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6 Tips on How to Throw the Best Bachelorette Ever

How to Throw the Best Bachelorette

How to Throw the Best Bachelorette Ever: A bachelorette party is a special occasion that marks a significant point in your relationship’s life. It would only make sense to ensure that this experience is as unique and unforgettable as possible. That said, pulling off the event and ensuring that everything goes smoothly can be a daunting experience.

Whether you’re the maid of honor or a helpful bridesmaid, there’s a lot to consider. But worry not, as we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help you create the best bachelorette party ever. So, take a deep breath and check out the advice below.

Night Out vs Weekend Away

The duration of your bachelorette largely depends on where your attendees are located. If everyone is already close to each other, then a night out is a convenient and affordable option. But if your guests are located all over the place, it would be wiser to make a weekend out of it.

This should be one of your first considerations as it will determine where you end up throwing the party. Will it be an evening out in the city, a simple get-together at home, or a weekend slumber party at a hotel? If you’re feeling adventurous and your budget allows it, perhaps something more extravagant is on the menu. Boat party, anyone?

Don’t Forget to Take Pictures

It would be a shame to forget the boozy nights of table dancing and karaoke singing, so be sure to take plenty of pictures along the way. It would be wise to hire a photographer or put someone with a good camera in charge of ensuring that the memories made that night are available for you to look back on in the future.

Make the Gifts Meaningful

This is a time of celebration and it wouldn’t be a party if everyone wasn’t getting spoiled, so don’t forget the bachelorette party favors. From bride squad fanny packs to classy tote bags that your bridesmaids will cherish forever, a meaningful gift along with a few gags is sure to make your bachelorette one for the books.

Don’t Forget the Morning After

While there’s nothing wrong with a sober party, most bachelorette parties feature a drink or two. This is something many of your guests will appreciate, as it’s an ideal time to forget about the stresses of daily life.

Be sure to make sometime the day after your party for everyone to really catch up, relax and spend some quality time together. These moments of peace and quiet are the ones that everyone will remember the most fondly.

Choose Your Guests Wisely

Once the location has been picked and the amenities have been purchased, your bachelorette party is bound to rack up a hefty price tag. More guests mean more stuff to buy, so keeping your guest list to a small selection of your closest friends will make the party a lot more enjoyable and save you some cash in the process.

Don’t Forget the Lucky Man

It may be a girls-only event, but it’s always a great option to incorporate the fiancé in some way. Whether it’s a short video message or a surprise visit, making the man in your maid of honor’s life feel part of the celebration will help remind everyone why you’re all there in the first place.

Conclusion on how to throw the best Bachelorette ever

If you’re the bridesmaid in charge of organizing the event, be sure to communicate with the maid of honor about arrangements. After all, it’s her night and it’s up to you to make it one of her best. Don’t drink and drive, don’t invite the mother-in-law without pre-approval and do have a good time.


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