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Barka De Sallah Greetings: 100 Happy Sallah to my Love Messages

happy sallah to my love
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30 Barka De Sallah Greetings

41 May the works of your hand not be in vain. Allah bless you.

42 May the blessings of this celebration follow you and give you fulfillment in whatever you do.

43 I want you to see this period as a time to love, share and be appreciative of those around you. Barka de Sallah to you my love.

44 Know your worth and keep on working to be a better person. I believe in you dear. Barka de Sallah.

45 I pray you prosper above your equals Insha Allah.

46 Allah shall plant a permanent smile on you.

47 Do not let anything bring you down. Learn to free yourself of all worries. Everything will work out in its due time. Happy Sallah celebration.

48 Your dreams and aspirations shall not end up in your thoughts alone. Allah shall help you fulfill your dreams.

49 Hey baby, close your eye and make a wish. I assure you that your wish will come true. Happy Sallah celebrations.

50 Even if only one person is going to be blessed in the course of the sallah celebration, believe me dear you’re going to be that person.

51 I pray Allah uses this celebration as a medium to make you a better person.

52 May this celebration bring about that ray of hope you’ve been looking for. Barka de Sallah my love.

53 This celebration shall stand as a symbol of you getting closer to accomplish your dreams Inshi Allah.

54 Smile and be a conqueror this season. Happy EID

55 Unexpected wonders shall take place in your life this season Inshi Allah.

56 Blessings shall follow you now and all these days of your life.

57 I wish you happy celebrations.

58 Always remember that Allah’s love is sufficient for everyone. Happy Mubarak.

59 Success shall be your melody during this celebration.

60 Put your trust in Allah and he shall not let you down.

61 Happy Sallah celebrations my heart.

62 All I wish for you this period of celebration is for you to have delightful moments that you’ll treasure forever.

63 May you and your family enjoy a fruitful year ahead. Barka de sallah.

64 May this celebration put smiles on you and those around you.

65 May there be cause for jubilation in your life and that of your family during this celebration and even after Insha Allah.

66 All shadows around you shall disperse and light shall encompass you. Happy Sallah love.

67 My wish for you today, tomorrow and forever is for you to have abundant joy.

68 Loads of hugs and kisses I’m sending your way this celebration period.

69 Eid Mubarak. May Allah see you through all the perils of your life.

70 Happy blessed celebrations.

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