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Who is an extrovert infact?

I have carved out my definition for it. Introverts are quiet people with a penchant for minimally stimulating environment. They have issues with association and indeed feel recharged by themselves preferring less external stimulation.

They prefer to derive joy that is intrinsic, they hardly associate and revel in their loneliness, preferring it to association with others.

Extroverts on the other hand are the ‘ghen ghen’ type. Those who are fueled and energized by being around others. These type of guys prefer external stimulation.

In today’s world, we live in an environment that is biased towards the extroverts. people are assumed to be rewarded based on their level of sociability and ability to appear gregarious, noisy, energetic and cheerful.

One of the most difficult thing ever is finding love as an introvert. it seems like an uphill task since dating someone requires that you meet them and then start ‘catching’ feelings, shey?

You may realize that how can you meet someone when you are naturally a quiet personality and then mingling isn’t your forte. Here are some remarkable ways of finding love as an introvert.

1. Use the internet.

Introverts are great writers really, therefore, communicating on social media platforms shouldn’t be a problem.

If you have issues with relating with people vocally, then chatting makes it better. Mingle online and hope for a real date sometime.

Leverage the strength you have to connect with someone you have a liking for. I have met a lot of introverts online and they write and relate extremely well.

This is a good tool for online communication and social engagement. Be careful with your online details though, do not give too much information or offer too much personal details.

Start from online, gravitate to trying to speak on phone and hopefully, hope that you get to meet on date. By then you would have become more comfortable and then offline dating becomes easy and less daunting.

2. Recruit Friends and Family

As an introvert, the thought of approaching people at events and hot spots might make you cringe. To avoid such nightmares, recruit your closest family and friends. Inform them of your need to meet new people, maybe even to date (winks).

They sure know you better than anyone else, and as such are in the position to link you up with the kind of person that fits your personality and demeanor.

3. Try to engage in Social activities

This is another important area in finding love. There are lots of social engagement with the platform for you to meet dating prospects.

Gyms (for those who love to work out), Creative writing classes, volunteer work, sport activities are social activities that could bring you closer to your other half.

The more you meet different personality, the more open and flexible you will be with regards to speaking to them and eventually mingling.

Even going to Shoprite, or other groceries store around might not be a bad idea! You could do some window shopping, try go see a movie.

Just about anything that would make you engage in any social activity. Believe me, it works!

4. Be Open

Simply being open to men talking to you will make a huge difference. I mean, it won’t make any sense when you are introverted, on the look out for dates and then you keep the ‘Resting bitch face’. you need to let your guards down, once in a while. You are a deep thoughted and very reflective babe. So it is easy for you to realize those that don’t share same ideals as yours. You can easily separate the grain from the chaff.

Use your charm, body language is key. In social gathering and events, if there are people you want to mingle with and you are kind of shy. make them look your way, Signs and green lights albeit in a smart way can be critical to what is next. Donot turn every date down, it is only a date and it’s meant to evaluate your choices and discover your personality. Accept it!

5. Finally, be yourself

The laws of attraction states that the best way to attract someone is to be yourself. Acknowledge your introversion and be proud of who you are.

Do not go desperate, work on your confidence level. Trust me,that there is someone out there for you.

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