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I have always loved documenting things especially when ‘Elektra’ is strung across my shoulders. Both of us actually see the world differently. In terms of tourism, we see tourism from a different perspective. In terms of travelling too, we both love travelling to unusual places. In terms of capturing emotions and inspiring people, we grab inspiration from unusual places. Remember the dream I said have? Click here to see the dream and click here to see one of the visions.

Away from Events coverage and Life Lens, I got another opportunity to relate with Elektra when my friend, Travel Consultant and owner of, IbukunBayegun invited me to collaborate with his brand on his tour trip to Badagry.

Badagry again? Wow! I remembered I had earlier gone to Badagry for my soon to be released slum trip. I quickly jumped at the opportunity to join him again. I dusted Elektra who was already smiling at me. Ready to ‘snap’ off.

I called my friend Swizy who loves to wanderlust in her wakaabout ‘Champion’ Sneakers and off we went – Saturday 3 September

Susan Onunze

This post is not to dwell on the details and pictures of the historical places we went, if you want that, quickly head to @Travelgeniuz on Instagram and take a peek. This post is about sharing my experience on the trip.

In capturing the group, I leveraged the natural occurrences around to take my pictures, from the pigeon flying around to the beach. Swizy was as alive as she appeared in all my pictures. I see lots of potentials in the Badagry town, no wonder the Lagos State governor, Akinwumi Ambode took his executive on a retreat in the town.


Lest I forget guys, If you haven’t wandered around the Badagry Beach, then you have truly missed! It is so different from the beaches strung all around Lagos. There is a deep spiritual and therapeutic effect that the Badagry beach gives. The view of nothing in sight and the palm trees rolled up in a symmetrical manner all provides that stunning and exhilarating effect to one’s soul. At least, that was what I felt at that instance!

Badagry Beach

Swizy very much alive, feeling the water!

You need to be there! It’s a different world away from the bustle of Lagos. The shouts of the waves and happy splatter of the cold and salty water all giving a soothing effect – body to soul! I loved it!

Badagry Beach

You dey Run? You go fear waves nah?LOL

Photography Details

We got to Badagry around 11 am, the sun was just about rising, so I had to reduce my aperture to about f/22. Very low right? Trust me, you need to see what I was seeing in my viewfinder! I left my ISO at 640 anyway, and was toying with my shutter speed, allowing it dance between 100-250. I needed the light reduction and wanted to capture the waves so well. Y’know?

Remember, I dont have a tripod nah*…Capturing the waves and that ripples would have made an exciting sort of landcape photography. LOL!


As we approached evening time, the highly temperate environment reduced to something humid and cold which means I would need to increase my aperture as well to go with the flow. I was not definite on the particular aperture though, most of the snaps were basically between f/7-f/9. By the that time, it was around 4pm

What was important at that time was to capture moments and important details. I think I fared well.

Or didn’t I?…I’ll leave that to you, beautiful readers.

See the exclusive pictures here.


Badagry Museum

Heading to the Island, ‘They don’t call it Point of No return anymore’


At the Beach Itself









Time for Some Shoots






Saving the Best for Last – Some Point and Kill for Deedee and Elektra…Hehe



Not to forget guys, I know some of you would be looking out for my ‘LIFE LENS’ trip to the Ilaje village on Badagry Island. I am putting final finishes to the video. It promises to be inspiring! It would be out soon. Anticipate!!

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