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Price of Gold Wedding Ring in Nigeria

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria: You need a gold wedding ring, but wondering what the price could be. You need a guideline to evaluate how to budget for your wedding ring. In this article, you shall find out about various prices of gold wedding rings ranging from different prices. You can find out more at the following links: Jumia, Konga, or Sainttracy.

You will find the Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria with the various ring types here.

Fashion Simulation New Diamond

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria

This is one beautiful wedding ring you can’t resist. It is so fascinating to the heart that you will not wait for your wedding day to come. Well carved, well designed, nice to look and suit for the wedding of a royal experience. If you want to get this wedding ring, follow this link and get it at 1,590 Naira.

Cassidy Engagement Ring

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria

This is another precious wedding ring. It has a silver colour and therefore could be classified under white gold. The weight is 0.2kg; the product line is winning complex, while the main material it is made of is Brazilian Steel. You won’t believe how beautiful this valuable ring is going to look in your finger. To buy it at 2,400 Naira, follow this link.

Indian Gold Wedding Ring

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria

You need to see how colorful this ring is. Enticing to the eyes, adoring to the heart. it comes in different variation both for male and female. It is sold at 11,000 Naira. This signifies how expensive and valuable it is. To get one or more for yourself, click here.

Fashion 24Karats Gold Filled Wedding Ring

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria


This is an awesome gold wedding ring that comes in pair. Both male and female wedding will make your wedding day a memorable one. It is sold for 40, 000 Naira before now until the price is reduced by 89% which now makes it to be sold at 6,500 Naira. It is a beautiful yellow gold wedding ring. You can’t resist these beautiful rings when seen. You can check or buy them here.

New Flash Diamond Engagement Ring

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria

This is nice, especially for ladies. The color it is made of is mind-blowing. When I saw it, I wanted to suggest that it should be sold for 50,000 Naira because the outlook is so fabulous that you can’t take it for granted. However, the real price is 1,580 naira. The color is white or silver. It has one five stars so far. To buy it, follow this source.

Classic Silver Proposal Ring

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria

You will like this very one for sure. The look alone will make you think you are already wedded. But don’t be carried away, let’s take it gently until we get to the last plan of our wedding ceremony. I bet upon seeing this, you will love it. The product line is beauty complex, the weight is 0.3kg, and the color is silver while the price is 9, 500 naira. You can get it here.

Unique Wedding Ring set of 3

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria

Just like the name, it is unique and comes in different variations for both male and female. They are sparkling stones; it comes in a box and is 14mm in width. It is specifically termed an engagement ring. The product is flawlez storez, the weight is 1kg, the color is gold, the actual material is steel, it has no NAFDAC registration number and lastly, the price is 4,199 naira only. You can get the gold wedding ring in the store.

Atex Gold Wedding Ring

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria

It is durable, the color is gold. You can’t resist the ambiance of the beauty it is made of. The product line is Ducci Signature. The size is 0.5kg and the price is 18,500 naira only. You can get it here.

Romania Wedding Set Silver

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria

This is another amiable ring you should buy for your wedding. It is a bit expensive, however, it worth its price. It comes in different sizes, ranging from 8-10, the color is silver, while the price is 22, 000 naira only. Get it through this link.

Modyle Couple’s Gold Wedding Ring

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria

The price is 10,500 naira. It is size 7 wedding gold, while the color is yellow gold. You have to buy this product; it is going to make you happy before and after your wedding. To get it, click this link.

RX, Rommanel Wedding Set

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria

This is one of the best wedding rings ever seen. I love the shape, the color and the box in which it is packaged. The size is 6, the product code is 4239580, the price is 17,000 naira and the color is yellow gold. Get it in this store.

Universal Chef, Universal Wedding Ring

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria

This is one of the most beautiful wedding rings I saw in the store while making my research. It is one product you must buy, otherwise, forget about every other rings in the market. It is not expensive but the truth is that it has a sparkling outlook. Nice to the eyes, amiable to the heart. It is sold at 3,000 Naira only. It comes in multicolors, the size is ranging between 11 through 12. Get this simple wedding ring at this address.

Two Lines Diamond Wedding Band

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria

This is one precious ring that fascinates the heart. You will not believe how powerful and amazing this ring is. It is nice, to wear. I love it and that’s why I am recommending it for you. It is a bit expensive. It is sold at 20,000 Naira. This is one of the most valuable wedding rings in the market. Buy it. It worth it. The product code 4239520. Enjoy shopping here.

Sophia Gold Plated Wedding Ring Set

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria

The prize is 5, 000 naira. The size is not specified but it is a very beautiful gold ring. You woman will love it. You are about to strike a lasting memory for your would-be wife. The color is yellow gold. You can get it in this store.

Valerie 18karats White Gold Engagement Ring

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria

I was marveled when I saw this ring. Simple, beautiful but very expensive. It does not really matter what the price of a treasure is, the queen and king that own it are more precious. If you want to buy this ring, it is a very good idea. It is sold at 175, 266 Naira. Made of 18karats white gold, the material is cubic zirconia, and the side stone is also cubic zirconia. You can get it here.

Maryanne 18Karat White Gold Engagement Ring

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria

The regular price is 311, 400 Naira. It is available in stock, it is metal 18karat white goldstone, the material is Cubic Zirconia, the centre stone is also cubic zirconia. For more details about this beautiful ring, follow this link.

Oby 18karat White Gold Engagement Ring

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria

This product is in stock, it is sold at 283,000 Naira. Quite expensive. The metal is 18karat white gold, the material is cubic zirconia, and the side stone is also cubic zirconia. This is so cute, you madam will love it. Since you have the cash, why not just buy this stuff for you fiancée as part of the preparation for your wedding? You can see more details here.

Nimien 18karat white gold wedding /Engagement Ring

Price of gold wedding ring in Nigeria

This is another beautiful ring you will not like to miss out. Thank your head for landing you on this page. You are going to enjoy this special package. It is an expensive ring that should be bought for your wedding ceremony. The metal is 18karat, though the wedding ring is out of stock pending new availability. The material is cubic zirconia, the side stone is cubic zirconia and the price is 186,585 naira. You can purchase it here.

Qualities of wedding rings and Various Metals

Buying a wedding ring is one thing, and getting the right quality is another thing. You will need to understand the guidelines through which you can get a reliable quality of a wedding ring. This is very important and it is the sole reason why I have to present the qualities of wedding rings as part of the article.

Let’s start from the Metals through which they are made of

  • Platinum: Platinum is the most popular choice for wedding ring due to the high quality and hardness, uncommon availability, the natural white color that never fade away. If a platinum ring is close to 100% pure, it will be heavy, strong and naturally hypo-allergenic. So while buying a wedding ring, ensure you understand this guideline for quality.
  • Palladium: this is a white precious metal which is sometimes, classified as part of platinum metal. It is well known for its white color that forever shines. This means the white color is natural to it. It never tarnishes. It is less expensive, compare to platinum. So if a palladium ring is sold to you in a price higher than another one made of Platinum of the same size. Reject it, you have been scammed.
  • White Gold: It is well known that white gold jewelry uses pure gold alloyed with other metals in order to produce a beautiful metal. White gold can be a good representative of diamonds. The brilliant white luster of white gold is as a result of the presence of rhodium as part of the ingredient or reactors during production. Since rhodium plating is hypoallergenic, it helps to protect the white gold. This should be one of the qualities you must know before buying white gold in the market. Rhodium may be strong but wears away over time. However, you can re-plate it from time to time.
  • Yellow Gold: This is another quality you have to consider before buying your wedding ring. If you notice, we centralize this article, in particular, to be based on the price of gold wedding rings. This is because, aside platinum and other metals, yellow gold is usually the traditional metal for wedding rings. It is made from the mixture of pure gold, copper and silver. The color and hardness of the gold are determined by the number of carats chosen.
  • Rose Gold: this is another quality you will have to consider before buying gold. It is either called pink or red gold. This means you should keep your eyes on the color of rose gold. It does not have any other color than the two mentioned already. The color and hardness of rose gold are determined by the number of carats.
  • Silver Quality: silver is one of the most inexpensive metals used in making wedding rings. The problem with it is that tarnishes easily compared to other metals. However, you can maintain that, by plating it with rhodium.
  • Titanium Quality: This quality guideline is very important since some of the metals may look alike. Titanium has always been a very good material for making jewelry, due to its properties. It is incredibly strong and durable compare to other metals such as gold. It is darker in color, lighter in weight. It is hypo-allergenic.
  • Zirconium Quality: This bears similarities in strength and weight with titanium. However, titanium is grey or white colored metal but with the same hypo-allergenic quality as titanium. Zirconium is scratch resistance due to its formation of deep silky dark oxide coating when heated.
  • Tungsten Quality: Tungsten Carbide is one very strong metal used in making rings. It is also hypo-allergenic. It does not tarnish, does not fade easily compare to silver. Tungsten is heavier in weight when compared to other metals, however, don’t be carried away by the hardness. If a tungsten ring is dropped on a hard surface may fracture it.
  • Steel: Lastly, this is the quality metal that is designed for people with a small budget. Stainless steel is a durable and strong metal; this makes it an acceptable metal for making a wedding ring. It is equally hypo-allergenic and does not scratch.

With this information, you should be guided on the quality of the gold wedding material should be on your target when planning your budget. The prices, the stores to order them from are also included in this article.

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