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6 Things Nigerian Ladies Should Consider Before Getting Married

things nigerian ladies should consider before getting married

When you take cognizance of these 6 things you should consider before getting married, then maybe the ‘happy ever after’ could be forever for you.

1. Happiness is intrinsic

You should not try to find happiness only in your spouse. When you focus too much on your partner as your sole source of happiness, then you may fall in trouble depending on him/ her. Like a popular writer and friend, Omobolanle Awoyemi said:

As much as you’ve got a happy relationship / marriage, don’t make your partner the sole source of your happiness.

You can only be happy in your marriage when both of you are happy individually.

A lot of men/ women make mistakes simply because they dive into marriage because they crave happiness. Happiness is in you and you need to find it. You would have noticed that a lot of Nigerian spouses who were unhappy before getting married, and seeking solace in holy matrimony tend to stay the same even after getting married.

What would you do?

2. A s*xually active marriage is an ice clincher

Your partner is s*xually active and you are scared? I laugh at your sorry ass. You need all the fireworks of s*x to make your marriage a blissful one. I can tell you for free that you cannot have both partners in marriage dull when it comes to s*x. One must be fiery and the other not so fiery. When this happens, it is important to ‘ginger’ the other party to be as fiery as the latter. When the s*x game of a marriage is on another pedestal, then your marriage is on the brink of being successful.

As a married woman, or intending to marry lady, do not be surprised if your partner has a voracious s*xual appetite. It is all for the greater good.

If you are going to scream ‘FOUL’ if he/ she cheats, then you must put an end to s*x denial in your marriage.

3. For Better For Worse…Not For Better Or Worse!

If he is well to do, and has got money flowing in all the bank accounts, then the money is yours as well. But if he is broke and unable to fulfill his responsibilities as a man, then go to God in prayers.

That’s the least you can do. Whining is never an option. Got me?

4. Be proud of your spouse’s shortcomings and weaknesses

He has a small d**k, enjoy your coital activity. You already are aware of this before the intention to get married. Do not flinch an eye of complaint when you get into marriage. It’s not about how long he can stay in s*xual bliss, it’s about how long your marriage will last.

It is within the ambit of every lady to nag over every little thing in the relationship which is fine, but why not dialogue on shortcomings rather than complain bitterly over what can be resolved or dealt with? When a lady understands and makes convenient weaknesses or shortcomings, then you are on the pathway to marital stability and conjugal bliss.

5. Be careful what you share with family and friends

People are not who you think they are. Use your head not your heart when you are on the lookout for people to discuss sensitive matters with. A number of your friends will be jealous and families will be unhappy that you two are getting together, so you need to do a proper audit of families and friends before you can decide on who to bring in close to your family.

They will talk! Who? Your family and friends of course.  They will make silent and obnoxious banters about you ignoring them when you are married, don’t let that get to you. If marriage is going to make you lose friends, then so be it.

Better you deal with marriage on your own than having friends and families whom you believe are trustworthy but will end up using your history shared with them, against you.

6. Social Media is devilish!

Be careful what you share, say, and display about your marriage on social media. Likes are addictive. Fake lives abound everywhere. What you share on the internet, the internet never forgets. Deal with your marital lives in a way that it will be devoid of public eyes. You should not share everything going on in your family on social media!

Got any more considerations to share? Drop them in the comment section below.

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