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Good Night My King Quotes and Messages

good night my king quotes

Getting a good night my queen messages from your boyfriend makes a whole lot of sense. How about sending him a good night my king quotes as well. Who said he doesn’t need that?

Who would not appreciated a special good night my king quotes, who would not want some sort of devoted words of affection. If you would like to share awesome good night text messages in form of kingly quotes to the man who makes your heart beat, then the next few lines will welcome you to a world where you can share multiples of good night my king quotes that will make him swell in happiness and pride.

You can decide to send the good night my king quotes anywhere, from social media to even his phone.


Good Night My King Quotes that will make him love you more

1 Good night my king, stay safe and sleep right. Always know that I love you with everything in me.

2 Every time I see the rising of the sun and the setting of the moon, my love for you increase on a daily. Good night my king. You deserve the best of me.

3 I want to say a hearty goodnight to you my king just before I head to bed. I pray for beautiful sweet dreams with me in them. Good night my king!

4 I am waiting in trepidation for the hours to fly by, because I know I am going to see you soon. Missing you is like missing a larger piece of my heart. Good night my king. You deserve the best and more.

5 Every since I met you, I always go to bed in the night with you in my thoughts. Good night my King, may the bugs never bite you.

6 How I wish we could just spend the night together. But unfortunately we cannot. You are the one man I always dream of at night and wake up to see early first thing in the morning. I pray that you rest in peaceful confines and we will see tomorrow morning hale and hearty. Good night my King. I love you richly.

7 Sleep well my king and sweet dreams. I just wish i could be with you right now resting peacefully in your arms. I wish you could hug me tight and kiss me in the craziest ways you always do. You know I love you and won’t stop loving you. Good night my king. You deserve every bit of me.

8 I hope through this kingly quotes, I am able to tell you how much of love I really feel for you. Do not ever think for any reason I’ll walk away from you. Believe that our love is on the brink of prosperity and always know that I will love you till the end of my days. Good night my king!

9 I wish that you rest well, my love. Always know that if days, time and moments permit me, I’d love to always be with you, wrapped in your arms. Good night my king. I love you.

Good night my king quotes that will make him smile in love

10 I pray for sweet dreams my love. In this good night my king quotes do I send you thousand of kisses from here to there. good night my king. You mean everything to me.

11 I would give up everything to just spend the night with you. I will just like like beenie bee in bed with you and tell you how much I am crazy about you. Good night my king. You are special in your own way.

12 From the first moment I said yes in becoming your love. I have never for once regretted. While we have had our worse days and believing God to strengthen our relationship, we have always worked hard on ourselves to move our steps towards perfection. Good night my king, you deserve everything and more.

13 I am deeply and crazily in love with you, from that very first time you spoke to me. You sounded so cute and mature, a combination I have always craved for in a man. I believe you are indeed God sent and I will never do anything to pull you away from me. Good night my baby, you are my little cutie gift from God. Good night my king, I hope that you sleep tight! God be with you!

14 No matter how you intent to sleep, I know you are sleeping alone but regardless always know that I am right there by your side to bring you comfort as you lay on the bed. Good night my king. You are the best man ever!

15 I like you more than Jollof Rice. You know that’s my best food, but you are my best man, my king. Good night my king. Sleep tight my love.

16 I bed you for one thing my life, Just continue to be that same person you are. Continue to be the best person in the whole of the universe. Good night my King. I love you much!

17 Anyday i think of you before closing my eyes to sleep, I always have funny and lovely dreams of you all through the night. hey boyfriend, will just stop occupying my thoughts 24/7? **chuckles** Good night my king. I love you!

18 Every time you are not with me, I feel like I am lost in the depth of the abyss and I can’t just seem to get myself out of the hell hole that I am. I hope you will be here soon so that you can quickly get me out of this hole of loneliness that I have found myself. Good night my king, can’t wait to see you tomorrow. I love you!

19 Make a wish today, wear you princely smile and lay your right hand on your heart. Whatever you wish for will be yours. Believe this and it will come to pass. Good night my king. may your night be as friendly as ever. I love you!

20 See, I will never life because what I feel for you is true. Anytime you say you love me, I feel like I am gliding into the heavens. I love you too darling. Good night my king!

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