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8 Wedding Cost-Cutting Methods to Not Make You Look like a Penny-Pincher

Wedding Cost-Cutting Methods

Wedding Cost-Cutting Methods: A wedding can be a costly affair. It is a day that everyone looks forward to in their lives. Every moment of your wedding can be a sweet memory if things go as planned. But the debt you need to pay back after the wedding is a nightmare.

You do not have to live a life of debt if you plan your wedding smartly. Here are a few ways in which you can make your wedding affordable and memorable.

Keep the Planning Under Your Control

A wedding planner can cost you a fortune. Simply by dedicating more time and effort to your wedding planning, you can cut down a lot of your expense. Vendors and venues charge more for weddings, so a planner is a gateway to being billed more.

Give Small Businesses a Chance

You can hire a local business to cater your wedding and to make your wedding cake. You can even go to small tailoring shops to make your wedding clothes for you. For the caterers, you can avoid specifying the occasion. Caterers tend to have a marked-up price for wedding menus.

You can even hire a local band or DJ and give them a list of songs to play.

Get the Right Price for the Right Ring

Buying wedding rings are tricky and expensive. You cannot cut corners when it comes to buying a ring. Finding a price that seems too good to be true usually is exactly that. By trying to find a cheap ring you might be paying for a fake one.

There are many websites that sell hallmarked rings. You can find simple wedding rings online at affordable prices.

Pre-booking is Vital

Once you get engaged, take a nice long time to get married. This ensures that you pre-book everything well in advance. It ensures that you get time to get everything right, it also ensures discounted prices.

Save up on Travel

Having the ceremony and the reception at the same venue cuts down on travel expenses. Pick a venue that is close to home as well. Reduce the expense of travel by booking a venue close to where your out of town gets are put up.

Regulate the Alcohol

Letting the alcohol flow is the worst idea for a reception. Not only is alcohol going to break your budget, the damaged caused by inebriated guests add to expenses. Stick to beer and wine if you do opt to serve alcohol at your reception.

Recycle Decoration

Look around for second-hand wedding decorations. You can ask on online forums for anyone selling their wedding decorations. There are many DIY decoration ideas that you can use to decorate your venue.

Accept as Much Help as You Can

Do not shy away from accepting help. Expect a number of excited friends and family are sure to lend a helping hand. From asking them to help you choose a ring, to asking them to help you decorate the venue, no help is too small.

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