Big Brother Naija 2019 – All You Need To Know

Big Brother Naija

Big Brother Naija previously known as Big Brother Nigeria is a reality TV show that is based on the Big Brother TV series in which 12 contestants, mainly strangers, come together to live in a house, isolated from the rest of the society as they set their eye on and compete for the big fish, a cash prize worth N25,000,000 at the end of the show, the winner is usually the person that dodges eviction from the very beginning of the show till the end of it and the choice of who to evict is usually in the hands of the viewers, a process which is usually done via text messages. The debut season of the show was aired first on DSTV Channel 37 from the 5th of March to the 4th of June 2006. The voting results are mostly received and authenticated by a private company, Alexander Forbes.

The very first season of the show had an interesting twist to it as two new contestants were introduced 23 days into the competition, much to the bewilderment of the fans and the amusement of fellow housemates. The debut of the reality TV series had interesting personalities like Ebuka who was the most popular housemate back then and a few days into the competition there was a strong conviction among fans that he was the favored one to emerge as the overall winner but things went sideways and he couldn’t make it to the finals as he secured the spot of the seventh housemate to be evicted, an eviction which was attributed to the jealousy of the fan base of Joe, his arch-rival who also got evicted days after Ebuka’s eviction from the house.

Big brother naija 2019

Yet another twist was added to the game on the 79th day of the competition which was supposed to be a day for nominations but was instead overturned to create a some sort of suspense for the fans and intense tension for the housemates who were made to believe the next batch of eviction will be based on their performances on assigned tasks, however, from the 79th day till the very end of the reality show, no more evictions were held and viewers who voted through texts made a 26-year-old Katung Aduwak the winner of the maiden edition of the show.

The Nigerian television series, Big Brother Naija is one that has been hosted in South Africa since its inception and it is exclusively shown on Multichoice-owned cable television, DSTVand GOtv through dedicated channels on each platform. The show lasts roughly for the duration of 12 weeks.

Objectives of the Big Brother Naija Show

BBNaija as aforementioned is a reality tv show, a series set as a social experiment, one in which people from diverse culture, backgrounds, experience and field of work come together under a roof to work and carry out given tasks together. The major motivation of the show can be said to be unity, unity in diversity i.e. showing Nigerians and viewers from other parts of the world the need to work together despite their differences be it race, background, religion, culture, race, color or country of birth.  Housemates are usually mentally prepared to live as though they are not being watched, a mentality which gives room for whatever thing you want to do, this way, the housemates don’t get to be rigid or stiff, add thrills to the viewers’ experience. Regardless of the freedom to do whatever the housemates wish to, there are rules guarding their stay in the house, one which must not be contravened.

Big Brother Naija Housemates Meaning

For the duration of the show, contestants who are in the game for the grand prize are referred to as “housemates”. The said housemates are handpicked applicants, there are usually thousands of them who show interest in becoming a participant on the show. So far, BBNaija has hosted a total of 50 housemates. Qualified housemates are ones who must have passed the auditions and show some level of maturity as open-minded adults who know how to have fun, keep people glued to their tv sets and law-abiding (house rules) at the same time.

Big Brother Naija Location

As earlier stated, the show itself is hosted in South Africa and the selection process otherwise referred to as auditions are held in various locations across the states in Nigeria.

How the Show is Run; What Happens in Big Brother Naija House?

Within the duration of the Big Brother Naija reality TV show, housemates are isolated in the “Big Brother House” with no form of contact whatsoever from the outside world as the housemates are not allowed to own any electronic gadget for the duration of their stay in the Big Brother House.

The other house rule asides the non-possession of electronic gadgets is the use of language or language of communication. The official language allowed for day to day rapport of housemates is proper English and communication via any other language is prohibited except on rare occasions where the Big Brother allows it for whatever reason the organizers deem fit. One big unsolved mystery of the Big Brother Naija show that has kept many viewers attracted over the years is an person behind the voice that is usually represented by a big eye and mostly referred to as “Big Brother” or “Biggie”, someone who has been presumed to be the owner of the Big Brother house and it is widely believed that he is omnipresent within the Big Brother house as the eye icon that is usually displayed during most of his speeches signifies that he sees and knows everything that is going on with each and every housemate present in the house. The “Big Brother” or “Biggie” is the figure of unchallenged authority as the power to make laws and bend them at will while making decisions as to the daily coordination of the affairs of the “Big Brother House” lies in his hands and being the person that he is, he adds unexpected and interesting twists to the rules just to spice things on and arouse the interest of more viewers.

It is a worthy mention to state the fact that since the beginning of the show, BBNaija has successfully held three editions of the reality TV show and all three editions have been judged to be very successful which has led to a growing fan base rooting for the show across the continent. A look beyond the success of the show will reveal heaps of criticisms hauled at the organizers and promoters of BBNaija which can be majorly attributed to the broadcast of obscenity.

big brother naija 2019

Big Brother Naija History

Big Brother, the parent company behind Big Brother Naija is a global brand shown in several countries across the globe and the push behind the ideology of the show can be traced to George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four, a novel which was written in the year 1949. The show originally kickstarted in the Netherlands and in no time spread to Africa in 2003 where it recorded a massive success. The show lasted for the duration of 9 seasons before it was yanked off the air.

Big Brother Naija, on the other hand, is a direct adaptation of Big Brother Africa as it can be categorically stated that the former coined its’ ideas from the latter and the show was officially launched in 2006 as Big Brother Nigeria before it metamorphosed to Big Brother Naija. The winner of the maiden edition, Katung Aduwak won the cash sum of $100,000 with Francisca, Ify and Sandy as runner-ups.

Big Brother Naija Season 2 which was tagged “See Gobe” was aired a decade after the very first edition of the reality show and it was a huge success as recorded votes hit an all-time high. Efe Ejaba, the “based on logistics” guy beat the other fourteen contestants and two other fake housemates to win the coveted cash prize of 25 Million Naira alongside a brand new SUV. Bisola and T-boss made it to the runners-up list.

The third edition of Big Brother Naija “Double wahala” started in January 2018 and from thousands of applicants, 20 were handpicked to contest for the ultimate prize. The show lasted for 85 days with miracle beating the other contestants to win the grand prize. This edition of the show recorded the most success as over 170million people voted during the show.

The fourth edition is still being expected. The audition process is set to commence soon.

How much is big brother Naija form?

One of the most asked questions about the Big Brother Naija television reality show is about the amount the form for the audition is being sold and as you would have guessed, the grand prize of every edition is the main push behind the surge in the number of Nigerians asking about the prize. The surprise factor about the big brother Naija form is the fact that the form is free of charge and you do not need a dime to get the form from the various outlets where they are available. The next edition of the show which also doubles as its fourth season might be a little bit different as many Nigerians are already drawn to the show as the prize for the last edition was an enormous mouthwatering cash prize alongside some other interesting benefits.

Big brother Naija 2019 application form

The availability of the 2019 Big Brother Naija form is yet to be ascertained and there has not been an official confirmation on the 2019 audition form. The form will likely be free of charge has it was with the past editions but the organizers of the Big Brother Naija show might bring in an element of surprise by charging a token as a way of reducing the number of people that will turn up for the audition which is why you should sign up to this blog’s newsletter for possible updates on the 2019 Big Brother Naija form. As a rule of thumb, you should, by all means, disregard every unofficial outlet urging you to buy the 2019 Big Brother Naija form as the dates of the audition will be announced via the usual platform and everything from registration to selection of qualified participants will be sorted at the audition venue. As aforementioned that the use of the form for the 2019 Big Brother Naija audition might be eliminated, here is how to qualify for the audition;

  • Check for instructions on the criteria needed to make an acceptable video on Big Brother Naija’s official website then proceed to prerecord a video of yourself doing, saying and being exactly what you want to be. On the other hand, if you are the kind of person who doesn’t need to prerecord and edit an already made clip, you can head over to the video section of the website to record one on the go.
  • Save a current picture of yourself, one where your face is clearly shown and the video you just recorded to your computer so that they are easily accessible when you need them.
  • Fill out the required boxes on the online application page then upload the picture and video you had earlier saved.
  • You will be informed by email if you make it past the audition.

Big Brother Naija Audition Dates

The auditions for the last edition of the Big Brother Naija reality tv show was held in Lagos from the 26th of November through the 27th of November. This little reminder is an indication that the 2019 Big Brother Naija audition might also hold at the same date as last year. This information is not certain and you should be on the lookout for more updates.

Big Brother Naija Audition Addresses

  • Lagos City. Behind Sheraton hotel, 1, Ayeni street, Ikeja.
  • Port Harcourt city. 5141, Aba Road, Port Harcourt
  • Federal Capital Territory, Abuja. MultiChoice office, Ademola Adetokunbo Street, Next to NEMA, adjacent Transcorp Hilton, Maitama.
  • Enugu City.

Requirements for Big BrotherNnaija Audition Application

The criteria for the Big Brother Naija 2019 audition application is simple, here are a few conditions you must fulfill;

  • You must be a Nigerian by birth or naturalization and you must reside in the country as the show is explicitly for Nigerians.
  • You must be a matured adult i.e. you must be above 20 years of age.
  • Your use of the country’s official language i.e. English must be fluent and polished as no other language is allowed for communication in the Big Brother Naija house.
  • You must possess an international passport that is valid.
  • You will have to agree to the terms of condition of the reality TV show.
  • You must be an individual with no criminal record.
  • Affiliation with a secret society will get you disqualified.

How to Apply for the Big Brother Naija Audition

As earlier noted, the application for the 2019 Big Brother Naija audition is totally free with a condition attached to your qualification, you must be ready and willing to appear in person alongside other prospective housemates when the date and venue of the audition get announced. For updates on the dates and venue of the 2019 Big Brother Naija application, you should subscribe to this blog’s newsletter for an update via email.

Interview Questions to Expect for Big Brother Naija Audition

In life generally, effective preparation is a sine qua non for success. In our next post, we will be writing exclusively on the specific questions that were asked in previous editions. Meanwhile, if you need a rough idea of what it looks like, then check these personal questions.

  • Why do you want to be on the Big Brother Naija show?
  • How did you learn of the show, and how long have you watched.
  • Do you have a strategy to win if selected, and what is it?
  • How would you react to people who have contrary views to your beliefs?

Big Brother Naija Audition Questions

  • If you happen to be a new addition to a box of crayon, what color would you be and what’s the reason for the color you have decided to go with?
  • Picture yourself in a scenario where as you stepped out of this office after your session with the interviewers, you happen to find a lottery ticket that entitles you to 45 million naira cash prize, what would you do with it?
  • Do you work better when you work alone or you work better when you are with a team of supportive persons?
  • What thoughts crosses your mind when you are alone in a car?
  • What is your favorite evergreen Nigerian song, the reason for your choice and the name of the artiste?
  • What was the last give you last gave to someone and what was the occasion?
  • If you have a superpower that allows you to shapeshift into an animal of choice, what animal would you be and why?
  • Define your personality while you were at the university.
  • What was the last thing you watched on television and what made you watch that particular thing?
  • What was the last thing you have always wanted to say to your boss at your previous job?
  • What is that one thing other than your salary and other cash bonuses that have kept you motivated and inspired to put in your best at your place of work?
  • What is the funniest relatable incident that has happened to you of recent?
  • What do you aspire to be when you grow into a more matured person?
  • Which two establishments do you know the most people at and why those two?
  • If this audition does not go as planned, what backup plan do you have in place?
  • What’s the inspiration behind your application to Big brother Nigeria?
  • What are you generally known for in your place of work and within your circle of friends?
  • What project do you get involved in during your free time?
  • What is the most interesting thing about you that can’t be figured out from your resume?
  • How would you rate your memory when it comes to remembering things as at when needed?
  • Proffer the solution to a social ill of choice and explain your chosen solution.
  • Name three consecutive days with the exception of Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
  • How would you describe the color “yellow” to a blind shopper in a mall?
  • You have just been given an elephant as the last gift from a dying loved one, you can’t give it away to another person nor sell it, what would you do with the elephant?
  • How would you persuade someone to do something they don’t want to do?

How to Pass the Audition / Tips for the Big Brother Naija Interview

After being successfully shortlisted, you would be interviewed for a simple interactive session and after watching several episodes of Big Brother Naija interview sessions, we have come up with a list of things interviewers look out for in potential candidates.

  • One of the reasons why some applicants get disqualified during the interview session is dishonesty when you cook up a story about who you are, you are bound to get disqualified.
  • When you reek of desperation and it’s obvious to everyone on the panel, then you might get disqualified for being too desperate.
  • Get clips of past auditions to learn from the mistakes of others.
  • Create a fun profile. There is a need to have a backup profile that centers on fun and entertainment, as the show is all about keeping people entertained and your school qualifications don’t really count on the show.
  • Self Confidence. You need to come across to the interviewers as someone with some level of confidence but you need not to allow your confidence level get into your head.
  • Read widely. As a Big Brother Naija housemate, there is a need for you to read widely about everyone walks of life as the show is beyond entertainment and your knowledge about the environment and other matters will be tested.

Where can one watch 2019 Big Brother Naija Online?

The best platform to stream the 2019 Big Brother Naija show online is youtube and for people with a mobile cable subscription, you can download the DStv app and watch from there. You can also watch from our blog as we linked to a Youtube page – HERE.

Big Brother Naija Official Website

The official website for Big Brother Naija is bbnaija.ng

Update on the BB Naija 2019 As at January 17 2019

Update On BB9ja 2019 – Audition Venue, Date and Time

Sometimes good news catching us by surprise – when least expected, is one of the best feelings ever. In view of this, your favorite TV show – BB9ja thrills the world; most especially this part of the world – Africa, as she announces the updates on BB9ja 2019!

Awesome right? At present, I know you’re giving the wow! Eureka! Kind of expression. Well, we did same too here on our end as we caught wave of the good news. And right here, all ye lovers of BB9ja, we’ll be delving in details into the full updates on BB9ja 2019, and everything you need to know as regards the reality show.

So we’re good right?

Audition Update on BB9ja 2019

Following the eyes-brightening announcement, it could be gathered as well that the auditions for this much-anticipated reality TV show old hold on the 1st and 2nd of February 2019 across Nigeria.

The auditioning exercise which was scheduled for two days would serve as the principal criterion in determining who and who gains access into the big brother’s house for the main contest.

Hence, I guess you see the need of you planning rigorously before eventually participating in any of the auditions taking place across Nigeria.

With credible sources from the official site of BB9ja, I’ve carefully and painstakingly compiled series of guidelines above which is aimed at helping you scale through the auditioning Stage.

However, it’s quite understandable that this reality TV show isn’t open for every dick and Harry, hence the emergence of criteria which determines your eligibility as to either you could participate in the auditions for this year, or otherwise.

These Criteria and eligibility status have been explained in details above. I’ll urge you to take a cursory look in other to know if this journey about to be taken fits you, or otherwise.

Audition Locations across Nigeria

According to the Chief Executive Officer of MultiChoice Nigeria, Mr. John Ugbe, the audition for this year’s BB9ja would take place across 8 states in Nigeria.

This development records an extreme increase relatively to the previously conducted auditions for other editors of the reality TV show. Thereby making it the highest recorded so far.

The 8 states/cities the auditions are scheduled to happen are:

  • Lagos
  • Calabar
  • Port Harcourt
  • Abuja
  • Warri
  • Ibadan
  • Enugu
  • Benin

Should you pass the criteria outlined here, please get prepared to attend the audition in any of these cities closest to you.

The specific centers for the audition in the respective states as listed above are:

  • LAGOS — DPodium Event Center
  • Abuja – Multichoice Office, Maitama Abuja
  • Enugu – Oaklands Event and Park
  • Warri – Deluxe Garden and Suites
  • Calabar – Veletian Arena
  • Ibadan – Mauve 21 Event Center
  • Portharcourt – Hotel Presidential

However, according to their statement, it could be gathered that these venues are mere speculations, as they keenly addressed the public saying the specific locations for the auditions and their respective allocated times for the auditions in February would be announced subsequently.

Audition forms are free of every charge. Please do not fall victims of scammers who claim to sell the form. The form as and now is free!

How to Register For Audition

Even with the announcement from the organizers of BB9ja, which prompted us into giving you updates on BB9ja 2019, the procedures in registering for this year’s audition in other to become a housemate, has not been specifically stated. Although a few reports have concluded that the audition forms would be obtained at the respective venues of the days of audition, this conclusion hasn’t been confirmed by the organizers of the reality show.

However, in reference to the past procedures employed in obtaining the audition form, we’ve drafted a few ways as to which you can obtain your form. But please note, this ideas outlined below are mere speculations because big brother himself hasn’t made any declaration as regards this cause.

Procedures of Registering;

  • Make a video of yourself. For this, it is usually advised to make a prerecorded video in other to get intentional about the video you eventually get to submit. But in case you’re the on-the-spot kind of person, then you can proceed to not following the prerecording pattern. Hence, you can just go straight to their official site to record your video (their site has been built in such a way that it has the feature which enables you self-video.
  • Fill out the online application form completely, and thereafter proceed to upload your already recorded video, and also your already saved picture.
  • If your application gets accepted, you’ll get an email sending further details to you.

If you read the above instructions with a cursory gaze, you’ll realize we didn’t include any link whatsoever in the procedures, this is because the above-listed procedures are mere speculations, following the guidelines of previous editions. However, will urge you to check back on this space regularly in other to get the latest updates on BB9ja 2019 as it reels out sequentially.

So basically, that’s all on how to register for the auditions of BB9ja 2019.

Official Sponsors and Prizes for BB Naija 2019

Asides the increase in audition centers, which depicts other participation of citizens across the nation, organizers of BB9ja has also decided to increase the prizes for this year’s contest.

In place of the previous prizes, this year’s show promises to oversee giving the winner, first runners-up, and second runners-up, even greater prizes than they’ve experienced in previous editions. Mouthwatering! Isn’t it.

In furtherance to this, in their announcement, they as well certified Nigeria’s foremost betting website, Bet9ja as the headline sponsor for this new season.

BB Naija Host – Confirmed

This editions which would take place in Nigeria would be hosted by your favorite man, Ebuka Obi-Uchendu.

 This was confirmed from the update released in the latter parts of Tuesday, 15th of January, 2019, by the lord of Big Brother 9ja via their twitter handle.

The Wrap

The reality TV show which is certified for bringing maximum entertainment and enthusiasm to its fans and general audience is said to have followed the format of the international Big Brother franchise.

The TV show is scheduled to last over a period of 3 months before the eventual winner emerges and also said to be holding in NIGERIA as contrasting to South Africa where it was held last year.

Winners for season one, two and three are Katung Aduwak, Efe Ejaba, and Miracle respectively.

Speaking at the press conference which birthed the press release, CEO of Multichoice promised maximum entertainment would be derived from this fourth edition, even better than other previous ones. He also revealed that since the maiden edition of BB9ja I’m 2006, the reality TV show has produced loads of entertainers cum influences across the nation. They include Ebuka Obi-Uchendu, Gideon Okeke, Katung Aduwak, Bisola Aiyeola, Efe Ejeba, and Uriel Oputa and mostly recently Miracle Ikechukwu, Tobi Bakre and Cynthia “Cee-C” Nwadiora.

So, are you ready to battle with your wits over a span of three months for an ultimate, grand prize, then what else are you waiting for! Plan, prepare, and win! See you in the house.

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