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The movie addressed one of malignant cancer within Nigeria tertiary institution, sexual harassment melted on female students by their male lecturers.

The movie had great casts including the likes of Temi Otedola, who acted the role of the abused Master student, Moremi. Being her debut appearance in a movie, I think she brought her A-game.

Her poise, her beauty, and her class just consummate rightly with the richness of the color camera shots and the riveting storyline. I for one think she is a natural. I can not wait for her to appear in another movie (probably a romance drama).

Gabriel Afolayan, who played the med student and the lover boy to Moremi, is a Thespian in his own class in romantic movies, he did justice to his role and I cannot help but seeing that romance drama is his forte. Particularly where he met Moremi for the first time and the second meeting.

The romantic dialogue spiced with Yoruba, especially Moremi poor fluency in the Yoruba language gives a romantic sensation to the scenes that are to die for; the cameo appearance of the producer Kunle Afolayan, who played the role of Gabriel Afolayan’s brother (of course they are real brothers).

Jimmy Jean-Loius did justice to his role as the abusive professor – his imposing stature, the subtle jokes, the play of words with the touch of French – it all had a rich blend of culture which I savor still; Joke Silva who played the role of the lawyer to the plaintiff is a seasoned veteran.

Adjetey Anang, the Ghanaian superstar who played the role of friend to Moremi (Temi Otedola) and his crush, Ini Edo, the voluptuous eyes candy who want to eat the new professor, gush!

Temi Otedola no doubt is a lady of class with a flawlessly chiseled nose, powerful, sensual, and unraveling eyes that has various nuances and depth to them, I particularly I am in love with. Yeah right! I am in love with omo Otędola.

The camera caught every detail of her delicate frame and somewhat reclusive personality. Yet she’s brilliant and articulate in the classroom. She brought a vibe that is somewhat closer to that of Adesua Etomi Wellington to the movie. Unequivocally, she’s stunning on screen both in physique and interpretation of her role.

Citation is another success from the movie veteran, Thespian, writer, actor, director, and producer, Kunle Afolayan. Probably you wouldn’t have a second watch but it will get you thinking and talking about it for a while (this is the case all over social media at the moment).

It is a classic didactic and satirical movie that not only capture the hues of the story well but also brought an infusion of seasoned actors and actresses that nailed the movie in the top rack of romantic movies from Nollywood for a time to come.

If you’d like to check out Citation, you can download it from NetNaija HERE.

Writer – Tayo Kings

A construction expert with a particular interest in BIM, AI, IoT, Business Intelligence Services, and Data Analytics Services. He is a Movie Reviewer, Columnist, Actor, Entertainer, Musician (the Afrocountry pioneer), Poet, Impressionist Painter, Fashionista, Televangelist, Pan-Africa and Global Unity Crusader, and a proud Aggie.

Tayo is a winner of the 2019 Construction Intern Award (People’s Choice), a hopeless romantic with a beautiful daughter (who is a budding pianist herself) born on the day President Barack Obama was inaugurated.

Tayo is writing from Lanham, Maryland

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