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DEEDEES MUSINGS: LOVE LETTER, They say it’s outdated. I say NO! (concluding part)

We dropped the first part last week. In case you haven’t read that, you can find it here…

…Apart from the memories love letters bring, the bones of immense presence it draws back is also amazing. When you are in your confinement and you are able to know that someone, somewhere is really thinking of you and has taken his time to craft that beautiful piece together for you.

There is something so remarkable about it, knowing that someone is sitting for you, drawing out a piece of paper, focusing on what to write, and in the middle of the hurry in our world now, manages to tell you things that ever mattered to him. In between of all the lines, scribbles, ‘I am here thinking about you’ you mean everything to me, you are more than words on a screen to me’. WoW!

If you are there, and you believe in the potency, efficacy of writing love letters, but you are shy because you don’t want people to believe you are outdated, and your style will not be reckoned with. Do not bother, pick up your pen. You are better than someone who does nothing but to google loving words and type on the screen of BBM, Whatsapp, IG or twitter. You have taken your time to delicately craft words as they emerge from your consciousness.

Write it the way you feel: the human in you will want to tear, review, edit and rephrase and finally abandon. Do not listen to that voice. That voice isn’t yours; your voice wants to write your heart out. Do it, it helps to release emotions, If you feel like writing, just write!

Our society these days are filled with impatient people and that is why we have impatient marriages. Call me old fashioned and outdated, but believe me, someone who takes his/her time to write me love letters may be more patient than a guy who sends me messages everyday on my screen. This is not to say that these online messages and sweet nothings ain’t essential in our everyday relationships. But I say that the patience of someone to write love letters in a digital age reflects the personality of the individual and enables spouses to capture emotions in time capsules.

If your man/ woman writes you a love letter, and you believe it is outdated, then it is very saddening for those thoughts to still remain in our minds. Remember such person took time to scribble these words on a piece, pour his/her heart out and intends to create a moment that will be needed in the days of the futures past. So be careful, appreciate love letters, they most times bear true intentions.

In my love letters, I’ve always noticed rush of adrenaline, intense critical thinking and eventually pouring my heart out in the letter.
Do something for me! You have a boyfriend girlfriend, spouse, fiancé, fiancée. Pick up a pen, grab a blank page, and write at the top “Dear (name of the person) I just wanted to let you know I love you with everything in me.” End there if you want.

That’s a love letter. But if you feel like writing more, please go ahead. Once you have poured your heart out, write your name at the bottom, put it in an envelope, or whatever works.

To my sister, oh dear, you don’t know what length the guy has gone to pen that letter. Come on, get on with it, read what he has written. Trust me, you will reconsider..The efforts, the words, the contents.

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    April 22, 2016 at 8:02 pm

    I think letter writing have been overlooked cos of technological development, but still has it’s own impact in human relationship.

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