How To Choose Gel Pens For Coloring? Tips and Tricks

As an individual passionate about drawing, coloring, or painting on coloring books, you need the perfect tools to make your artistic muse come alive or, preferably, add panache to your work.

This is where coloring enthusiasts discovered gel pens as the ideal working tool.

Over the years, we have seen gel pens flood the market with multifunctional purposes for crafting, card-making, DIY projects, sketching, even journaling.

If you want to buy or choose a gel pen to use for any of the purposes described above, it could be tricky because there are many options to choose from, and you need the perfect tool.

Considering this stationery dilemma, here are some tips and tricks to help you narrow down your choices for getting the perfect gel pen you can use for writing in your journal, decorating a scrapbook, sketching out a face, or creating a Christmas card.

Pen Designs and Storage

If you are a first-time gel pen user, then this is something you should consider before choosing your preferred pen.

Gel pens dry out at the same rate as ballpoint pens, so it is necessary to consider the pen’s design. You can choose between a retractable design or a standard design that has excellent capping features.

Make sure you buy a pen with a good seal feature, so you don’t end up getting one that still dries up even when it is capped.

Gel pens dry up sometimes because the cap is made of substandard material. So be careful, so you do not have to spend more money on buying new pens now and then.

Also, consider pens that have good storage conditions that will not affect their quality.

Consider Your Favorite Colors

As a design enthusiast, you should be conversant with the color options in a gel pen before you buy it.

If you are making crafts, scrapbooks, DIY projects, or coloring books for your kids or loved ones, then you need gel pens that come in vibrant hues and subtle colors, which will complement your work perfectly.

If you want to add details that will be visible in your works, you need gel pens with metallic, glitter, rainbow, or other ink variations.

Also, you should know you can get gel pens that come in pastel colors, black or white. These can be useful for designing on a surface or color book.

Check The Pen’s Writing Tip

As stated earlier, you use gel pens for various purposes, which makes it essential to consider the pen’s writing tip.

The people behind https://www.mofukawa.com/best-gel-pens-for-coloring/ explained that they design some pens with writing in mind, not coloring.

So, you should check out the tip size to confirm if it suits your writing or design purpose.

For instance, small pens with a 0.6-0.7 mm tip size are perfect for writing and drawing, as they don’t leave a smear on your book.

However, tip sizes between 0.8-1.0 mm are medium or large pen tips and are very useful when you want to shade, fill a color, write, and draw.

Buy For Your Comfort

Consider your comfort when you are choosing a gel pen. This is a trick that can help you become a better user of the pen brand.

Many people use writing, coloring, or drawing to unwind and relax, but using a pen that you can’t handle comfortably defeats the purpose.

Suppose you have a health condition that causes discomfort for your hand, gel pen brands whose designs have soft holding at the lower part and won’t cause you pain.

Also, if you are sensitive to latex, choose gel pen brands with latex-free versions to get a perfect experience and maximize your comfort.

Compare The Prices To Your Budget

Yes, you like your colored gel pens, but can you afford them? This is something you should consider before you go on a pen shopping spree.

Be sure that whatever pen you are buying, make sure you can get all your varieties from a single store. That way, you can easily buy it in bulk or put it in for a discount.

Some gel pens are more expensive than others, so be sure you need them before ordering them.

Also, gel pens come at relatively discounted prices and have all the color variations, including glitters, swirls, black and white, plus a storage box as a bonus.

There you have it. Before you get a gel pen, be sure that it satisfies your ergonomic wants, color needs, writing, or drawing preference and at a reasonable price before you splurge on it.

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