‘When are you bringing your Spouse home, Dee’ You are AT the marriageable age already. You need to bring her home. Away with your frolics up and down the streets of Lagos.

Mom asked me the last time I visited her.

Help me oh…..As if it’s my fault that I haven’t found the right babe. Am I going to force Lagos girls to marry me or what? I don’t understand!

Fine, I am in my late twenties, but should that be a determinant to when I should marry?

In the 90’s, I used to understand that a young man should be married latest by 28, and a young woman by 24. However, I don’t think this theory or postulation apply these days!

I have seen my male friends marry at 25 and ladies at 22. While a lot of people applauded the very mature decisions to start a family. Some part of the populace blame these guys for being immature and naive to get married.

Get me out of my misery, Please. When is even the right age to be married? As a young man, can’t I get married by age 28, 30, or even 32?

Why would you choose a particular age, or let love find you. Even if it’s in your ‘forties’!

Let’s have a say in our marital life, drop your comments below.

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