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Five Simple Changes You Can Make To Improve Your Mental Health

Five Simple Changes You Can Make To Improve Your Mental Health

An imbalance with regard to your mental health can be incredibly debilitating. However, you can make changes which will improve things.

Continue reading for five suggestions that could make a substantial difference in your life.

Balanced Diet

Everyone has heard the phrase you are what you eat, but it is the truth. If you eat a ton of bad food, you will feel bad. Eat well and you will feel well.

Try to put a rainbow of fruit and vegetables into your body. Ensuring that your body has all the nutrients it needs will have a positive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing.

No one is telling you to forget about chocolate forever, rather eat it in moderation.


Incorporating exercise into your life does not mean you have to become a gym bunny – far from it. In fact, just raising your heart rate for twenty minutes five times a week can have a positive impact.

Of course, vigorous exercise is even better. Prolonged periods of time spent working out, whether it’s a brisk walk or a Zumba class, will lead to the release of feel-good chemicals in your brain such as endorphins.


Ensuring that you get around eight hours’ sleep every night is essential for our physical and mental wellbeing. A lack thereof can lead to spiraling levels of depression and anxiety.

Getting into a regular routine will help with bedtimes and wake-ups at the same time each day, including the weekends.

Reducing the levels of caffeine you ingest from around 5pm can make a profound difference, allowing you to drift off more easily.

However, it isn’t always that easy. Essential oils, such as lavender, can help. Kumi Oils offer advice on the best to choose depending on your situation.


Spending time with friends and family can really boost your mood. However, if you are finding it difficult due to location, such as being apart from loved ones, it can be difficult.

Try a new hobby, perhaps, to meet new people with shared interests. When you do engage in social activities, ensure you are properly present.

Put your cell phone away and be genuinely interested in people. Face to face interaction truly is unbeatable with a vast array of positives.

Reduce your addictions

If you have vices such as smoking and drinking alcohol, you may find that these are detrimental to improving your mental health.

Being under the influence of alcohol means that you are more likely to have negative thoughts about yourself.

Although you may not feel you have a problem with addiction, if you are heading in that direction, this will also come with a much greater chance of having long-term mental health difficulties.

For smokers who are reliant on cigarettes for regular nicotine fixes will find that their mood drops when they are unable to give in to their cravings, for example, when they are at work.

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