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Counseling Centre – Why Do We Need A Counseling Centre in Nigeria

Counseling Centre in Nigeria

Counseling Centre in Nigeria – Every new relationship starts off on positive basis and feelings. When a relationship first begins, we see our partners as the best thing to ever happen, we see them as being perfect and they would have no fault in our eyes. But as a relationships progresses, the feather which seems to have been covering our eyes fall off and we begin to see as clearly as we should. We realize that they are not anything near perfect and they clearly do have faults.

We begin to see things for what they really are and we realize that the smile we thought to be beautiful isn’t actually as beautiful as we thought. From here, problems start setting in with our partners and we begin to get irritated over little things. At this stage, a reasonable person who truly loves his/ her partner would understand that all these are normal and the only way to get over it and prevent it from escalating into deeper issues that could cause the relationship to hit the rock would be to go for counseling and therapy where you are made to realize the true concept of a relationship and understand and accept that your relationship and your partner are really beautiful.

Relationship counseling is a very important part of relationship that must be prioritized especially in a country like Nigeria.

The basic idea of relationship is that it is a state of emotional connection between two people. However, the concept of relationship has evolved from what it used to be, with so many people giving it their own meanings. Relationships nowadays crash a lot due to the ignorance of couples on what relationship counseling is and the absence of a relationship counseling center where relationship issues can be discussed with experts. Considering the rate at which relationships break up in Nigeria nowadays, it is safe to say that the lack of a relationship centre has contributed greatly to this.

There are so many reasons why it is important and necessary for there to be relationship counseling centres in Nigeria. With everything we see on social media nowadays ranging from married couples of 5 years, 10 years, 15 years and more years divorcing each other just because they see no more reasons for them to still be together.

In fact, some couples who divorce can’t simply believe that they were ever together, wondering ‘how did this happen in the first place’. The lack of relationship counseling centres in Nigeria is what has made the rate of divorce go on the high. But the worst thing is some couples do not simply end their relationships with a divorce, some relationships end up with murder or even suicide due to frustration or depression.

You see?

When couples face different issues whether psychological, financial or emotional in their relationship, the only thing that would be best for them is to go for relationship counseling and therapy.

Recognizing that you and your partner have issues and agreeing that the only thing that would help you both is to go for therapy shows that you care about your partner and you are willing to do anything to keep them (and yourself) happy.

Although, many people sometimes feel like they have perfect control over their relationship woes, it is not always like that. When partners start exchanging words over trivial matters, get easily irritated with each other or maybe start to get bored and uninterested in each other, it is a clear sign that something is going wrong with the relationship and whatever that thing is, it needs to be dealt with. The best way to deal with that thing would then be to go for counseling and therapy.

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Relationship counseling and therapy gives you a neutral ground for you to discuss your relationship problems and challenges with a psychologist.

Relationship counseling is designed in a way that it accommodates the needs of every relationship based on couple differences and a counselor or psychologist is trained to discuss your relationships issues with you and your partners in a way so constructive that it would actually help your relationship a great deal. It is important that you try to save your relationship right from when you start noticing issues rather than wait till the damage has been done and then start trying to undo the damage.

Relationship counseling and therapy is ideal for couples because it helps them deal sufficiently with their relationship issues. A relationship that cannot be helped by therapy is a relationship that was never meant to be.

Going for counseling and therapy could prevent a whole lot of couples from heartaches, depression and even murder and suicide. A relationship counseling centre where people can go for relationship advice and therapy is therefore necessary in Nigeria as it will see a lot of relationships thrive and go strong.

Thus, we will be highlighting five different reasons why we must have a relationship counseling centre in Nigeria;

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