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Counseling Centre – Why Do We Need A Counseling Centre in Nigeria

Counseling Centre in Nigeria

1. Stability in relationships:

When there is a relationship counseling centre for couples to go when they have relationship issues, the rate of stability in relationships would increase. One of the many reasons why relationships break up is because they have no one to discuss their relationship issues with.

Even when they do have someone to talk to, it is usually someone whom they are close to and also someone with little or no professional advice to offer. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying a person you are close with can’t offer good advice for you to work on but it can’t be anything like an advice from an expert in relationship therapy.

A relationship therapist is trained to be subjective and objective at the same time, to really see things from the perspective of the client and his/hers as well.

The best thing for lovers to do when they get to a stage in their relationship where they can’t get around their issues themselves is to seek help from experts. Seeking help from dating and relationship experts will give the couples opportunity to really discuss what they want and what they feel is not right with their relationship in the presence of a therapist that can actually help them. The introduction of a relationship counseling centre in Nigeria would go a long way in ensuring this thereby promoting stability in relationships.

2. Decrease in the rate of divorce:

Having a relationship counseling centre where couples can go to seek solutions to their relationship problems in Nigeria will go a long way in bringing down the rate of divorce among couples nowadays.

Couples who break up their relationship don’t just wake up and decide that they would like a divorce or a break up. The divorce is always cemented on issues that the couples noticed but refused to take care of from the very beginning. This is because some things that might seem trivial to couples from the start have the capacity to explode into bigger issues that could later become irreparable or irreversible.

When couples deduce that the foundation of their relationship might be shaky and they make endeavors to seek for help through the appropriate channel, it could really help the couples find their foot and make a stand for the relationship. This, in turn, will lead to a decrease in the rate of divorces happening everywhere.

In cases where the counselling and therapy was not enough to hold the relationship together, it would ensure that the couples end the relationship on a positive note. This means that neither of them would harbor remorse or contempt for one another.

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Also, a decrease in the rate of divorce provides healthier home environments for kids to grow positively in. Divorce affects kids both emotionally and psychologically and a decline in the number of divorces would see kids being raised as they should be. This means that having a relationship counseling centre in Nigeria will also help breed positive minded people.

2. Promote mental and physical health:

In Nigeria nowadays, there seem to be a bundle of never-ending reports of domestic violence, assaults in marriage, matricide and uxoricide in the news.

Couples who used to be in love and seemed to be happy with each other suddenly start quarreling and beating each other up. A husband who once thought he could not raise his hands on his beautiful wife starts seeing her as a punching bag and treats her as such.

A wife who beforehand couldn’t have done anything to hurt her dear husband is the one who ends up poisoning the husband or stabbing him to death in his sleep. All these things happen due to some founded issues that are wrong with either or both of the couples but for which they didn’t seek help for from the start.

A relationship counseling centre in Nigeria would therefore avail couples who are yet to get married the opportunity to go for pre-relationship counseling which helps them get around knowing each other really well enough to make plans for a family and it would also avail couples who are already married the opportunity to seek for help when they face emotional, mental and psychological problems.

Depression and frustration can cause a lot of havoc in relationships because they have the ability to trigger some innate characters that lovers ordinarily wouldn’t exhibit.

Staying mentally and physically healthy requires that peace and calm is upheld in a relationship. In situations where depression is prevalent in one of the couples, seeking therapy is the best thing to do. Through this, couples can avoid getting physical or assaultive. Couples who go for relationship counseling are bound to have their mental, physical and psychological health in perfect condition.

3. Successful relationships and families:

Children are most often than not easily influenced by what they watch on TV, what they see their friends do and even what they see their parents do. The rate of family break ups and divorces also influence children and affects their characters and behaviors among their peers.

Every family has their own share of issues and problems that they deal with. Some of these issues could be trivial and seemingly nonthreatening to the family life while some issues turn out to be pretty messy in a way that will affect the family negatively if the family doesn’t go about the right way to handle it.

Relationship counseling and therapy is therefore a way through which these messy issues can be avoided and dealt with. With proper counseling and training, family members or couples in a relationship will know the right method by which to help the family without causing distress to either of the people in the family. This way, they learn better ways of effective communications and relations among themselves.

A family who has the right orientation and communication ability is a family that will definitely be successful and happy.

4. A Happier Society:

In a country like Nigeria where social, economic, and relationship strife and woes seem to be the order of the day for the citizens, it is absolutely necessary and advisable to have a relationship therapy and counseling centre where families can seek help for their problems and issues.

Like we all were taught, the family is the primary unit of any society. Therefore, a discordant and unhappy society or country is built as a result of plenty discordant and unhappy families.

Families influence the social growth of any society which means that if a country is dominated by chaotic and disorganized familes, such a society is bound to remain socially, physically, politically and even economically backward. A progressive and happy society can only be achieved if the family unit is kept intact and organized. In Nigeria, this is possible to achieve if a relationship counseling centre is made available for couples and families to go to when they are faced with issues beyond their personal controls in their relationships.

These and many other reasons why Nigeria must be encouraged to have its own relationship counseling centre for couples. Remember, a healthy and happy family breeds a healthier and happier society.

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