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Six Ways To Identify A Guy That Won’t Be Faithful In A Relationship | Ogbeni La

Six Ways To Identify A Guy That Won't Be Faithful In A Relationship

1. Go to his music playlist on his smartphone

If he combines Fuji with Rap, if he enjoys classic rock come still like Small doctor like Deoye ( ezz just example ayam exampling), sister, what you see is what you get. Dude can’t be faithful.

The same way he has good taste for different and almost irreconcilable genres of music is the same way you’d be catching him with babes you will spend your life trying to fathom the source of attraction.

2. If whenever he visits the bar, he has no fixed brand. Let me demonstrate this one.

Oga there’s no Big Guinness stout.

No Big stout? Fuck! Medium dey?

E don finish

Chai, what else do you have? Is their Heineken?

No sir

What of Star?

We have Star Radler.

I mean Star my friend. Or Goldberg.

Goldberg is not cold.

Okay, give me Hero or any beer that is cold.

Sister, talk to your heels. Such man can’t fit be faithful to your pussy for the rest of his life. He will die. If you don’t want the death of another man’s son on your head, just free uncle.

3. If he supports Manchester City football club or has changed football club in the last 14 years. The years is calculated by when Chelsea first won the EPL under Abramovich.

See, serious pundits will tell you there’s nothing like a Man city supporter unless be began watching football yesterday sha. Or if he tells you he supports either Barcelona or Real Madrid but still have another English club he hangs on to…

4. If He maintains two active Facebook accounts. He’s a polygamist by design. He will keep side chics and he’d be so sleek about it you won’t know unless you just like to have a headache for fun.

In fact, this one will date someone in your street. Don’t even try a distance relationship with such an uncle. Because even God will blame you.

5. If he keeps a sim card that he puts into the phone once in a while *inserts wild laughter. He will never repent from cheating. He’s like a passive smoker. They don’t quit. This kain person, they don’t cheat nigh. If he resides in Lagos, his side chic will be in Benin. If a business trip or official work takes him to Benin just once in a year, it is that once, he’d insert the sim sorry it is that once he’d cheat on you. They are contented cheats. 😂😂😂

6. If he can never decide between draw and egusi soup whenever he eats out but always settles for mixture, he will mix you with other girls.

If you’re orobo, he go carry lekpa join the equation to balance. If you’re fair like Vivien, he’d want chocolate like Oluchi to compliment. If you have big bress like Nana, he’d want to find out what perky boobs feels like when fondled.

Spirit of covetousness dwells in his soul. Don’t expect Fidelity here. No Guarantee, no Standard trust. You can only be his First lady he’d Access others.

Kindly share. You may be saving a sister from impending heartbreak.

They won’t teach you these things in school.

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