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Simple Tips For Writing A Powerful Love Letter

Tips For Writing A Powerful Love Letter

You will find here interesting Simple Tips For Writing A Powerful Love Letter. Ready? Jump in and check it out.

Back in the day before store-bought greeting cards and email existed, people used to write beautiful love letters to show their adoration for one another. Even some of the most popular figures in world history such as Jimi Hendrix and Michael Jordan have penned some pretty impressive love declarations in their time. Each relationship is unique, and there are no austere rules as to how you must go about writing a love letter. There are, however, a few basic tips you can follow that might make it easier for you to articulate your feelings to someone else.

Let’s get on to the interesting tips for writing a powerful love letter

A good intro is essential

No, a love letter does not have to conform to a set format, but stating your intentions right from the start is generally a good idea. When receiving a letter, it is easy to wrongly assume it was written to brush you off or address a problem within your relationship. To avoid this, start off your letter with something sweet like, “You were on my mind all day today,” or “Words often fail me when I try to explain my love for you,” before following up with the main part of your letter.  If you are writing a letter to someone you are not yet in a relationship with but who you truly adore, you may want to tone down your initial affection just a bit, so as to not overwhelm them.

Don’t forget the basics

While you may be tempted to send a 10-page declaration of your love, don’t. Half a page filled with heartfelt words will have a far greater impact than one that reads like an essay. Write the letter by hand, even if you do not have the tidiest handwriting in the world. Not only are hand-written letters a lot more charming than their printed counterparts, but it will also show the recipient of the letter that you really made an effort in writing it. Invest in some nice stationery, and don’t forget to put on a stamp before putting it in the mail. If you forget to get stamps last time you were at the store, don’t despair, as you can easily print postage stamps online at OnlineStamp.

Wear your heart on your sleeve

If you want your love letter to have the desired effect, it is important that you are yourself when writing it. If you are funny by nature, for example, don’t be afraid to add a bit of humor to your letter. The same theory applies to a sentimental person who will be able to write beautiful musings straight from the heart. Make sure that what you write is in your own words. Simply copying quotes from the internet will not have the same effect as baring your own soul.

There are few things in life more wonderful than receiving a love letter. Not only is it often easier to write down your feelings than speak about them, but writing a love letter can also help you make sense of exactly what you are feeling and thinking at the time.

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