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Barka De Sallah Greetings: 100 Happy Sallah to my Love Messages

happy sallah to my love
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Happy Sallah to my love and her family

121 Good tidings to you and your household. Extend the love and kindness. Happy Eid kabir

122 It’s the month of “Zakat ” show love, give Charity. Happy Sallah

123 May Allah grant you your request as we join in celebrating Eid Al- Fitr

124 A blissful Sallah celebration to you. Good tidings to you and your household! Happy Eid-kabir

125 I am always looking up to this celebration. This is when we show love and love is returned to us. Happy Eid Al -Fitr

126 I acknowledge you as my friend and family. Celebrate Eid kabir with love.

127 Let’s live our lives like it’s our last. Pour out your love, give alms and be your brother’s keeper. Happy sallah

128 We are one irrespective of religion. It’s Eid Al Fitr. Celebrate with love.

129 We live this life just once. Make use of every moment. Celebrate this moment. Happy Eid Al -Fitr

130 I’m so glad to celebrate this remarkable moment with my loved ones. Allah did this for us. Happy Eid Al Fitr

131 Let’s focus on the celebration. It’s Eid Al Fitr. Peace be upon all of us

132 Just thinking about this gives me joy in my heart. Brothers let’s celebrate with one another. Happy Eid Al Fitr

133 Finally Ramadan is over. It’s now shawwal. Pour out love. Happy sallah

134 Asalam alaykum it’s Eid Al Fitr. Peace be upon you all.

135 If my hands can’t reach to my loved ones I bet my prayers and best wishes does. Happy Eid Al Fitr

136 May Allah’s favour and peace dwell with you and your family. Barka De sallah

137 My prayer is that Allah receive all our prayers and sacrifices and may we live to see the next one. Alhamdulillah. Happy sallah

138 May Allah favour us to live and celebrate with one another yet another epic celebration. Barka Dah sallah

139 May the joy that comes with sallah brighten up our homes and lives. Happy Eid -El kabir

140 Our heart desires would be granted to us by Alhamdulillah. Best of the celebration to you. Barka Dah sallah .

141 May the genuine spirit of sacrifice spur us to be better. We shall be blessed. Barka Dah sallah

142 I rejoice today as I celebrate Eid Al Fitr with you. Live to see more

143 I asked Allah to bestow all his choicest blessings on you and your household. Barka De sallah

144 Its our piety that goes to Allah and not cattle’s or ram. Barka De sallah

145 May your family experience the real essence of this celebration. Peace be unto you. Asalamalekun

146 May no evil befall you and your household in this festive season. May Allah guide and protect us. Isha Allah. Barka Dah sallah

147 May Allah listen and answer all our prayers. Be thankful to him. Happy Eid Al Fitr

148 Obedience and total submission to Allah’s will is our top priority. Barka De sallah

149 May Allah receive our ibadah. Barka Dah sallah my dear friends

150 May our lives be as splendid as we pray it will be. Allah help us. Happy Eid Al Fitr

151 I am overwhelmed with joy to be able to see this day with our loved ones and well wishers. Eid Al Fitr

152 Allah yasa a yi Sallah lafiya a gama lafiya ya kuma maimaita mana, Amin. Happy Eid Al Fitr

153 We Make our prayers in the name of Allah. He’s going to see us true. In oneness we celebrate. Happy Eid Al Fitr

154 Of course they will be alot of eating and dinning but let’s not forget the real essence of the celebration. Eid Al Fitr

155 Barka de Sallah. This is a time for togetherness and love ‘Zakat ‘.Eid Al Fitr

156 Looking out for one another is one of Allah’s plan for us. Isha Allah. Barka Dah sallah

157 I remember you today my friend as we are celebrating eid-el Kabir.

158 Barka Dah sallah to you, may joy never depart from you and your family.

159 Allah’s mercy, protection and love shall not cease from your household Happy Eid-El Fitr

160 Good tidings I bring to you. Allah cherishes you, loves you and thinks only of the best for you. Asalam aleikun. Peace be unto you

161 I speak peace when I mean Asalam aleikun. And go with peace wherever you find yourself. Eid Al Fitr

162 Allah’s wish for us has always been positive. Let’s not center on the meat and drinks but do more of charity(zakat) and Allah will reward us immensely

163 May Allah bless this day. It’s a remarkable day. Your blessings we ask for. Isha Allah. Eid Al Fitr

164 No form of destruction will befall you on joy and blessings will surround you as you celebrate. Eid Al Fitr. Barka dah sallah

165 May favour locate you this season. Allah will surely answer your prayers. It’s a time for jubilation. Barka Dah sallah

166 Yea!  We have been longing for this day. It’s here and I’m glad we are all alive to witness it together. Barka Dah sallah my friends

167 God used a ram to replace Isaac (Ismail) may your problems be replaced with Good tidings. Amin. Barka Dah sallah

168 Long life, sound health is what we ask of as we celebrate this great occasion. Barka Dah sallah

169 As we join our Muslim brothers and sisters to celebrate this remarkable day. May Allah grant us all our needs and protect us. Isha Allah. Barka Dah sallah

170 Irrespective of the storm surrounding us. We Celebrate with love what Allah has kept us alive to witness. Eid Al Fitr

171 Allah guide our part, lead us to the right track as we celebrate with love and happiness. Insha Allah. Barka Dah sallah

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Content compiled by Deedee, Emenama Chidina & Oluchi Ozofor.


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