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5 Simple and Basic Lessons you should Learn from a Prostit*te

5 Simple and Basic Lessons you should Learn from a Prostit*te

My brief encounter with the ladies of the night two weeks ago and the recent post on Nairaland propelled me to write this. As a Nigerian lady, you just need to read these five simple and basic lessons you should learn from a prostit*te


I think it is high time our ladies learned from prostit*tes.

Yes, you heard me right, prostitut*s! Ladies, especially Nigerian girls should learn from them.

Mind you, I am not changing any narrative or trying to paint the ladies of the night in a good light and I am not trying to lay moral yardsticks in emphasizing on what and what not to do!

The choice to decide to affect your life is yours, and truly I think sometimes, this is what we need to maintain an objective point of view with regards to life and choices.

5 simple and basic lessons you should learn from a prostit*te.

1 A pr*stitute is proud of what she does!

A pr*stitute gets down on whatever serves her right and brings her the dough, she can have as much s*x styles as she wants! But you, what do you do?

You come on IG, Facebook and Twitter to spit your trap on anything you see, trying to make yourself so relevant by acting like Virgin Mary, yet in the evening you are the one who will dump your Hijab, or leave your bible where it is, and run fast to Mukhtaror, Mustafa or Chimezie for some quickie.

People must not see you when you are making love! Infact to your friends, you are the Saint of this life. Aunty, ‘Gerarahere, pick a struggle, stop being an hypocrite’.

2 Payment or Transport fare?

We all know prostit*tion is a business, even though illegal in this part of the world. The reward for an act of free sex is payment. While prostitutes get paid for sleeping with men, your own is to collect T.fare, recharge card money, Brazilian hair funds, and say ‘shebi he is my boyfriend’ he needs to take care of me.

Madam, payment is payment. Learn from the prostitute and be straightforward!

3 A prostit*te does not get pregnant!

Why will she? It is all pleasure and business, and she knows what she needs to do to remain the way she is without a baby coming into the picture. But you? ***laughs*** hysterically, you will come and start forming nice Naija girl and then later everyone sees your ‘belle’ protruding for a guy who is not even married to you!

Then you come online when he refuses to accept the pregnancy resorting to cheap blackmail! **scoffs**. Oga! Stay your lane, as much as you are in a relationship with the guy, learn from the prostit*te, do not get pregnant!

4 Jealousy isn’t their thing!

Do prostit*tes get jealous, or rant over feeble things? Well, I don’t think so. Even if they do, it will not degenerate to you having to stalk your competitor online, nag or rant over trivial issues. A lady listens and tolerates, not get angry and resorts to cheap blackmail!

Learn from a pr*stitute darling, reduce your jealousy gauge level.

5 Heartbreak? Not their mantra!

You will never hear a prostitute scream foul and sobs to say ‘ He has broken my heart’. ‘ I dislike him’, I never knew he was this insensitive!

You love what you do, do it! When the tables are turned, who sent you on an errand! Avoid the self-pity and stop being piety! You do what you do for a reason, be ready for the implications!

Do you have more lessons to add to the numbers above, drop them in the comment section below!

***Disclaimer, this post does not in anyway promote prostit*tion, or s*xual vice or act, but it is just to simply challenge ladies, especially the fake Nigerian girls to see life, love and relationships from a different perspective***





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