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20+ Steamy Text Messages To Send Your Man

steamy text messages to send your man

You want to make your man start getting crazy feelings up his head down to his loins? Then you should fast-track this by checking out my collections of steamy text messages to send your man.

Now, whether you want him to go all the way still depends on you, but then, finding the steamy text messages to send your man can take your dating and relationship game to a whole new level.

See what you need to do? Check out these collections of steamy text messages to send to your man and let me have your thoughts when you are done checking it out!

Let’s start shall we?

10 flirty and steamy text messages to send your man

1. You are a great man, though you will be shocked by my message, I see you more as gorgeous than be handsome.

2. Your voice always sounds like an amazing angel. You are more adorable to me as I lie in the bed waiting for you to come.

3. I love your romance style; it turns me on from the most sensitive part of my body. I love the touch from your hands.

4. There are no better kisses like the ones you shower on my wet lips, your caressing style is not an intermediary but a masters degree.

5. Verily, I am in the bed of a passionate husband waiting for him to come and make me happy. I am fully ready for you.

6. Tonight will be called a battle day, I am already missing you with my guy wrapped all over my body.

7. Just give me some kisses and I will be happy. It is just that my wet lips are already wasting because your sweet lips are not there to suck the juice out.

8. Imagine that I am with you right now, where exactly will you like me to touch?

9. I am so bored right now and wish that a hand is caressing my back until it leads to what will make me happy tonight.

10. Your smile is like a bar of sweet chocolate, it gives me a feeling of deep romance that cools my heart like ice water.

11. Your eyes are full of love that calls my heart to order, I wish to see you right before me so we can make this night a sweet memorable one.

12. Even now I am happy and wish I can naked with you till the following day because of every single touch from you.

13. The soft touch of your hand whenever it caresses my chest makes me feel like I’m in bliss. I never love the idea of your stopping the gentle kiss you already are giving me.

14. I wish you could understand the pleasure of the sweetness that comes from you hugs; I love your touch when it is cold.

15. I wish you understand how I feel whenever we are together. Your body is like a bar of sweet chocolate, I love it when it rubs mine.

16. I do feel like to melt whenever I think of the s*x we had last night; I hope to have another today. I wish we are already having it.

17. I can’t be shy of my husband, I love how you held my bre*ast and dragged like a lion trying to tear an antelope. The sensation that comes with it really drove me crazy.

18. I want you to eat me raw because I belong to you. Don’t show mercy whenever I am beneath your legs. I love it so.

19. If you have the whole chance to do anything to me tonight, what will it be? Will you have carnal knowledge with me?

20. Having you in me always gives me the deepest feeling and it is the reason why I love everything about you.

21. If you really are finding it difficult to sleep, know that I am always there for you to taste. I love every single part of you.

22. You are such an elegant lady and my heart always beat for you in every second of my life. I love you so much.

23. I love your eyes as they shine like a passion that never ends. You are just like a sweet berry that I love taking every day.

24. The joy I derive from your smile always sends me to the space of joy and deep pleasure. I love it when I think of you.

25. You don’t know how much I feel when it comes to your matter, it is fortunate that I met a gorgeous lady like you in my life.

26. Your beautiful face can move a mountain away from its stand; it is just the truth no doubt at all. I wish you know this.

27. It is my pleasure to have met a lady like you; it gives me serious concern about how sweet you will be if you are around.

28. I need someone to wrap me up in love and passion. I need a woman to whisper I love you in my ears to make me happy.

29. I am so happy to have met a lovely person like you in this world, I don’t think there is better happiness like having you in my life.

30. Whenever I am thinking about your body, I feel so much deep love in me. Your well-built muscles drive me crazy.

31. Sometimes I used to dream about us having a great time together. Have you ever had a naughty dream with me in it?

32. You are such an interesting lady, a sweet apple, and passionate chocolate candy. I love the smell of your body.

33. Before we mate as a husband and a wife, I used to imagine how experienced you are in my fantasies. I am just so lucky to have you.

34. I am thinking of many places I want you to touch right now, I don’t think you get my point until you are back home.

35. I love your style of touch; it turns me on and then makes me go crazily in love with you. Your kisses as fantastic.

36. I am so much in love with you and wish you understand the wave of the love in me. I feel like tomorrow will not come anytime we are together.

37. If there is anything you want me to do tonight, just let me know so I can give you all it takes to make you happy.

38. You always look great and how did I know, you always look so every time. You were crying like a baby last night, I love the sound.

39. I am spoilt today because I have you around me. I wish you could understand how I felt the first time I met you.

40. Loving you is like a pearl of passion, it sweetens my heart so much. Just like a bar of chocolate, I want to be yours forever.

41. I am so much in love with you; a precious love that cannot be taken for granted. I love your beautiful eyes too.

42. No matter how sweet an apple is, it can’t taste great as you are. Your soft body, lovely heart and every gorgeous thing about you tells me how lucky I am.

43. If we can have it together tonight, I will be happy all my life. A night with you is like a voyage of enjoyment and ecstasy.

44. The pleasure I derive from looking at you is stronger than the one I get whenever I am watching a football game. You are so sweet and I won’t tell lies.

45. I wish you know the wave of love in me for you, a precious angel with lots of sweetness in her body.

46. Nowhere I touch in your body, I must encounter a paradise. Tell me, who else is as lucky as I am? I am so much deeply in love with you.

47. With the great impact, I wish to be yours forever. The reason is that I have never seen a lady as sweet as you are in everything.

48. The way you dress, the way you smile and the way you make me feel whenever you are around me is blissful on its own.

49. If my daily job is to always make you happy, I will accept such a job because it will make this life a sweet place for me to live.

50. I am so much interested in anything you are doing because you worth been loved with passion and complete compassion.

Steamy text messages to your Lover General

51. You are a complete pleasure; anywhere I touch in your body makes me happy. Your soft body is as cute as a jelly star.

52. When I touched your hands in the cold, it sends a strong feeling all over my body and then I feel like touching every other place in your body.

53. You don’t know how I feel whenever you are not around me. I am always lonely, thinking of being with you every minute.

54. I love your smile because it cures my pain. I love your body because it is the smoothest wall I have ever touched.

55. Having it with you is my number one priority because you are my wife; I want to end up on you tonight if you don’t mind.

56. I am not shy when it comes to being naughty with you, I will always adopt every style to make you happy all your life.

57. There is no other cute lady I think about every second but you. Your gorgeousness cannot be overestimated. I love your smile too.

58. No one can stop me from loving you, a precious gift like you will not be on this earth while I’m suffering for a kiss.

59. Your hug is like a blanket, it keeps me warm all day, your kisses are like warm water, it sustains me throughout the day.

60. Whenever I see your face, I see life in good shape; I become so energetic and precious. I love everything about you.

61. If you hug me, I feel a sweet impact, if you need me, just call me wherever you are; I will answer the call of my gorgeous wife.

62. You know I love touching, if you come back home today, I pray you to wear opaque material so my hands will stay alone.

63. You are my joy, my pleasure and the most beautiful love I have ever met in my life. I hope to meet you anytime soon.

64. Loving you is my pleasure because it melts my heart whenever I see your beautiful face. I always go crazy seeing you walk towards me.

65. You are the most gorgeous lady in the community, no wonder I was lucky the first time I met you. I love you.

66. I was alone thinking about God, and then all of a sudden, I started thinking about how sexy you are; may the Lord forgive me for running away from His conversation.

67. I am thinking of how beautiful you are right now, all alone in m bed because I know very well that no one will wake up next to me.

68. I wish you understand the kind of love I have for you; I’m sure you know. The little time we spent together as a husband and a wife should send the best of signals of my love for you.

69. It was so funny that all I was thinking about last night was you. I kept repeating it over and over. I could not stop imagining you being around me once again.

70. Sweetness is when you are always playing with your spouse, your bodies touch each other’s; you hold each other, hug each other.

71. I love your gorgeous smile, it is like a plant of passion, and anytime I set my eyes on you, I am on the assurance that everything will be fine.

72. I am so much in love with you; a great lady full of life; my precious wife, an expert in kisses that can send her husband to paradise.

73. You don’t know why I suddenly fell in love with you, it is because your eyes are always full of pleasure that touches my heart.

74. I will always be yours and the reason is that you are always happy, respectful, lovely and strong in working. I am so lucky.

75. Precious ladies are rare, but when someone finds one like you, it becomes a great pleasure in his life forever.

76. You remember the crazy thing we did last night? I want to have it done tonight again. I love you so much.

77. You are just like a pleasure tree; you keep on growing every second. I love eating from your fruit because nothing tastes like it.

78. Take me to the land of joy with your innocent eyes. It is my pleasure to have a wonderful person like you in my life.

79. I can’t easily think of a beautiful person better than you; a precious woman with lots of precious things to make me happy.

80. I have you today, you succumbed to me because I was able to handle you like a man; that’s why I am your husband.

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