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How To Keep Depression Far From You

How To Keep Depression Far From You

I am one of the persons who can say they have never been depressed. Quite frankly, there have been times where I had been worried, uncertain, and unsure of where the next level I desired would come from, but it has never led to depression.

It’s either answers come or I enter joyful hope and anticipation mood. To keep depression away, here are 8 things I do.


Who am I depending on?

This is one question that I ask myself every time I need something.

If I depend on human beings, the things that happen to human beings can truncate my expectation. Things like a change of plans, withdrawal syndrome, failed expectations, and lack.

If I am depending on God, then I know through scripture and past experiences that he always comes through, many times, in unconventional ways.

What exactly do I want or need?

Answering this question helped me separate false and audio pursuit and real destiny shaping pursuits and I embarked on my personal development journey to discover what I had, develop what I had discovered and deploy them for productivity.

The Mystery of Dancing When You are Sad

It is easy for you to dance when you are happy, but finding unrhythmic music to dance to when you are sad is powerful and it has the ability to shape your emotions.

So, while you dance, take your mind off your worries, enjoy the dancing moment enjoy the music, let air into your hair, and into your heart.

Sing along, while you dance.

Embark on a Gratitude Journey

Be thankful for what is and top on that list is YOUR FREAKING LIFE. Be grateful for the things you overlook, no matter how small they may look or seem.

Celebrate Others Genuinely

Find others who are making progress and celebrate them. You can’t enjoy what you loathe.

Take Responsibility for your future

What will be will not be, forget that song they keep singing in your ears.

You have plotted the graph of your future, and it takes responsibility to do that and because many persons hate being responsible, so they let the running of their lives in the hands of time, chance, and others.

Life was wired to fight you. RISE.

Embrace Prayer

I am a divine being with human experiences and to get things done here, I need access to the spiritual realm, which in turn guides me to birth solutions for the development of my world, and prayer is that avenue that helps and guides me through this journey.

You must pray, it helps you understand God’s heart concerning your life, the world, and His will.

Build Meaningful and thriving relationships

You are not an island and you can’t do life alone, you need people on your journey.

People can cause you pain and they also are the best things that happen to you, but you need them all the same.

Find a community that builds you, grows you, and impacts you and if you get hurt along the line; cry, mourn but dust your behind after a while.

These are some of the ways I keep depression away,

How do you keep depression away?!!


Maureen Alikor is the convener and founder of Demystify Abuse Campaign, an outreach with a vision to put an end to rape, sexual abuse, and every form of stigmatization against victims.

A survivor herself, she loves to share her story hoping it inspires more people to own their story and chase their dreams in spite of their experience.

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