Best vacation spots for couples on a budget: Vacation has always been one of the most interesting routines people like to engage, especially after several days of works. This is necessary for singles, couples and children to go out for vacations before the resumption of duties once more.  However, getting the best sport for vacation is what really matters.

You can’t just go out with your family, and then come back home bored. You need highly fascinating places. Therefore, this article will suggest lots of spots for you to make your vacation, here in Nigeria and around the world.

Where are the Best Vacation Spots for Couples on a Budget in Nigeria?

1. La Champagne Tropicana Beach

This is one of my favorite beaches back then in Lagos. I remember when last I went there. I had a lot of fun. You will see different kinds of people both blacks and whites having fun together. People come with different cars; some are luxury cars, while some have chattered commercial buses. You will enjoy yourself with your family.

Perhaps, you went there with food and drinks—you enjoy yourselves there. Some people come to the beach with records to play. There are lots of funs in this beach. You take pictures, make new friends, and swim in the ocean, ride horses and many more. This fun-filled place is located at Lekki/Epe expressway area of Lagos state.

2. Abraka Turf and Country Club

Abraka Turf and Country Club are located at the Delta State of Nigeria. It is also a fun-filled place best for couples and family that are ready to have the best fun ever. You will be happy and grateful you visit there after reading this article. The land is green—it is associated with excitement.

This is what Abraka Club and Country Club It is located at the oil-rich state of Delta. This resort among others is a fantastic place to be. What will marvel you the most is that it is located along the mystical Ethiope River which is highly respected for its pure water, and rich aquatic community; this relaxation center is irresistible in Nigeria for it will give you the very comfort you desire.

This manicured and eco-friendly environment brings you the bliss of fresh and untainted air to breathe. For unforgettable memories for couples, this resort is one of the best as you will fill your eyes with beautiful, artificial and natural environments such as the blue pool, green grasses, and the crystal clear rivers. What else will be more fascinating than this?

The Abraka Turf and Country Club is endowed with a calm nature, which means the visitors will experience a lot of quiet and decorum throughout the vacation.  What about the vegetation that makes the whole place looks like paradise, the golf court cannot be overemphasized, polo field does not come last, and luxury swimming pool and very exotic accommodation for you and your family or partner. This is the kind of resort every successful couple should visit. It gives the elegant lifestyle you can ever think of because to me, it embodies nature itself due to some factors and features it possesses.  In its ambiance, you can hold weddings, anniversary, conference meetings, birthday parties, vacations, government-related gathering, and romantic gateways.  If you are interested in sports activities, this is the best place for you to be.

As there are lots of sports facilities such as tennis court, deep river diving, canoeing, fishing, outstanding golf court, and horse riding.  It has a lot of rooms that come in different types and sizes. There are detached units, chalet, bungalow, and duplex. You don’t need to travel outside Nigeria to enjoy the best of life activities.

Best vacation spots for couples on a budget 1 – Clear Essence California Spa & Wellness Resort, Ikoyi Lagos

Talking of paradise on earth, this resort can never be underestimated. It is located at 13, Alexander road Ikoyi Lagos. You need, comfort? Here is the best place you can ever have it. You spouse will be glad you both visit this ambience.

This is a rare place where your memories will be refreshed and more bonds will be instigated between both of you. I love this hotel for some features such as relaxed restaurant, a cocktail bar, Wi-Fi, a fitness centre, mini-bars, and a standard garden to show how much you love someone, well-furnished rooms, with whirlpool tubs, flat screen TVS. From the comfort of your rooms, you can enjoy the view of the natural vegetation from the comfort of your room.  This resort is synonymous with paradise, its elegance, its vigor, and pleasant nature is something memorable. Have you been longing to visit California and yet has no cash to do so?

Why are you worried when we have mini California here in Nigeria?

This resort is designed in such a way that you will experience California in Lagos, due to the Vineyard Restaurant and Hollywood bar. What kind of dishes do you want? American’ Asian’ or Vegetarian dishes or various types of drinks? They are all available in this awesome hotel. What about exotic showers, elegant sofas, and magnificence guest rooms that provide visitors unspeakable comfort. In fact, it is one of the best resorts in West Africa.  The highly respected staffs, the peaceful environment it is, and the packs of beautiful surroundings make it a fabulous place to visit.

Best vacation spots for couples on a budget 2 – Yankari Game Reserve

If you haven’t been to Yankari Game Reserve before, you are missing. I advise you quickly discuss this with your partner and make it your next plan. The natural environment is mind-blowing, elegant and grandeur of bliss to be. Apart from the beautiful vegetation surrounding Yankari, it is a wild park that is located in the South-Central part of Bauchi State Nigeria. Among the game reserves and parks in Nigeria, this is the most advanced one. It is number in Nigeria and there is no other one comparable to this very awesome reserve for the time being. This is where couples should go and have some fun. If you are a tourist or holidaymaker, this is the best park for you. It is located along the savanna Africa, which makes it easier for you to explore.

You will surely see wildlife in their various natural habitats. The fun is endless.  It is said to have the largest number of wild animals in Nigeria, especially the Elephants. For instance, it presently has 50 different species of animals, close to 550 elephants, and 59 caves respectively. Since the romance that brought you, there is still up, you can enjoy yourself with your partner by taking a swim in the water. If you need Nigerian dishes, they are available and if what you need is to visit a museum, you will have it there right before you, bars and souvenir shops are not lacking.

Best vacation spots for couples on a budget 3 – Calabar Harbour Resort and Spa

Best vacation spots for couples on a budget

When I saw this very resort in picture, the clean environment firstly marveled me. I thought it was a paradise in heaven.

It is a very simple place to be though, nice to cruise along with your partner. It is located in Nigeria, cross-river state—at 13, Asari Eso Layout, Calabar. It is the homes of fantastic arts, with well-mannered staffs, that work day and night to ensure the customer has the best experience ever.

The hotel offers varieties of dishes including traditional and international like the Indian kitchen—pasta is not left out of it. There is a total of 13 rooms and 3 suite well furnished in this resort. The entire rooms are endowed with air-conditioners, well stylishly decorated wall full of amazing arts, wallpapers, wardrobes, 3 seats chairs, and standard bathroom for singles or couples.

It has pools surrounded by beautiful umbrellas for visitors to relax and have any kind of drinks they want. What a luxury life. Nice to be here. Is it a gym you want? You have it all for you and your partner. Go there together, sweat together and enjoy your bath at the pool together.  If you need a greater bond between you and your spouse, the spa is the best option. You are both going to derive optimum excitement visiting here together.

Best vacation spots for couples on a budget 4 – Lekki Conversation Centre

I used to call it the secluded jungle located in Lagos. If you visit Lekki conversation centre, I guarantee you lots of enjoyment, fun, and comfort. As couples, this is an opportunity for you to build your communication skills. You will find all the time to build rapport with each other and as a result, will make your relationship stronger. Have you heard about the gossips before? Yeah, this time around, it is not human gossip, but monkeys, all around. They entertain you with their acrobatic skills. They have lots of them in this resort. You can’t beat the reach, I swear. What about the beautiful peacocks? They are numerous in Lekki Conversation Centre. Tilapia ponds are there for you to fascinate your eyes, what about those big boys and girls called crocodile? You find them there. This will be a very romantic trip if you do.  Thanks to Lekki Conversation Centre. If you want to climb the mountain for your love, there is a skyway bridge for you to climb. It is the longest in Africa, so go and walk your love way up.

Best vacation spots for couples on a budget 5 – MicCom Golf Resort

This is actually located at Osun State, Nigeria—Ibukun Road. It is also one of the most fascinating places to visit in Nigeria. If your mission is to have charming, romantic recoil with heartwarming sights, in an environment decorated with the beauty of nature, with stillness, then this paradise is the best place to be. It is packed with lots of stunning facilities for couples’ memorable experience. Go get some fun, and take your relationship to the next level.

Best vacation spots for couples on a budget 6 – Hermitage Garden Resort

Best vacation spots for couples on a budget

Another irresistible resort to be—located in Lagos state Nigeria. If you are the couple with kids, then, this is the best place to enjoy yourselves without those little angels involved. What an amiable place, serenity, bliss, gentle feel sand with fascinating nature that suits the heart. This beach is one of the perfect vacation centres to visit. It does not drift you out of city life. You will have lots of fun. Don’t worry, you will find lots of enticing meals there. You eat, drink, dance and throw away your sorrow baton.

Best vacation spots for couples on a budget 7 – Obudu Mountain

Obudu Mountain is one very place I cannot stop admiring. A blissful place to be. It is popularly known as the Obudun Cattle Ranch, and it is located at Cross Rivers State. You need to see the realm of beauty. It is one of the best resorts you can ever find in Nigeria.

If you are willing to take your honeymoon to the next level, this resort is one of the best places for you. It will surely leave you with a memorable experience. It has an attractive landscape, so it has grown to become the people’s choice where they can have maximum fun outside the shore of the country. This ambiance, this beauty, this calmness of the nature staring at you. This is exactly what makes it the best to patronize. I am very sure your wife or partner will really enjoy the outing. It is surrounded, with valleys, clouds enticing to the beholder.

What about that large swimming pool it is endowed with? You can relax with your spouse, have a drink of your choice. There is no doubt this experience will create more bond between you and your spouse.  This resort promises to make you feel you are in the paradise, enjoying for making heaven, this is possible as a result of gigantic facilities and equipment present in the ranch. There are 9 hole golf and a well-advanced gym.  Upon your arrival at the ranch, a cable car is used to transport you from through its amazing peaks smiling at you for you don’t have the idea of the fun you are about to have. Come on, what are you waiting for? Get your luggage and get down to this ranch to have some fun. This is really fantastical.

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