without us even the government cannot eat.

119. I wish you a precious holiday, may the Almighty make it easy for you to achieve your dreams in life.

120. A laborer is like a good mother, always ready to serve humanity. Thank you for your effort to bring this country to a standard level.

121. How are we supposed to develop without the laborers, they are the key men and women of this nation.

122. Every laborer should be treated like a royal family because they are just the royalists we have in our society.

123. Thank God for this wonderful day, you are alive and so, I am celebrating you along with other important laborers.

124. You just a woman but your effort and leadership is better than that of a man. Happy holiday my sister.

125. Thank you for your love in my life, you will remain blessed all your life. Happy laborers’ day, enjoy because you own today.

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