They got married last week and we hooked up with them to share their amazing love story.

She is beautiful and I fell in love with her - Amazing love story of Leke and Nike

Mushy Leke started off by saying:

We met in Akure, at my work place and I was driven to her by her ‘BEAUTY’ ( See Bad guy). It was not a state of love of first sight since I was just attracted to her. We started off as friends and gradually our love developed.

She is beautiful and I fell in love with her - Amazing love story of Leke and Nike

Nike in her words extolled Leke’s virtues:

I was drawn by his honesty, his stubbornness and sense of humour ( Ladies can fall in love with guys with great sense of humour though! It is still a winner anytime!)

In November 2015, he asked me out and I was happy to say YES. I said Yes because I wanted to know him more and grow in love with him.

We had issues in the relationship, Yes. As lovers you should not expect your relationship to be a roller-coaster. There will always be issues, and thankfully, with the help of God, we were able to deal with ours.

She is beautiful and I fell in love with her - Amazing love story of Leke and Nike

About excitement in the partners, Leke enthused that:

Her beauty and smile excites me a lot ( Talk about a lovestruck man)

While Nike dwelt more on Leke’s honesty and ways of dealing with things. Interesting couple!

Leke continued on his proposal and he said that:

After carefully studying her behavior for two years, I knew the time was right to propose and I was intensely excited when she said ‘YES’.

On the proposal, Nike said:

I said Yes because I ‘LOVE’ him and I know we were MEANT for each other!

On their definition of love, the couple stated that:

Love is BEAUTIFUL when you are in it with the RIGHT PERSON! (How do you know the right person, people?)

They also had this for love birds in ongoing relationship:

Know the definition of your relationship. Love, care,  be honest,  be trustworthy with whosoever you are in it with. Love them with your whole heart and also accept them for whom they are.

Hmmmn… So deep an advise!

She is beautiful and I fell in love with her - Amazing love story of Leke and Nike

On behalf of the Dee Weddings Team, Congratulations on your wedding and may God bless your new home. We dedicate this beautiful TJan’s song ‘ADUKE’ to your family.

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