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DEEDEES MUSINGS: LOVE LETTER, They say it’s outdated. I say NO!

It’s week of love letters, Have you read O’seunfunmi’s childhood naughtiness on love letters yet? you better do here

That was how my sister rushed back home from school; the recent fuel scarcity did not help matters. Even Universities in Ondo State now bear the brunt of the recent development. Funny enough she did not even bother informing me of the stress associated with the no light. No fuel and the no water saga plaguing the country as expected, rather she came up with something that triggered my inquisitive sub consciousness.

She met some guy at an event in school, they exchanged numbers and he has been disturbing her with calls, asking for a date, a request she denied, as per being a Prayer Co-ordinator in her campus Fellowship. Who says Prayer Co-ods don’t have boyfriends? LOL.

After months of repeated calls from the guy, he decided to write a love letter which was hand-delivered to her. She was livid and felt as if the world had come to an end. Why? I asked her. She retorted ‘he couldn’t send a text, he is writing nonsense love letter’, who has time for that one! Who reads love letters these days!’

For real! Are you serious? I was bothered. Love letters used to be the pinnacle of romance back in the days. From the 60’s even to the early 90’s, love letter triggered a lot of interests and girls used to like the level of creativity and sweet nothings embedded in the letters. Even my brother in his naughty childhood write-ups got in trouble back in the days because of a love letter he wrote to his crush in basic school. How come love letters lost so much value and relevance in today’s society?

Yesterday, I asked a couple of friends on Facebook if they still write love letters, you need to see the responses I got. The tradition has gone into extinction. So sad.

Or am I wrong? I want to really believe I am. There are some people out there who still believe in writing love letters, however they are very quiet about this because they believe it is antiquated and so do not want to be known as people left in the ‘dark ages’

I belong to such category of people, I so much know how to let my heart out on a piece of paper, talking of my true intentions, my reflections, in a very reasonable way. I pour my emotions out on that piece not just because of my reflections but also because of the time value of that which I am scribbling down. I may forget how I felt 4 years ago, but the love letter brings back the memories.

Most love letters are usually kept for a long time. My mother pulled out a love letter written by my dad in 1973 and I could see the memories and affection of the yesteryears flood her face like never before. These kind of emotions cannot be relived even by performing all the niceties of this world. That is the power a love letter can create.

(To be continued)

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    April 13, 2016 at 3:05 pm

    Waiting for the part 2, nice

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