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How To Get A Relationship Started

How to get a relationship started

How to get a relationship started: Are you thinking of how to get a relationship started? You know, sometimes, you don’t actually know how to get your relationship started. You feel like something is wrong with you or that you are not the lucky type. There is nothing wrong with you. All you need is to learn the wisdom and secret behind it.

This article will solemnly focus on the secrets and steps to getting a relationship started. However, before we proceed, let’s look at this illustration together. I want you to hold it in your mind all through the article. This will guide you on the overall meaning of the article, if at all you are confused at a point while you read further, come back to the illustration for clearance.

The Illustration of Starting a Car

If a car refused to start by key, you can use other methods to kick start it. The most common method is to push start the car. The process of pushing the car gets it running and in the end, it starts and the driver and passengers enter to enjoy the movement. This is exactly what I am about to explain in the form of relationship.

It is possible that you have an interest in a particular girl or boy and the first step is difficult to take. Other steps that link to the same result should be possible. For instance, you feel it is not ideal to just meet a woman and then she understands you are both in a relationship without you telling her anything about it. This is madness, she will see you like a mad man, or if you are a bit lucky, close to being a just friend. This is where the idea of how to start a relationship comes up.

Ways on How to get a relationship started

Search for the Kind of Woman that suits your taste

Four things are common with both men and women—character, background, beauty, and sincerity.

In one way or the other, a man or woman will expect one or two of these qualities in the kind of partners they wish to spend sometimes or the rest of their life with; especially when the main purpose is leading to marriage. As a would-be couple, to start your relationship with someone, you need to ensure that you have studied them and ensure that their lifestyles really fit into your expectation. Otherwise, don’t even begin a relationship. One other thing you must understand about a relationship is that it must be defined.

Meet a Reliable friend to link you with someone

This is a bit funny and looks outdated, however, people refused to understand one thing. You have been with your friend for several years. You know each other very well—he or she understands you and your taste. Definitely, your friend should have a specific girl or boy he can link you with. We all have seen the scenarios in which two people were linked together by a friend and at the end, became husband and wife. In fact, what we are saying here, is the traditional equivalency of date sites, that links people together, the difference is that this method is more secure compared to the internet dating where both parties are completely strange to each other—no real mutual friend.

Define the Relationship before you Begin

You must first define the relationship. What do you need in the relationship? What kind of woman do you want or need? A short woman’ tall’ dark or fair’? What about the character? Can you cope with so and so kind of character? Once this is observed, I think, it will be easier for you to start a relationship with the woman of your life. This is the reason why it is highly advisable to follow your head rather than your emotion. Your head shows and tells you how it is but your emotion makes you think it is so, whereas it is false. This why you must define your relationship before getting it started.

Get it started based on your hobby

It is very good if couples are compatible with each other. When you have many things in common, definitely, you will enjoy been together. For instance, we have recorded the experience of some people who met at a sports ground, became friends, fell in love and got married. This bond that has always been common with them, keeps the relationship rolling. As soon as you find that lucky guy or girl that is compatible with your way of life, it will be highly recommended that you start a relationship with him or her. I am sure; such a relationship will last or even lead to marriage amidst normal fights or quarrels.

Be a Friend First before you start a romantic relationship

I have seen the example of this in reality—this occurred to a close friend who met his wife firstly as a wife. This is the secret behind it. You are friends in the first place, at this stage of the relationship. What normally occurs at this stage in a relationship is that you are creating rapport with your partner. In the end, both of you may want to take it to the next level.

One thing I know about relationships is that a male and a female cannot remain as just friends. So, when the time has reached where both of you have begun to think of taking it to the next level, take the advantage. You can see the so-called friend of yours, and you know how he or she acts whenever you are around them—the signs that they are already falling for you can be sighted now. So, what you need to do is to raise the proposal, and probably, the game begins.

The internet is another platform for starting up a relationship

The internet is another platform through which you can meet the love of your life. Ensure that the site you visit is popular and reliable. This is very essential for security purpose. There are several dating sites in Nigeria or dating sites in the US where you may meet the love of your life.

Don’t miss the chance to stay together

Yes, it is ideal to spend times together. If you find someone you like, you can start up the relationship bit by bit. Especially when you are attending a common institution, in the case of grown-up adults from 18 and above. You can find a seat a bit close to theirs, or sometimes very close to their depending on the law of your country. Find a way to start a conversation with the lucky man or woman. By so doing, you find it easier to get closer to them. From this point, the relationship has started; all you need is to open up bit by bit until your would-be partner finally understands your intention.

Ask some questions about the other person

Some people may think it is not necessary that they can know someone’s real character by themselves. Truly, to some extent, you will know some few characters of the person you stay with because that’s exactly what he or she has been showing to you. It happens every generation that in twenty years, someone may be planning your death and you don’t know until the time of execution.

This is why it is advisable you do it in the two ways part. Firstly, try to know the person by yourself, secondly, set a reliable and trusted spy to study her movement and character for you. If possible there should be coverage. I am not saying that you should test him or her, leave them, let them act naturally. We are not searching for someone to criticize but a person we are will to start a relationship with. If his or her attitudes are okay with you, then start up the relationship. If you are lucky, he or she agrees, it may even end up in marriage.

Is he or she intelligent to be with?

This is another factor to be considered while starting up a relationship. You may want to know the kind of partner you are about to add to your life. Probably, you need someone intelligent as a partner of your future plan, as a man, it is not bad if you consider going for an intelligent woman to start a relationship with.

Express your feelings to the Person

Nowadays, you don’t need to be that childish, thinking of how to express your interest to people you love. One thing is that ladies love it when you tell them you love them. Forget about them bragging with friends that over their dead body they can’t date you. We have recorded a lot of scenarios where most of them are the same people begging afterward. As a man, be gentle on every woman. You need to understand that they are childish adults, they say some things of which most of the times, they don’t do. They can’t act upon them. If you have any lady you love, kindly walk up to her and say your mind.

Build trust before the proposal

This is a bit similar to becoming a friend with the one you secretly admire. What is trust in itself? This is a firm belief in something or someone—and the only way someone can trust you is to spend some time with you. This is why some smart people, prefer to build their trusts in a woman before showing their real intentions. Trust will give your partner the confidence to move to any point in life with you. They will be energizing from within them.

Train your mind to be tolerant

Being tolerant in a relationship shouldn’t be something hard to do—it is the heart of the relationship in terms of virtues just like good communication is in terms of skills. For instance, it could be that you are still be ruled by your childish attitudes, before getting into any relationship, you must have got rid of the attitude. You must understand that people are of different temperaments, therefore, the best way to live with them is to be patient and patience gives birth to tolerance. Once you successfully deal with this aspect of your life, you can get a relationship started. I guaranteed there will be no much conflict afterward.

Control your anger before you start a relationship

Nowadays, we don’t know where a relationship will lead us to. It could end up in marriage. When marriage is mentioned, it shouldn’t be streamlined to the union between a man and a woman. It covers both the man and the woman and other attitudes surrounding the marriage including the children. Therefore, it is important to prepare both your mind and spirit before entering into a relationship.

Learn to be generous and easy going

Before you get into any relationship, always remember that one virtue that will keep it strong is to be generous. Forget about those side talks that women who really love you don’t demand for me—try and understand when women are shy to ask and when it is time for you to give even when they don’t ask you. Being generous is not restricted to giving in wealth but also touches areas of being open in terms of giving none bias advice. Encourage your spouse or partner with motivating words. Once this is taken care of, you can start a relationship that will last long.

Get out of your comfort zone

It is often common that we may easily see people around us we admire, but one or two reasons hinder us to be able to express our feelings to them. However, that shouldn’t be a reason to quit what we defined for ourselves for the kind of relationship we wish to start. The truth is that we can always go out of our comfort, to get what we want. You need to change your old ways. Put yourself in a new situation by applying a new approach to selecting a partner. Remember, sometimes, our judgment may be too shallow compared to what people really are. No wonder it is advisable to seek a relationship counselor before getting a relationship started.

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