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Ten Common Relationship Problems in Today’s Relationships

common relationship problems

Ten Common Relationship Problems in Today’s Relationships – One common myth that will continue to remain a myth is the belief that good relationships never have problems. In actuality, the best relationships always have the most amount of problems and arguments, but the only reason why they manage to seem faultless is that they are quick to identify what their problem is and they work on it.

No matter how good your relationship seems to be or how it actually is, at one time or the other, you are bound to face problems. The manner with which you handle these issues is what will actually determine if your relationship can withstand the test of time.

Today, a handful number of relationships face quite a lot of issues and problems. While some manage to know what their issues are and the best way to deal and surpass them, a whole lot of others let their relationships hit the rock because no matter how hard they even try, they do not know the basis of the problems and therefore, they do not know the best way to go about tackling these issues.

You know what?

For any relationship problem to be solved, the relationship must first be identified to have a problem and from there, the problem is worked on.

For this reason and to help so many relationships out there, I decided to come up with ten of the most common relationship problems love birds are facing in relationships today and also the best way to handle the problems. In this context, relationship refers to both courting and marriage among couple;

Common relationship problems that you need to know

1. Trust issues

The number one most prevalent issue any relationship always has or is bound to have is trust issues.

In fact, 90% of most relationship problems are always caused when there is lack of trust between partners. Many people have a hard time putting their trust in their partners and this result into paranoia.

They sometimes see their partners doing stuff even though these men/ women aren’t doing anything and they always get the feel that their partner is doing something in secret.

Most times, these trust issues are caused by past relationships they have been in or by their own in-personality. When you have no trust in your partner, you read meaning to everything they do and everything they say and this is bound to always cause arguments. No matter what sort of experiences you have had in the past or the situations you have been through, you must not let it dictate the present and it must not be reflective on your present relationship.

A relationship without trust is one that is doomed to fail, it is bound to lead nowhere. If you notice or are convinced that your partner have no trust in you, you must learn to start training them to trust you wholeheartedly.

Be consistent and always do whatever you tell them you will do. Never lie to them, even if it is a white lie. Be someone they can vouch for even when you are not in their company.

2. Financial issues

Another common relationship problem in today’s relationships is the issue of finance. In fact, the issue of finance has sprouted so many debates both online and offline with girls tagging guys that can not satisfy their material and financial needs as ‘broke’ and some even advocating to their fellow females that they shouldn’t date or marry a broke guy.

With the view of a realist, it is very important that couples (men) in a relationship are financially stable, especially in a country like Nigeria. Before setting plans in motion for marriage, couples must first sort out their finances and be sure that they are ready to handle the financial aspect of the relationship. The inability to do this can bring up so many arguments and money-based fights for couples.

To be candid, a man who is planning to be in a relationship must be sure of his financial standing and also, women must be able to do their own part. Even if couples choose to overlook it in the name of love and loyalty, financial instability is most likely to cause issues in the future.

3. Communication issues

Most of these best relationships you see or hear about out there are results of good communication between partners. The inability to maintain effective communication is also one of the common problems couples face in relationship nowadays.

The evolution of technology has made it even harder for couples to communicate with each other. Most people now find it easier to just chat on Facebook or Whatsapp rather than go on dates and spend enough time together.

To avoid relationships issues, couples must build an effective communication system and they must actually spend time together as partners. Spending time with your partner helps you discover more and more about them, even things you didn’t know.

When you don’t communicate well enough, you are bound to drift apart. One thing you must also keep in mind is that most relationships online are superficial. So, endeavor to make your relationship more than virtual.

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4. Sexual incompatibility

Problems arise in a relationship when you get in a relationship with a person who is sexually incompatible with you.

As much as it is important to marry or court a person who has a similar personality with you, it is also important that you date or marry someone who is as sexually active as you are.

Sex is very important in a relationship because it helps to build a sort of emotional connection between couples. Therefore, when you marry someone who doesn’t view sex the same way you do, it will definitely create issues because it can affect the time you spend together and also reduce your affection for each other.

Be open to your partner about your sexual needs and be ready to accommodate whatever his/ her sexual needs are too. Spice your sex life up and make it spontaneous.

You should even be able to have sex in an elevator if your partner is willing to, just ensure your sex life isn’t boring.

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