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At What Age Will You Know You Are Ready For Marriage? | 15 Bloggers Share Shocking Revelation

ready for marriage

We threw this question to our friends on Whatsapp and these shocking revelations made it to the blog. How do you even know you are ready for marriage?

Read, enjoy and make your choice:

Funke Olotu:

Tbh 25,27. I’ll be settled then and calmer.

My finances have to be in order, my path. I’m not unsettled now but I’m not ready to be in that type of commitment. Marriage is not easy.

Damilola Aladesuru:

I’m not yet ready. Because I’ve not met my career goals that I set to meet before marriage. I’ll be ready when I do that. I’ll be ready when I find a man worthy of a long-life friendship and when my ovaries begin to itch!

Abiola Kaothar:

Well, as the case is for most things in life, you can never be ready till you go into it because no matter how much you research or read or try to be prepared, experience remains the best teacher. Although one might say, for example, one needs to learn to be content before they get married, is say that contentment isn’t a prerequisite to marriage, rather a prerequisite to living a better life


I don’t think any lady or person knows the exact time that he or she is ready for marriage, because even the married ones are still learning on the job. I think its more like” okay I am ready to find out about what this marriage is all about with this guy. Because even after you get married you are still discovering new things, so I think people confuse being ready to wed or to do wedding to be ready to marry. A wedding is different from marriage( Big lesson, people should know). My conclusion I don’t think anybody is ready for marriage, you learn on the job!


When I find that one who I can accommodate and accountability isn’t a problem to me. At the point where he’s crazy about my dreams than I am. When I have no reason to doubt his love, his care and affection towards me.


This is really a tough one for me. I barely think of marriage. I’m all about my career but let’s try and see… I feel I will be fully ready when I get to the stage in my career that I have set to get to before marriage, self and emotional development is a plus. Finally, the man and God are also determinants.



I really dunno. I guess when it’s time I’ll just know. Right now, there’s stuff I got to deal with. I guess when you are ready, you just know.


At first, when I finished serving and got my first job. I thought ‘Well, there’s nothing else again. Marriage should be the next thing’.

Then the whole relationship thing started going south and I realized I wasn’t ready emotionally, I was only ready physically. Because all that happened later made me swore I’m done with marriage.

6years later, I still had it not so good but today, I am most willing and certain I am ready for marriage now. Emotionally, I’ve dealt with all my baggage. Physically, I’ve learned how to run and manage a home and even deal with kids to an extent, LOL. My financial is a bit more steady than before when I was such a spendthrift.

And my relationship with God is one I’m proud of now compared to years back when I can’t even go on my knee for a minute.


In my opinion, there’s no particular time one can be very ready, the truth is you can’t be 100% sure or ready in every sense of the word. However, marriage to me is like a new house, where both partners have no idea what’s inside but have to make do with whatever they get. And when you meet that special someone, your friend who makes taking that risk worth your while, you can put a ring on it. In the last five or six years, I have developed myself mentally, matured physically, emotionally and psychologically and have faced challenges that have molded me into a beautiful bride. I think it’s time I started my own family too, I have been with my own people since like forever.


I know I’m not ready now because marriage is a life Long commitment. Doesn’t mean I’m scared, it just means I’m not rushing. I need to be psychologically ready.

I don’t have to build house et al but just like a guy, I must be financially ready too.

Am I in a relationship? Yes, do I see a future with him? Yes. Are we ready? Heck NO. I’m not saying we must be perfect but we need to stand “gidigba”


Wholeness. When I am whole enough to be by myself as an individual, love myself as an individual and not assign the task of happiness to someone else because in reality, no one can make me happy all the time.

In wholeness, I’d be alert mentally, mature emotionally, capable financially and up to the task in many other aspects. It may not be possible to attain wholeness to its maximum capacity but a sense of self-awareness is required to compensate for the rest.

With self-awareness, I understand what I need to work on and I empathize towards people who have to experience my imperfect sides.

In essence, when an individual is whole, she can be with another person, hopefully, he is whole enough to be with her.

I say that’s when she’s ready to be with another human being.


When I know I have enough resources to sustain the home/support my husband. When I’m emotionally ready to attend to children. When I’m emotionally ready to take shits from my babies, Not everyone is patient enough to withstand tantrums from babies.


It’s different for each person cos we all have different reasons for wanting to get married. Some people are ready even before coming across the man to marry while some needs to be convinced by their partner that it’s time to seal the deal. Sometimes you’re never quite ready. You just make up your mind to take a leap of faith.


Marriage comes with a lot of responsibilities. From the family to the society, so I think one is ready for marriage when one can handle these responsibilities. There will be expectations from your partner, if you know you will meet those expectations then you are ready.


In my opinion, I’m ready for marriage when I meet the right person. I’m not really the type who is concerned about having gone to school or having a job before I am ready to marry. If I’m of age and I meet the right person then I’m ready….. every other thing will sort itself out.


I knew I was ready when I felt settled in other aspects of my life (financial and career wise) and when I realized I had a good man. I just knew I was ready for the next phase of my life.


I honestly haven’t thought about this. I just know I’m not ready.


Lol, I’m not ready. I just have certain things I want to do or get before getting married, plus I’m not financially ready yet either.


You just have that feeling. Especially when you meet the right partner.

What do you think? Do you also have your opinion to share? The comment box is open for you.

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  • Reply
    October 17, 2018 at 4:24 pm

    It doesn’t have a specific age…there are criteria we have to meet as an individual before u can be convinced and confused we r ready for marriage..So no specific age as far as am concern

  • Reply
    October 17, 2018 at 4:27 pm

    Amazing responses! Eye opening and insightful…Well done Deedee.

  • Reply
    AOL. Ganiyu
    October 17, 2018 at 5:04 pm

    There is no thing has age. All that is required is maturity (financial, spiritual and emotional) and readiness born out of ability to take responsibility for your self, spouse and children when they arrive.

  • Reply
    October 17, 2018 at 5:08 pm

    It is safe to say that there really isn’t an age precisely . Very insightful post, amazing job ladies….

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