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4 Creative Gifts You Can Buy for Your Loved Ones

4 Creative Gifts You Can Buy for Your Loved Ones

If you are stumped on gift ideas for your loved one here are four great gifts that they will love. The gifts will suit most ages and even if you have to change the gift slightly, these four are a good starting point.

Messenger Bag

A messenger bag is one of those bags that people often don’t even think about. When we think that we need a new bag for everyday use we immediately think of backpacks.

After testing many bags I have concluded that for everyday use a backpack can actually be a problem. Here are some issues with backpacks:

  • The bag is on your back and it is not easy to reach items without taking the backpack off. It is also not always convenient to find a place to put the bag down. You might also get your bag dirty by putting it down every time you have to open it.
  • Your valuables are behind you where you can’t see them. This is a safety issue.
  • Sitting down on a bus or train is not great with a backpack. You either have to remove the backpack or perch on the edge of the seat with the backpack behind you.
  • Backpacks are often tall and open at the top. If you throw something small in and need it later you have to reach all the way down.

Why a messenger bag is a great idea:

  • The bag can be moved to your back or pulled forwards to be under your arm or even in front of you without removing the strap.
  • Only going a few steps from the door to your car? Just put the sling strap on one shoulder. Walking longer distances and put the strap across your body with the bag at the back. Some messenger bags even have a waist strap for extra comfort.
  • In crowded areas just slide the bag with your valuables forward where you can keep an eye on it.
  • It is easy to grab something from a messenger bag without taking it off completely. Just slide it forwards to open and backward to stow away.
  • Messenger bags are also very stylish and timeless.
  • These bags are wide and open on the top which means even with a tablet and laptop in the back you can easily find smaller items. Most modern bags have a padded sleeve for electronics built-in.

Leather Wallet

A leather wallet is a great gift. If you read more about leather wallets and their benefits I am sure you will appreciate this one as a gift idea. Remember to have it personalized to make it even more special. The Western Vertical Wallet is our pick for the following reasons:

  • It is compact. It will easily slip into your jean pocket. Even that skinny one. No issues.
  • It has room for twelve cards. Now don’t get any ideas about more credit cards. Rather use the extra space for business cards, a library card, driver’s license, and ID.
  • The two internal pockets work great for folded banknotes. Or use one side for cash and the other for receipts.
  • This is a minimal wallet that does not sacrifice looks or functionality.
  • The stitched leather design will last a very long time.

Bluetooth Speaker

Giving technology gifts are not always a good idea. Items like mobile phones age within a year or two and need replacement. Not ideal as a gift.

A good quality Bluetooth speaker however will last many years. Giving the gift of music, or the speaker to listen with, is indeed a special gift. Here is why:

  • Small rugged Bluetooth speakers can be taken anywhere. Get one that can be clipped to a backpack or messenger bag for added convenience.
  • Mobile phones are fine for calling and taking photos, but a small external speaker will have much better sound quality.
  • Their batteries last for many hours and are easy to connect to your phone.

Rugged waterproof speakers from Ultimate Ears or JBL are perfect for everyday music listening on the go. They will also last a long time because they are built to withstand the knocks of daily use.

An Experience (surf lessons etc)

The last gift is not a physical gift at all. Think about what your loved one is interested in. Gift an experience by paying for that or getting a gift voucher from the supplier.

Great experiences to gift:

Think about what will work for your loved ones and pick an appropriate experience for them. Even though the experience will be over in a short time, the memories will last a lifetime.

Start with the ideas above and don’t be afraid to be creative: after all, it is fun to give and make others happy.

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