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College or Boyfriend: How to Find a Balance

College or Boyfriend

College or Boyfriend: How to Find a Balance – What’s more important when you’re at college: education or personal life?

Your logic reasoning leads you to believe that education is more important. In the USA, the average cost of a private college is $46,950 per year. That’s crazy money that you’re investing in your education. So, you can’t afford to mess this up.

As a result, many college students decide to stay away from relationships. They think they don’t have time for such a commitment, so they limit themselves to temporary flings.

Some also misunderstand feminism in higher education. When you want to feel empowered as a woman, it doesn’t mean you should avoid relationships with men. It only means you need to find the right one… if that’s the choice you want to make.

There’s no need to choose between education and love when you can have them both.

Let’s go through some tips on how to get a boyfriend in college without sacrificing academic success.

Tips on Finding Love in College… And Keeping It Real!

1. Study Together

When you meet someone you really like and you want to spend time with him, study together! Secret looks and touches in the library are too cute. They make you anticipate the moments of intimacy that follow.

But that doesn’t mean you should only think about the moments you’ll spend alone. While you’re studying, focus on that!

2. Learn How to Manage Your Time

Yes; you do have enough time for classes, studying, extracurriculars and a boyfriend. You just need to learn how to manage your time in the most effective way possible.

Start by using a to-do app. Google Calendar is a standard choice and it’s pretty cool. Start by drafting out the time you spend in class. Plan how much time you need for studying and homework each day. Schedule your extracurricular activities. See? You have a few hours per day left. You can spend some of this free time with your friends, but you can also fit a boyfriend in.

3. Spend Time with Each Other

Do you have a favorite TV show? Watch it with him! Do you and your friends go to a bar every Friday night? Invite him to join the fun! Do you exercise every day? Ask if he wants to jog around campus with you. Did you develop a habit of spending Saturdays in nature? You already know what to do.

There are so many things you can do together. Use every opportunity to spend more time with the guy you like. That’s how your bond will grow stronger.

But there are some periods when your professors suffocate you with assignments, so you don’t have time for anything. In that case, getting help with custom dissertation writing at Edubirdie may be a good idea. Outsourcing is a smart way to get free time without skipping any college assignments. You would do anything for love, right?

4. Be Honest

If you realize that you can’t spend as much time with him as he’d like to, be honest about it. Don’t shut him off! Explain that education is your priority and you need some time alone at the moment.

Don’t worry. If this is the right person for you, he’ll understand and he’ll support your decision to focus on your studies.

5. Cut Down on Other Distractions

How much time do you spend on Facebook and Instagram? How many TV shows do you watch?

It’s okay to engage in those activities, but it’s not okay for them to consume too much of your time. Recognize your distractions and do your best to limit them. With that strategy, you’ll save time that you can use for some romantic action.

6. Make Studying Your Priority

Don’t get these recommendations the wrong way. The point of this guide is to help you find love in college and keep it alive. It’s about keeping the spark active.

But that must not come at the cost of your education.

If you notice that your boyfriend is becoming obsessive over the way you use your time, it’s time to have a serious conversation with him.

When you’re in a situation to choose between studying or your boyfriend, what will it be? Of course, you’ll study! The exam is scheduled on a specific date that you can’t schedule for later. As for your guy, he’ll be there later on if he deserves you.

Some Choices Shouldn’t Be Made

If you’re looking for the ultimate tip on how to find a boyfriend in college, this is the one: you do you!

Figure out what the priorities are. If you want a relationship despite the fact that you’re too busy, you can have it. You’ll both have to work for it, but the real magic happens when you’re willing to invest effort.

You’re young and full of love. It’s okay to spread it around!

But remember: your education is important. It leads you towards a better future. All the efforts you invest in learning today will pay off at some point in the future. Be aware of that and stay focused!

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Jeremy Raynolds is taking six online courses at this moment, and he still finds time for family and friends. Through trial and error, he discovered few productivity hacks that help him achieve more in less time. He shares tips and experience on Twitter.

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