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Why Do You Love Me Like You Do

Why do you love me

A few years ago, my woman asked me, why do you love me like you do! At that point I was shocked, not because she was not justified to ask the question but because I was not prepared for the answer. I will tell you why!

I have always loved LOVE, believed in it. I have always loved people because of my feeling, I never have had to truly dig deeper to fathom why exactly I loved her. You know what I did, I just smiled sheepishly and told her, I love you because I love you with me. Dumb right?

You guess right. It was a very dumb submission to say the least, and it was just because I was tongue tied at that time.

Truth is, there will always be a time in your relationship when your lover will pop the Why do you love me question, and if you are not prepared for such questions, you will find out that you would stutter and will be left with nothing to say.

In such instances, however, I need you to understand that there should be no real reason as to why you love your woman. Loving should be without reason, isn’t it? There is a huge difference between what do you love about me and why do you love me? You should be able to convince your man/ woman that you truly love him/ her and really, there is no reason why?

It is always difficult to get to convince our partners because they want answers, they want reasons, they want the responses to the ‘why’ question, but then a typical quotes of a loving saying like the one I would add below will just suffice is your lover is bent on knowing the answer to the ‘why do you love me’ question?

I love you because I love you and now just because I have a reason why I should love you. The world connected you and I in the most amazing way possible and we got to like ourselves naturally. While I will say it was not a case of love at first meet/ sight, but the randomness of our environment put the two of us, our feelings, and emotions together and here we are in pure and true love. I do not have a reason to love you, I do not have the verse or the musical lyrics basically. I do not have the language or action word to describe why I love you the way I do, I love because you are in this world with me. I love you because in a chaotic world like ours, two unique souls have come together to be one. I love you because of the peace in my soul wen I am with you. I love you because of the completeness, of life, of love. That is why I love you!

You can also sound witty with your response when you get the ‘why do you love me‘ question

You can smile and laugh heartily if you don’t know of anything to say at that point. You can just respond by saying ‘ Who even told you I love you’, and then run off. This way, your man and woman understands that indeed you truly love him/ her without any reasons, and you are happy and contented with loving.

We all need to ensure that loving should come to us naturally. I understand that a lot of us have gone through a lot with regards to loving, and heartbreaks but see, loving is beautiful and it is a gift from God to us. We should love just because we want to, and not because of certain reasons and elements attached. Loving should be without reason, basically.

So I am going to ask you one more time, Why do you love me?

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