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Sensitivity: Your Power Or Your Weakness


Let’s talk about sensitivity: Your Power Or Your Weakness

The realities of the present world make us often think that sensitivity is our weakness. You also think so, right?

You might think that a sensitive person becomes very vulnerable and relatively unprotected. That is why you prefer to hide your true feelings and emotions. But is it right to hide who you are from the world? Well, think about it! And while you’re thinking, I help you realize that your sensitivity is your great power and all you need to do is to learn how to use it to your advantage.

Benefits of Being a Sensitive Person

When you read falling in love quotes and cry because they are so sincere, so delicate and so romantic, this means that your soul wants to express your real emotions to the world. It isn’t your weakness and you shouldn’t be afraid of these emotions. You don’t have to learn how to turn off feelings. If you’re a sensitive person, you can perceive your life more deeply and actually turn your sensitive nature into your main advantage. And this will be really possible when you understand all the benefits of being a sensitive soul.

Feel People’s Emotions Deeply

People with a sensitive nature can feel other people’s mood and intentions better. And this allows you to analyze the person’s condition and realize what you can do in the current situation. For example, if you see that your loved one is sad or upset about something, you won’t tell him or her bad news, conversely, you try to figure out why your beloved is in such a state and help him or her.

Have High Levels of Compassion

By the way, the desire for help and compassion is a great feature of being a sensitive soul. A study shows that if you look at the photos of both strangers and beloved people, you pay more attention to the ones where you see unhappy and melancholy faces. This is due to the fact that sensitive people have increased activation in the areas of the brain associated with compassion. Such a delicate trait is very helpful because it makes you the more attentive person and can improve your communication with your loved one as well as other people.

Focus on Tiny Details

This is one of the most noticeable traits of sensitive people. Being a sensitive person, you seek information by using the areas of your brains and mobilizing all your senses. Thus, you pay much attention to the subtleties that others often miss. This trait is probably the most useful at work and career promotion. What is your biggest strength in the workplace?  Of course, it is the ability to keep on track of the details (tiny details!).

Tap into Creativity

If you’re a sensitive person, you`re creative! You’re attentive not only to other people but also to your inner world. What does it bring? Actually, a lot of opportunities and the most important one is to solve the problems creatively. You can use absolutely innovative solutions and unique ways to address your problems both into your relationship and at work. That’s really amazing!

So I hope now you have no reason to doubt that sensitivity is your power. Moreover, this is a power that positively impacts all sides of your life. The key point is that you have to learn how to use your sensitive nature properly. And for that, you must be yourself, try not to hide your feelings, not to limit your emotions and soon you`ll see that the people around you as well as your life will change for better!

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